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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ted Cruz Called For "Libertarian" Legalization Of Illegal Immigrants In 2013


Ted Cruz is an open borders libertarian that supports the so called "Rino Legalization Of Illegal Aliens" without a doubt. Ted Cruz is already a proven liar and is only preaching hardcore anti illegal alien applause lines now to get elected. Once Ted Cruz is elected he will push his "Immigrant Legalization" plan to what he and his libertarian buddies think will be a congress with the same political makeup.

Actually, every time Ted Cruz has to speak anti amnesty talk to get elected he only backs up Donald Trump's stance on immigration. Ted Cruz lying about him being for illegal aliens is just going in Donald Trumps favor because Donald Trump came out swinging against illegal immigration and Ted Cruz didn't start preaching anti immigration until Donald Trump won 3 states.

The Health Care Mess In The U.S. Related To My Own Medical Mess


Creating A Heath Care System That Serves All According To A Persons Income Without Government Involvement From Someone With Medical Issues

Tea Party Main Street | 2-28-2016

There's certainly a problem with health care costs in the United States and those who can afford the insurance payments monthly are not so worried about their care. Hey, I'm right in the middle of it and one of the biggest anti government run health care people in the U.S.. Poor people can be anti government run health care too! I could use some help with my health care especially my teeth but government run and Obama care are not the answer and never will be with me.  

Donald Trump understands this and wants to address the issue of getting good health care to people with very little income without creating government run health care. Donald Trump hasn't endorsed a clinic system but I'm endorsing a privately run clinic system not controlled by the government federal or state but is supported through some already existing government funds like Medicaid and low monthly payments from low income workers.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Donald Trump Speech In Bentonville Arkansas 2-27-2016 Very Captivating And Crystal Clear


Tea Party Main Street | 2-27-2016

The speech Donald Trump gave today at the Bentonville airport was the best I've heard yet. Donald Trump can go off subject to no end through several other subjects then return to the original subject as if he never left that original subject, "Amazing". If I went off subject like he did and he did it several times I would get lost and never go back on the subject I left.

The content of his speech today was so crystal clear and understandable no matter how much he went off subject. Donald Trump is just an amazing speaker once he gets his game on. Took Donald awhile to get his game on with the speeches but now that he has he's absolutely amazing in his speech.

I'm not a great conversationalist at all let alone even speaking publically so when I see a politician that's a realist as Donald Trump is get his game on I really look up to that. I'm a better writer than conversationalist and only wish I could speak as well as Donald Trump did in the speech he gave today.


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Some Social Media Isn't So Social But More About Spoiled Adult Brats Not Getting Their Way

I just got kicked off of Facebook for a second time for making posts supporting Donald Trump with the factual truths about Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. I did everything right and did not break any Facebook rules.:

Tea Party Main Street | 2-27-2016

I just got kicked off of Facebook for a second time for making posts supporting Donald Trump with the factual truths about Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. I did everything right and did not break any Facebook rules. I used my birth certificate name and didn't do anything against Facebook's overregulation. Each time I started posting the "True Facts" about Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, "POOF", I was kicked off. I did not lie about Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, I just posted proven facts.

There is tons of porno and criminal activity on Facebook in which most go untouched. I read some posts that were so bad on Facebook and the posters almost never get banned. I ran across some stuff on Facebook I wouldn't allow but the stuff still remains. But when I post truths about Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz that are "Fair Game" the game turns unfair against me.

I never went out of my circle of friends either. I just stayed with my like minded friends and always blocked out people that were not like minded so my posts would never go on their newsfeeds. When I joined a group that was not like minded I quit posting in the group and left the group. I only posted with my friends and groups that were like minded and tried hard to just blend into my little clique of social like minded friends. I wasn't trying to get noticed at all, "Just Blend In" but I guess I got noticed to the point I am seeing the dark side of social media that isn't about social at all.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Super Tuesday Republican Bloomberg Poll. Donald Trumps Wins Overall


Tea Party Main Street | 2-26-2016

This poll doesn't reflect any individual state and only shows a reflection of 1264 likely republican voters which is in the area of the average number most polling places do. Donald Trump wins overall even though Donald may lose Texas to Ted Cruz who is riding on Texas Pride. Ted Cruz wasn't even born in Texas but is endorsed by some politicians that were.

There's no doubt Donald Trump does intensive research because he's always correct so I'd assume the Bloomberg poll is mostly accurate to have Donald Trumps trust. I like the numbers on the Bloomberg poll and hope they hold up when compared to the actual vote. Well, of coarse I would hope the Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio numbers were a lot lower which would show people are wising up and not voting for likeability and moving to voting responsibly.

Poll Source: Bloomberg

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marco Rubio A Conservative? "NO". Marco Rubio Was Purchased By Establishment Republicans In The Florida Senate

Marco Rubio was involved in establishment republican corruption when he was first elected into the Florida State Senate. Marco Rubio did anything he could to cash in off anybody willing to pay for him.

