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List Of Presently Known U.S. Citizens Killed By Illegal Aliens

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Boycott List Of Democrat Consumer Brands And Products


List Complied By James Allan | Dec. 2012

The Business Entities Listed Below Are In Fact Liberal Businesses Supporting Communist Democrats Out To Move The U.S. Away From Capitalism and Into A Liberal Economic System That Controls Every Aspect Of The Lives Of U.S. Citizens Through Government Control Under The Guise Of Moving Towards A Economic System That's More Fair. The Truth Is The Democrats Are Using The Poor, Uneducated and Disadvantaged U.S. Citizens To Move The U.S. To A Socialist/Communist Form Of Government Instead Of Creating And Making Improvements To The Capitalistic Government System That Trains and Creates A Demand For Workers Resulting In Higher Pay Rates, Lower Product Cost And Lower Tax Rates To Operate Government.

Don't Be Fooled. The Republicans have been made out to be the corporate clowns by the libertarian democrat infiltration into the republican party but the fact of the matter is the democrat politicians are the ones that are melted into the corporate establishment more than the libertarian republicans. The establishment libertarians in the republican party are democrats the progressive communist left kicked out of the democrat party.

The non libertarian republicans ("Tea Party") are for small business and against the corporations. The "Tea Party" republicans are pushing the republican party away from corporate control and back into a small business economy which is best for U.S. Citizens republican and democrat.

All these democrat controlled businesses below use huge amounts of illegal immigrant labor that lowers wages to the democrat workers who protest for higher living wages. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot  


BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (WARREN BUFFET) Headquartered in Omaha Nebraska - Owns: See's Candies, Dairy Queen.

BIMBO U.S.A. - Mexico Based & Owned, (Everyone thinks these brand names are U.S. owned companies) owns Brands: Arnold, Ball Park (Buns), Bimbo, Boboli, Brownberry, Earthgrains, Entenmann's, Francisco, Freihofer's, Marinela, Mrs Baird's, Oroweat, Sara Lee, Stroehmann, Thomas English Muffins, Tia Rosa, Roman Meal, Sun Maid Bread, Cinnabon, Miltons Bread

HEINZ Headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - Owns or Invested in: ABC (food brand), Bagel Bites, Complan, Daddies, Delimex, Farex, Greenseas, HP Sauce, Lea & Perrins, Ore-Ida, T.G.I. Fridays, Wattie's, Weight Watchers, Wylers

The Heinz company was conservative and Teresa Heinz was a registered republican up until she married hardcore left wing democrat John Kerry in 2003. In 2003 Teresa Heinz changed her party affliation to democrat and started to denounce republicans including her late republican husband. Even though the Heinz corporate execs claim to be non partisan they show donations to political pacs with republican candidates getting somewhat more cash than democrats on a state candidate basis supporting or not supporting laws that encourage profits. Heinz is being put on the boycott list because Teresa Heinz gains her wealth from the Heinz corporation and is surely using her wealth to fund her husband John Kerry, the democratic communist machine, illegal aliens for "Profit" and naturalize immigrant citizenship for votes.

MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL, INC. (KRAFT FOODS) Headquartered in Deerfield Township, Illinois, near Chicago - Owns or invested in: Oreo, Chips Ahoy, TUC, Belvita, Club Social, Barni, Milka, Lacta, Toblerone, Cadbury, Trident, Chiclets, Halls, Stride, Jacobs Coffee, Nabisco, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Cheez Whiz, Capri Sun, Jell-O, Kraft Dinner, Kraft Singles, Kraft Mayo, Maxwell House, Oscar Mayer, Velveeta, Mr. Christie, Dad's Cookies, Peek Frean Cookies, 

Mondelez International is being put on the boycott list because they are a multinational corporation that just recently changed the name from Kraft Foods to Mondelez in an effort to create more international appeal. Mondelez is chasing and promoting illegal immigrants in the U.S. . Even the known liberal democrat Bloomberg writes that Mondelez (Kraft Foods) funds the promotion and encourages illegal immigrants in the U.S. for "Profit" creating an attaction for more illegals to enter the U.S. . Kraft Foods does donate more to republicans than democrats on a state to state basis concerning laws for profits trying to keep conservative purchasing from them and to keep conservatives from finding out they do indeed support illegal immigrants. 

