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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Republican Party Is In The Process Of Transformation. We The "Tea Party" Must Never Let The GOP Go Backwards


A New Republican Party Is Coming Into The Sunlight And We Can't Let It Fail Or Go Back

Written By James Allan | 11-12-2016

The way the republican party was is not the way the republican party is going to advance into the future. The demise of the "Grand Old Party" was in fact the bringing in of libertarians to bring up the vote count over the democrat party back in the 1950's and 1960's. The libertarian party believes business should run the United States and has advanced this agenda and throught throughout their existance. The libertarian party also believes in a "One Political Party" form of government as they side with democrat social stances more than conservative values. We can't let the republican party slide back into the dark as we have fought hard to bring the republican party back into the sunlight.

For decades the republican base (The Now Tea Party) has been painted as monsters but the reality of that is we are not. The monsters are the libertarian party being allowed to enter the republican party for votes. The democrat party has its monsters called the liberals and are always fighting the republican party monster libertarians. The only difference between the democrat liberals and republican libertarians is the liberals want a huge government and the libertarians want a small government. Other than that both liberals and liberatarians don't differ that much. The democrat liberals and the republican party libertarians are both in control of both political parties.

The republican non libertarian "Tea Party" has fought hard to get rid of the present libertarian republican party leadership because they are the, "Failures". What happens is we get rid of one and the one is replaced by another because there's so many libertarians entrenched in elected congressional seats. The Tea Party has many quality candidates but they always get defeated due to name recognition or unethical campaign tactics by the opposition. It may take several election cycles to get the monsters all out of the republican party and return leadership of the party to stable personalities.

The non libertarian Tea Party pushing Donald Trump into the presidency is another great victory after the last two midterm election victories that began the process of transforming the republican party into an entity that does and is for "All U.S. Citizens" and not any mentally ill ideologies. 

The fight was hard to get Donald Trump elected and the fight will get even harder to finish the complete transformation of the republican party into an entity that isn't feared to be a bunch of grubbers by moderate and conservative democrats. Hard working, family oriented U.S. constitution protecting democrats will be able to interact with republicans that are the same or mostly the same. Immigration and immigrants here may be off the table between democrats and republicans but most is wanted by both parties just in different ways. U.S. Citizens over business and government can be agreed upon. All illegal immigrants must leave the U.S. and come back "Legally" and stay legal.

A New GOP Is Emerging And Even Though The Presidential Election Is Over The New Republican Party Needs Constant Attention In Future Election Cycles To Keep It From Slipping Backwards Into The Hands Of People That Put Business Over U.S. Citizens.

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