Funny, well, "Not Funny". Here's a web site in Florida that keeps track of Marco Rubio's Amnesty for illegal aliens push. Marco Rubio lies with the best of the liars. Marco Rubio supported amnesty before 2010 while he was in the state congress. Then Marco Rubio fooled the Tea Party wings in Florida to support him by taking an anti amnesty stance that worked. After he was elected to the U.S. Senate he started to support amnesty again. Marco Rubio is bad news and just another establishment libertarian republican insider and no way no how is Marco Rubio any kind of conservative.

The website below keeps track of all Marco Rubio corruption. It takes awhile to go through and fully understand everything written but after you do you will understand Marco Rubio is "Purchased" by the establishment republican rinos and will engage in as much corruption as it takes to fill his pockets. 

Candidate Rubio knew he would have a tough uphill fight if he was going to defeat Governor Charlie Crist. He also understood that the overwhelming majority of Floridians wanted something done to stop illegal immigration. Rubio’s own track record on enforcement was going to be an impediment to winning the election. After all, citizens across Florida were dogging him at campaign events about blocking six illegal immigration enforcement bills as Speaker. These six enforcement bills included denying public benefits to illegal aliens, denying public jobs to illegal aliens, and a memorandum of understanding between local law enforcement and federal law enforcement to remove criminal aliens. It should be noted, as a Junior State Representative, Rubio co-sponsored Representative Juan Zapata’s Dream Act bill. At that time, Representative Rubio joined the Hispanic Caucus, which would later describe these six enforcement bills as “Draconian Measures”.

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Ted Cruz, the "Establishment Republican & Libertarian" Liar & Chief Candidate


Ted Cruz voted to advance the so called comprehensive amnesty bill to the senate floor to be voted on knowing the amnesty bill would pass the senate and be sent to the house. Then Ted Cruz amended the amnesty bill to legalize illegal aliens and keep them in the U.S..

Ted Cruz is preaching "No Amnesty" to voters to get their votes but will not say anything about the removal of illegal aliens in the U.S. because he "Will Not" remove or force illegal aliens to exit the U.S.. Ted Cruz without a doubt is "Pro Libertarian & Establishment Republican Legalization" of illegal aliens that do not belong in the U.S.

Tea Party Main Street | 2-14-2016

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Natural Poll Numbers. Donald Trump Leads By 22% Of The Vote

Find Out Who The Tea Party Really Is. Read More:  http://teapartywhitehouse.proboards.com/board/74/tea-party-who:

The True Polling Numbers On A Natural Basis Of Passerby's

Tea Party Main Street | 2-23-2016

There's a lot of chit chat in media about Donald Trump not being able to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. Polls and unreliable so called expert talk always shows Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump and it's never ending jib jab being produced by the "In Power" libertarian establishment republicans out to steer thought and democrats of coarse doing whatever it takes to push communism.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lets Hope Texans Are For Trump To Pump Up Our Pride Along With Texas Pride


I guess most people in Texas were not born in Texas these days. I read 40% of the population in Texas was born outside of Texas. I like the new Texas Governor Greg Abbott who was born in Texas. Governor Rick Perry was even born in Texas whom I do not support at all because he's to establishment republican friendly with illegal aliens. Rick Perry is related to the late great, "Sam Houston" who beat the mexicans after the Alamo disaster. I guess Rick Perry didn't pick up any of Sam Houston's genes to fight foreign invaders to take back our property.

Donald Trump isn't from Texas but since Texans don't have a candidate that was born in Texas maybe they will settle for Donald Trump who was at least born in the United States and will restore U.S. pride right along with the pride of Texans.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Clinic System That Serves Anyone With Health Care First And Payment Second


I personally support a national clinic system run by a private entity with oversight by each individual county without state and federal government involvement in health care needs of low income persons

Of coarse the V.A. medical system for our vets is a mess and an example of a clinic system that doesn't function as it was meant to function. "IN A NUT SHELL": The reason for the V.A. mess is when you elect numb nuts into the presidency and congress you will get a chain of numb nuts down the chain of command that administers the health care of others. This hold true for everything the government runs. With a chain of government elected numb nuts private sector health care gets out of control with their profit taking off the medical needs of people that just can't afford it. Most of the out of control health care corporate profit taking is coming from hospitals due to immigration. "True". Our numb nut government is putting immigrants over U.S. citizens and the result is out of control medical costs and low wages.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"REALLY!" Will They Give A Second State Of The Union To Their Illegal Aliens In Spanish? The Pic Says It All.

What Happened To English Only?

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

"MUST READ" Hat In Ring's Three Point Conservative Economic Plan That Will Work :)

Do We Want A Piece Of The Wall Street "Fat Pussy Cat" Pie?

Created By Hat In Ring | 2-14-2016

I have an economic plan that will work for everyone and bring economic prosperity back to U.S. citizens. The federal government will still rake in their trillions to piss off, states will still get plenty of cash from the federal government to piss off, plenty of welfare for those who keep themselves in the bubble of numb nuts or just plain don't want to move enough to get a minute worth of worthy work accomplished. Those who just want to stay naked all day and night and just want enough work to support their nakedness should be happy also when they are walking around San Francisco showing off their disgusting bodies and scaring all the animal life out of the city.