PEPSICO Headquartered in Purchase, New York - Owns or is invested in: Pepsi beverages, Frito Lay, Tropicana, Quaker Oats, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Aunt Jemima, Wimm-Bill-Dann foods (Russian Based Company), Doritos, Cheetos, Ruffles, Aquafina water, Tostitos, Sierra Mist, Walkers potato crisps, 7up, Lays potato chips, Rold Gold pretzels, Sun chips, Cracker Jack, Rice-A-Roni, Cap'n Crunch, Life cereals, SoBe, AMP Energy, Naked Juice, Izze. Distribution Partnerships with Starbucks.

STARBUCKS COFFEE Seattle, Wa. Based - Owns or invested in: Ethos water, I Tunes, Fair Trade Certification Coffee Product Line (FTC Coffee), Hear Music, Starbucks Entertainment. Starbucks is big time into San Francisco Liberalism.

YUM! BRANDS INC. (SPIN OFF FROM PEPSICO) Headquarted in Louisville, Kentucky - Owns or is invested in: Taco Bell, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Pizza Hut, Wingstreet Restaurant, A&W, Long John Silvers, Hot Pot chain Little Sheep (China Based)


AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Based in Washington DC - Owns or is invested in: AARP Financial Incorporated, AARP Services, Inc., The AARP Foundation, AARP Funds, AARP Driver Safety, AARP The Magazine, AARP Bulletin, AARP VIVA, Divided We Fail ( National Federation of Independent Business, The initiative was launched with Business Roundtable and the Service Employees International Union ), Medigap, Medicare Advantage, New York Life. Partnership with UnitedHealth Group & Aetna

AARP is not an insurer and does not pay insurance claims. Instead, AARP allows its name to be used by insurance companies in the sale of insurance products, for which it is paid a commission like an insurance agent.

Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), senior Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said in 2008 that the "limited benefit" insurance plans offered by AARP through UnitedHealth provided inadequate coverage and were marketed deceptively. One plan offered $5,000 for surgery that may cost two or three times that amount.

BANK OF AMERICA Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina - Owns or Invested in: Visa Credit Card, NationsBank, NationsBank, MBNA credit card, FIA Card Services, The United States Trust Company, LaSalle Bank Corporation, Michigan National Bank, Countrywide Financial, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. . Bank of America is on this list due to they seriously invest in green energy associated with left wing activities and they push for a collective mindset in the workplace as the democrats do. Bank of America also supports illegal immigrants for the purpose of profits.


PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE COMPANY Ex CEO Peter Lewis. Peter Lewis is no longer CEO but does sit on the board of directors. Peter Lewis himself has donated millions upon millions of dollars to the ACLU and other liberal groups. Peter Lewis makes it a point to profit from conservatives and give the cash to liberals. It is also known that Peter Lewis and George Soros interact from time to time. The new CEO of progressive Glenn M. Renwick is liberal also and will carry on. I have not found any other business entities owned by the Progressive insurance company as of yet but I'm sure they do own or are invested in many as they are invested in the Cleveland Indians who lose constantly.

SALTCHUK - Seattle, Wa. Based - Owns Aloha Air Cargo, Northern Air Cargo, Aeko Kula Inc, Young Brothers/Hawaiian Tug & Barge, Hawaii Fuel Network, Maui Petroleum and Minit Stop Stores

TEXAS PACIFIC GROUP - Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and San Francisco, California - Husband of Congresswomen Dianne Feinstein Texas Pacific Group Executive Richard C. Blum - Owns or is invested in: Spanish T.V. station Univision, Burger King, Petco, Beringer Wine, Ducati Motorcycles, Del Monte Foods (Starkist Tuna, Major contributor to Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi's Husband has 17 Million $ in Starkist stock), Piaggio S.p.A, ON Semiconductor, Gemplus SA, Telenor Media, MEMC Electronic Materials, MGM Studios with Sony, RJR Nabisco, SunGard, Neiman Marcus, Freescale Semiconductor, Harrah's Entertainment, Sabre Holdings, Alltel Wireless, Avaya, Biomet, First Data, Midwest Air Group, Surgical Care Affiliates, TXU, Newbridge Capital.


Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet)
 Headquarted in Omaha Nebraska - Owns or is invested in: GEICO Insurance, General Re, NRG, Berkshire Hathaway Assurance, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, Union Underwear Corp. – Fruit of the Loom, H.H. Brown Shoe Group, Acme Boots, Brooks Sports, Justin Brands, Russell Corporation, Acme Building Brands, Benjamin Moore & Co., Johns Manville, MiTek Inc, Shaw Industries, Inc, Clayton Homes, Inc, FlightSafety International Inc., Nebraska Furniture Mart, R.C. Willey Home Furnishings, Star Furniture Company, Jordan’s Furniture, Inc., Helzberg Diamonds, The Pampered Chef, See's Candies, Dairy Queen, Oriental Trading Company, Buffalo Evening News, 63 newspapers from Media General Inc. (to many to list), including the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Winston-Salem Journal, The Eagle, Omaha World-Herald, Waco Tribune-Herald, Marmon Holdings Inc., McLane Company, Inc (Datasolutions, Inc. and Salado Sales), Kirby home cleaning systems, Wayne Water Systems, Campbell Hausfeld, Albecca Inc. (Larson-Juhl), CTB International Corp, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, parent of BNSF Railway, Lubrizol Corporation.

Berkshire Hathaway also has many investments in other companies they do no own but investments are under 15% . 

BEST BUY Headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota - Owns Businesses & Brands or has an investment in: Future Shop Ltd, Musicland, Geek Squad, Jiangsu Five Star Appliance Co., Ltd. (Chinese Based Company), Speakeasy, Inc., Carphone Warehouse (UK), Napster, Roxio's CinemaNow, Magnolia Audio Video Stores, Pacific Sales, Clearwire. "Best Buy Is On This List Because Best Buy Is A Platinum Sponsor For "CAIR" (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Banquets In The U.S." CAIR Has Banquets and Best Buy Sponsors Them. CAIR is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, HAMAS Terrorists".

GENERAL ELECTRIC - Headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut - Owns or has interest in: NBC Universal (49% ownership), GXS, GE Wind Energy, Universal Pictures, Genworth Financial, Genpact, Smiths Aerospace, Arineta Ltd, Dresser Inc., Citigroup Inc., Opal Software, British Wellstream Holding Plc, John Wood Group Plc, GE Oil & Gas, Lineage Power Holdings, Inc., Metlife Inc, GE Capital, GE Energy, GE Technology Infrastructure, and GE Home & Business Solutions, GECAS (GE Capital Aviation Services), GE Energy Financial Services, GE Energy Financial Services, GE Money

The six reactors in the 2011 Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant catastrophe had been designed by General Electric. Their design had been criticised as far back as 1972

LEVI STRAUSS & CO. Headquartered in San Francisco - Family owned & controlled - Most manufacturing outsourced to other countries. High end clothing line manufactured in U.S. - Brands include: Levi's, Levi's Signature, Dockers, Denizen.

UNILEVER Headquarted in the Neatherlands and UK (People think some of these brands are U.S. but they are not)- Owns or invested in: Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream, Aviance, Axe/Lynx, Flora/Becel, Heartbrand, Hellmann's, Knorr, Lipton, Lux/Radox, Omo/Surf, Rexona/Sure, Sunsilk, Pond's, Toni & Guy, TRESemm√©, VO5 and Wish-Bone, Best Foods, Slim Fast, Mrs. Dash, Nexxus. This company owns over 400 brands and has distribution deals with Pepsico

BARNES & NOBLE Headquartered in Flatiron District in Manhattan in New York City - Owns or is invested in: Book retail stores thoughout the U.S., Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, GameStop, SparkNotes, Sterling Publishing, Nook electronic reader. Barnes & Noble Cafes are associated with Starbucks coffee, The Cheesecake Factory, Godiva Chocolatiers, AT&T Wi-Fi network.

