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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Dreaded Trade War, China Only Lets Us Export Snack Nuts To Them While They Demand U.S. Imports Everything From China

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Farmers Can Post Job Openings At Border Stations Where "Legal" Immigrant Workers Can Enter The United States And Be Made To Go To Said Job Location "Only" With Tracking. Since Immigrants On Short Term Work Visas Doing Farm Work Whom Will Only Be In the United States For A Short Time Won't Need To Bring Their Families With Them. They Will Have To Go Home Periodically To Reapply For Re-entry. Immigrants Will Not Set Up Shop In The U.S. 

China Only Imports Farm Products From The U.S. They Don't Need Except For Soybeans To Keep U.S. Farmers Dependent And U.S. Polticians Happy With The Fact That china Imports U.S. Products. A Trade War Means U.S. Farmers Can Stop Hiring Millions Of Illegal Aliens To Make Their Books Balance Because They Won't Be Needed.

Written By James Allan | 8-18-2018

So who the hell is the trade war going to hurt when china only lets the U.S. export snack nuts and soy beans to them? "Farmers?" WoW! I guess our farmers are going to have to cut back on the millions upon millions of "Illegal Aliens" and immigrants they employ whom drag their families across the border to go on welfare. "Ain't That A Hoot!"

Monday, August 13, 2018

Donald Trump's Space Force Is Star Trek And Star Wars Coming To Life

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Get Ready, Get Set, "SPACE FORCE" Is Here And Children Are Excited

Written By James Allan | 8-12-2017

Sure, you like to see it in the movies with a tub of popcorn and a cola. These days sitting in your living room in front of your big screen flat panel with chicken wings and some beer is the way viewing pleasure is achieved after it's burned out on the big theater screen and goes to home video disc. Some people who crave subscribe to pay for view if they can afford it to feel the sensation of what they can't do themselves. Ever since Buck Rodgers who was created in 1928 and Robbie the Robot in the 1956 some people just cannot do without it.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

United States Freedom Only Comes With A Population That Is Stronger Than The Combined Politicians And Businesses

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The United States will always be the greatest country on the planet earth as long as the people rise above government and business while other countries have governments that rise above the people

Written By James Allan | 7-24-2018

This is my message to the "Republican Party Base" to make the best effort that they can possibly put forth and vote in the up and coming 2018 midterm election for the Republican chosen in the primary. We must make a concentrated effort to vote in the next several federal elections held every two years in order to take back and keep the United States free from dominate government personalities and communist influences.

First of all, the United States government purpose is to manage and "Not" control. The United States government was set up to manage under a defined set of standards set forth in the United States Constitution as "Written" and "NOT" interpreted. There's no interpreting the United States Constitution under another ideology. The United States Constitution was written as a solid template to compare laws passed by congress against.

Monday, August 6, 2018

You Know You Have An Anti U.S. Citizen Globalist "Libertarian Republican Rino" When They Say ............

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Get To Know Your Libertarian Republican Rinos Not The Way They Tell You Who They Are But Only By The Way They Won't Tell You

Written By James Allan | 8-6-2018

You know you are in the presence of a "Libertarian Republican Rino" when these lines are muttered:

* We need growth through "Immigration"
( Growth through U.S. Citizen increased wages is never talked about by libertarians because immigration would have to be decreased which would in turn dampen down the libertarian globalization effort. The libertarians can never have wages increased to U.S. Citizens through employer demand for employees because the libertarians believe in a government controlled by business  )

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Are The Progressive Communist Democrats Using Abortion To Limit Future Votes Against Them

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This Question Is Really Out There In Space Land And Will Make Any Normal Person Shake But Needs To Be Asked

Written By James Allan | 7-21-2018

First of all I realize what I'm writing here is "Way Out There" but I constantly push and cross the line so this shouldn't be to shocking of a speculation read. I'm what you call, "On The Cutting Edge". Life happens and along with the good comes the bad and if anyone thinks this type of bad I'm writing about could never happen just look back at Hitler, Stalin and China's Mao exterminating millions of people for political reasons.

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Fox News Democrats And Libertarians Keep Trying To Control The United States From A Position Of Failure


The "Never Trump" Crowd Try's To Control From A Position Of Failure

Written By James Allan | 7-16-2018

Oh Marie Harf! I keep hearing you, Chris Wallace, all the libertarian republican rinos on Fox News and Wuan Williams say Donald Trump and us Republicans are not "SUPPORTING" this and that foreign country, then not "SUPPORTING" this and that world leader ally to the U.S. when in truthfulness it's "NOT PAYING FOR THEM ANYMORE". The United States fully supports our allies but the change to "Were Not Going To Pay For Our Allies" liberal welfare states anymore is underway through tariffs and the bringing back of U.S. manufacturing outsourced to cheap foreign labor countries.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Senate Sends Donald Trump A Warning Shot Vote On Tariffs Which Shows Their Insider Trading

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They Do Unto Themselves That In Which We Cannot Do Unto Us

Written By James Allan | 7-12-2018

This rebuke vote of the Trump tariffs by the senate on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 are the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" who teamed up with the democrats. There's 1 democrat and several rinos on the republican side in the senate. Most likely the rest of the republican senators that voted to rebuke Donald Trump on tariffs have heavy investments in foreign business ventures and U.S. Companies manufacturing overseas.

This vote just goes to show the illegal "Insider Trading" going on within the United States congress and the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" trying to save their unwanted globalization efforts that are ruining the lives of U.S. Citizens. Congress trying to stop these tariffs that need to happen to improve the financial well being of U.S. citizens is "Abhorrent".

This is the exact same thing our government gets away with when it comes to them handling classified information. Government officials can pass classified information however they want without penalty while us U.S. Citizens would go to prison for any minor offense of classified information being moved outside of engineered pathways. Hillary Clinton will never go to jail.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

My Public Address As To The Reasons Why Myself As A True Tea Party Supporter Am Attacking Fox News

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Lets Hope The Rain Pours On The Libetarian's As It Poured On Us For Over Two Decades Of Their Secret War 

Written By James Allan | 7-5-2018

First of all I blame the "Progressive Communist Democrat" efforts to install communism in the U.S. as the main reason why "I Lost My Good Income" in 2008. Through the last 10 years I've had to struggle for no good reason as I know many in the U.S. have had to do for the same no good reason. Many U.S. Citizens that don't have the resources to publicly express themselves and their anger now have at least one pissed off person that is going through the same thing to write for them in expressed words that will be listened to when people read them.

Before I go on I will say the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" support a small government along with all the "Progressive Communist Social Issues". The only difference between the "Progressive Communist Democrats" and the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" is the size and structure of the government and they fight over this to no end.