There's no need for democrat progressive communist redistribution. There's no need for libertarian business communism. There's no need to raise the minimum wage. There's no need for anything the democrat communists or libertarian establishment republican rinos want to do. It's true, "Business Entities Are Not U.S. citizens or People".

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do The Hoards Of Republican Candidates Mean We Need A Certain Person To Beat The Democrats

Republicans Saying We Need A Certain Candidate To Win Are Just Pushing A "Trick" In The Form Of A "Treat". Republicans That Are Telling Us We Can't Get Rid Of The Illegal Aliens Because It's Not Conservatism Is Our Wall Street Government Saying We Must Accept The "Treat" That Is In Reality Just Another "Trick" Our Wall Street Government Wants Us To Consume.

The media narrative happening in this time to push the programmed robot Marco Rubio into our minds and hearts just because of anchor babies and people who are among us that do not belong among us is to keep a U.S. that we are trying to get rid of. The media pundits claim we need a certain mindset and racial heritage to win but reality states strongly that any republican candidate will claim victory over the unwanted democrats in this cycle and the pushed candidate Marco Rubio by the establishment republicans that pose a second battle front for us is just being pushed to get a programmed robot into the position that will keep us in financial chains. The republicans are still chasing the Spanish vote through Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and John Kasich whereas Donald Trump is getting the votes from all the racial makeup communities and both genders as a whole.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

John Kasich And Jeb Bush: "The 2 Pigs In A Poke". Both Act And Think As One

Two Pigs In A Poke
A pig in a poke: Something that you buy or accept without first seeing it or knowing what it is like, with the result that it might not be what you want

Both are brain clones of each other. Some mad scientists got together back in the day, put tin foil hats on both of them connected with electrodes and applied nuclear energy to make both of them the same.

Both have pissy whiny personalities that do the same exact stuff for themselves without any thoughts of others that they deem the lesser of themselves.

Both support common core, amnesty and other communist democrat ideology's. Both have taken and/or will make deals with the communist democrats that further communinism in the U.S.. Both kiss arse to Wall Street and will further libertarian business communism.  Both have never did anything in favor of U.S. citizen wealth and prosperity. Both have only acted in favor of the their state's and business interests.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Please Visit Our, "Donald Trump White House" And Support Our Next President

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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Real Election Battle Is Between Wall Street Cronies And Non Wall Street Donald Trump

Donald Trumps Wealth Isn't Tied To Or Earned Through Wall Street

The Real Election Battle Is Between Wall Street Cronies And Non Wall Street Donald Trump

Tea Party Main Street | 2-5-2016

So what's the problem with the "Non Wall Street" New Yorker Donald Trump who will only be good for the U.S.? Donald Trump doesn't rely on other peoples money to build his business. Donald Trump takes his own earned income and constantly reinvests it in deals that will double down and earn him more. Donald Trump is great at it and will do it for "All U.S. Citizens". Except for Donald Trumps huge skyscraper towers which he used borrowed bank money to build most of Donald Trumps properties were paid for out of profits through "Buy And Sell" ventures.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ted Cruz Cheats Donald Trump Out Of The Iowa Win

With the democrats flipping coins in Hillary Clintons favor and Ben Carson losing votes because everyone was lied to and told he was quitting, can anyone "Not" believe Ted Cruz is a libertarian party Plant to fool the voters? Every knows Marco Rubio is an establishment republican illegal alien supporter but not to many people believe the libertarians will install the "Sleeper" illegal alien supporter Ted Cruz.

I've been ranting about how Ron Paul's libertarians have infiltrated the republican party for years. Everyone thinks the libertarians are harmless but they are indeed as rotten as the democrats since they are "Half Democrat, Half Republican" monsters. If you think the libertarian Ted Cruz or Establishment republican Marco Rubio will get the United States running right then you've bumped your head or have been indoctrinated because of your lack of education. Nothing will change! Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will take the United States back to pre Obama with no repairs and lots of fighting between the democrats and republicans over which political entity gets to screw U.S. citizens more with illegal aliens and legal immigrants. No jobs will return and no jobs will be created.

The only reason there was an economic boom in the Ronald Reagan years is because he announced a fence was going to be built and employers scrambled to "Re-Hire" U.S. citizens. Of coarse the fence never was built and employers have no fear of the fence being built right now with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio no matter how much they preach about building it.

Half Democrat, Half Republican Libertarians

Lets put some fear into employers and get "Donald Trump" elected.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Elects Goldman Sachs To Be President Of The United States

Must Read Article: Ted Cruz's Wife Works For Goldman Sachs

Ted Cruz did in fact borrow a half million dollars from Goldman Sachs and believe you me Goldman Sachs owns Ted Cruz. So if you elect Ted Cruz to the white house you elect the Globalist CEO at Goldman Sachs into the white house. "True"

Ted Cruz talks and talks and talks about closing the border and no amnesty but he "Never" talks about removing all the illegal aliens in the U.S. because the future "President Of The United States" that presently is the CEO of Goldman Sachs won't allow Ted Cruz to do that and most likely will never build the wall to keep them out. Remember, "The CEO of Goldman Sachs Is A Open Borders Globalist".

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