COSTCO Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington - Owns or invested in: Costco wholesale stores throughout the U.S., Kirkland signature, Costco travel, Fortunoff (closed), Crate & Barrel (closed), Glentel wireless.


AMIGOS T.V. - U.S.A. based spanish language entertainment - Comcast/GE owns spanish language T.V. station Telemundo. The Texas Pacific group (Congresswomen Dianne Feinstein) owns spanish T.V. station Univision. These are the two largerst spanish language T.V. broadcasters and they are high profit entertainment entities for NBC and The Texas Pacific group. The reason why they are high profit is because of the 50 million spanish illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. The reason why the democrats want to keep the border open with Mexico is to keep the hispanics coming into the U.S. in an effort to keep these two spanish language T.V. stations profitable. When the spanish immigrants learn the english language new spanish speaking only immigrants have to be brought in or these two T.V. stations will die. Any boycott must be against businesses that advertise on these two spanish T.V. stations and the other spanish T.V. stations operating on your televisions sub channels. Nancy Polosi's activity with the Texas Pacific group and other indicators puts her in the same pot protecting illegal aliens also.

Percentages of Hipanic Populations In 78 U.S. Cities

(AOL) TIME WARNER INC. (AOL 55% Time Warner 45%) Headquartered In New York City - Owns or invested in: AOL, Turner Broadcasting system, Warner communications, Time Inc., New Line Cinema, Time Inc., HBO, Turner Broadcasting System, The CW Television Network, TheWB.com, Warner Bros., Kids' WB, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Adult Swim, CNN, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network Studios and Castle Rock Entertainment, QSP, Huffington Post, 

BLOOMBERG - Boston & New York - Owns or is invested in: Bloomberg L.P., Network of radio stations with his flagship as 1130 WBBR-AM radio station in New York City, Innovative Market Systems, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Message, Bloomberg Tradebook. Bloomberg tends to be conservative concerning finances but supports most liberal social issues including amnesty for illegals that is destroying our capitalistic society for the profits of a few.

COMCAST - Headquartered in Pennsylvania - Owns brands or has majority interest: NBC Universal (51% ownership - GE 49% ownership), Spanish T.V. Station Telemundo, MGM & United Artists, USA Network, Syfy, MSNBC, Zimba, Smartzone, Plaxo, E! Entertainment, Style Network, G4, Golf Channel, Xfinity, Comcast Network, Comcast SportsNet, SportsNet New York, MLB Network, Comcast Sports Southeast/Charter Sports Southeast, NBC Sports Network, AZN Television, FEARnet, AT&T Broadband, Comcast Spotlight, Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), Comcast Spectacor, Vulcan Venture's, TechTV, Susquehanna Communications, Patriot Media, Adelphia Cable, Armstrong Cable, thePlatform, Hulu, ESPNU, ESPN3.com, ESPN360.com, Sandvine

Comcast holds the Consumerist 2010 Worst Company In America award. A gold trophy in the shape of a pile of human feces was delivered to Comcast Corporate Headquarters to commemorate the unmatched level of enmity flowing from their customer base to their business

HOLLYWOOD - Based In Hollywood Calif. - Hollywoods liberal support of the democratic party comes from the movie making studios, "NBCUniveral Pictures, Sonypictures/MGM, Dreamworks". NBCuniversal is owned by GE and Comcast, MGM is owned by Comcast and Sony, Dreamworks is owned by Microsoft. These movie and T.V. show producing studios can make or break celebrities and basic labor employees so fear is installed towards showing support for conservativism. These studios move towards creating the careers of talented persons that support liberal issues and destroy the careers of persons that support conservative issues. This is the reason why there is overwhelming support for democratic candidates in Hollywood.

MICROSOFT - Based In Seattle Wa. - Owns or is invested in: MSNBC, MSN, Bing, Xbox, Microsoft Office, Windows Operating Systems, Internet Explorer, Azure Services Platform, Microsoft Store, Windows Phone OS, Excel, Zune, Microsoft also markets personal computer hardware including mice, keyboards, and various game controllers such as joysticks and gamepads.

CBS And ABC National Television Stations And Broadcasting Networks.

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