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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump's Chicago Rally Attack. Chicago Or Seattle The Communist Headquarters?

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Bernie Sanders, "Communism Fast". Hillary Clinton, "Communism Slow".

Tea Party Main Street | 3-12-2016

I haven't come to any conclusions as to which city is the communist bastion headquarters? Both cities are havens for the anti U.S. armies of sagging thought that need direction from their Bernie Sanders communist loopy loo leaders whom only think of the failure of everybody but themselves and everyone that has any thoughts of doing for themselves.

Of coarse there's small pockets of half wit communists thoughout the U.S. but the captured cities are Seattle and Chicago. Cities like New York and Los Angeles have almost been captured by the Bernie Sanders communist loopy loos but not quit and they need more illegal aliens that will do the bidding of the Bernie Sanders communist loopy loos to achieve conquest of New York and Los Angeles.

Donald Trump was trying to gain some traction in the town where Al Capone once had the government purchased and the communists grew under the purchased government to the point where the communists became the government and never let go. Chicago before Al Capone was one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the U.S.. Everything was made in Chicago until it was overrun by blacks looking for a better way of life and illegal aliens flocking to Chicago keeping the blacks poor. Everyone saw the Mexican flags flying in the crowds of Bernie Sanders communists. Barack Obama is in fact a Bernie Sanders communist believe it or not. If some I.C.E. agents or border patrol had shown up half of Bernie Sanders communist protestors at the Donald Trump Chicago rally would have dispersed and run away.

Donald Trump wants to blast Hillary Clinton off the planet earth in the general presidential election. Yes, Donald Trump does have some of the non democratic far left vote. The pro capitalist democrats are flocking to Donald Trump as they find out they supported the Bernie Sanders communist left who now control the democratic party. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio keep saying if Donald Trump wins the republican nomination Hillary will win the presidency but this is completely backwards and a complete lie put on republican U.S. citizens by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

If Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich get the republican nomination the democrats attracted by Donald Trump will be repulsed right along with the Donald Trump republican supporters which means the democratic nominee which is Hillary Clinton will just have to step up on the presidential debate stage and tell Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich, "You're Fcked" now because the "Tea Party" republicans and capitalist democrats that supported Donald Trump hate you and are not going to turn out and vote for you in masses enough to beat me.

Anyway, the Chicago rally that got busted up by Bernie Sanders communist protestors was just Donald Trump attempting to go where, "NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE" or at least anyone that is sane.

I tuned into Racheal Maddow's show last night just channel surfing. I caught her show at the beginning and she was blasting Donald Trump as a hater. Then she had her first guest on and that first guest was a liberal communist that blasted her. Maddow's guest stated that 60% of the crowd inside the stadium were Bernie Sanders nutcases that were not screened as they usually were at other rallies. Donald Trump just learned you don't go into the Bernie Sanders hall of insane to try and get some votes.

 With Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton the battle isn't between communism and communism light. The battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is "Communism Fast" and "Communism Slow".

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