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The United States Is Now A Nation Of Citizens And "NOT" a Nation Of Immigrants Anymore

The United States Is Now A Nation Of Citizens And "NOT" a Nation Of Immigrants Anymore

Written By James Allan | 9-27-2015

The question is, when will the United States become a nation of "U.S. Citizens" and not a nation of immigrants that is being pushed by pro immigration groups for cheap labor and votes? Yes, the United States is a nation made up of past immigrants but if you look back in history several thousands of years you'll find every country on the planet is a nation of immigrants. Just because any country allows immigration doesn't mean said country is a nation that has to keep allowing immigration because its citizens are made up of past immigrants.

Are we really going to let pro immigrant groups made up of mostly foreign born immigrants and communist U.S. citizens destroy U.S. citizens with floods of endless immigrants to the point of no return? If that alone doesn't scare you then you are a sociopath for sure. Sociopath's aren't all murderers but they don't care if people or animals die, "Hence", abortions, Benghazi, ISIS, gang shootings, releasing convicted felons and police being shot. They float towards people that they can have more control over and in this case it would be uneducated immigrants. 20% of the U.S. population are "Sociopaths".  

When does the United States become a nation of "U.S. Citizens". At some point the U.S. has to become a nation of U.S. Citizens and stop letting the higher ups tell us what the hell we are. The United States is a country founded for the people and of the people that are its citizens and the United States is a, "Nation Of Citizens" and "NOT" immigrants. Except for the Irish potato famine of the past all other immigration surges were created for "Cheap Labor" as in the railroad boom of the 1800's. The now immigration surge was created by the communist democrats for votes and the rino libertarian republicans for cheap labor and corporate profits.  

It's kinda "Not Funny" that a foreigner (The Commi Pope) comes into the U.S. and "Puts U.S. Citizens In The Back Seat" and praises other foreigners for "Breaking Our Laws" and taking away U.S citizen wealth. Hell, we have enough U.S. citizens that hate U.S. citizens why do we need a commi foreign pope on a visa to help other foreigners with no visas or green cards screw over U.S. citizens even more.

With the communist progressive democratic push to get rid of the U.S. constitution and the libertarian republican rino push to install business as the government of the U.S. (Business Communism) I'm of the thought it's time for U.S. citizens to stand up and tell the wealthy and the wealthy of the U.S. government that the U.S. is now a nation of, "Citizens" and not immigrants. 

Legal immigration only in numbers that let U.S. Citizens be first in line for jobs and promotions. Employers need to fight each other for labor so wages will increase for U.S. Citizen employees naturally. Shortages in labor lets U.S. Citizens move from job to job until they find the job that pays them well and that they like. All illegal aliens can be deported and they will have the choice of taking their anchor baby children with them or leaving their U.S. born children in the U.S. to be put in "Boarding Schools" paid for by the U.S. government whom allowed all this mass immigration into the U.S..  

When foreigners come into the U.S. and start dictating their will on U.S. citizens then U.S. citizens have one big mess we have let fester into a huge lump of puss that needs to be surgically removed. Now it looks like communist liberal mexican citizens in "mexico" are demanding they should be allowed to cross over the border into the United States unrestricted and they have the rights of U.S. Citizens so they can gain access to U.S. jobs and welfare. The joke on U.S. Citizens keeps growing as the problem democrats are having with their wages is their own damn fault for not getting rid of the illegal aliens that are lowering their wages. 

Mexican citizens are at fault for their own poverty in mexico and have no moral or legal rights to come into the U.S. with their culture and sad stories of the poverty they created themselves that is inflicting hardships on U.S. Citizens. Mexicans and foreigners from other countries that want to improve their lives need to fight their own governments instead of trying to fight the U.S. government though lies and false racism charges. 

Globalist U.S. Citizens can leave the U.S. and immigrate to foreign countries that will welcome them as citizens to start the globalization through the massive poverty U.S. Citizen globalists want to install to get the love flowing between cultures. They can work on the massive racism towards white people in their new countries. The U.S. Republican party was never racist. The U.S. democrat party were the racists that let slavery thrive who are now the globalists of today creating more slavery through global communism. A communist/socialist government turns a countries population into slaves of the government instead of private sector personal slaves.   

The United States Should Now Be Considered A Nation Of, "United States Citizens" and not the so called nation of immigrants anymore which is being spun to indoctrinate U.S. citizens into accepting the floods of foreigners that will eventually kill and wipe out the voice and the wealth of the "U.S. Citizen".  Yes, U.S. Citizens are killing themselves by accepting this "Nation Of Immigrants" crap that's being fed to them by persons that only have themselves and their secret society's interests in mind.

We are now a "Nation Of Citizens" that will defend our rights as a free people and reject the narrative of communist globalists who put U.S. Citizens second to foreigners in the country U.S. Citizens built so they could be free and choose their own path to riches or failure.

Hat In Ring, 9-27-2015

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