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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Dilemma Of The Establishment Republicans To Take Down Donald Trump And Crush The Will Of U.S. Citizens


Who's In Control? Democrat Communists, Business Or U.S. Citizens?

Tea Party Main Street | 3-16-2016

The certain dilemma of the establishment republicans that control 30% of the republican voting base who don't want Donald Trump. A 30% that is made up of libertarians who are Ted Cruz supporters and money mongers that use illegal aliens to boost their profits and lower wages for U.S. citizens. The true numbers of who wants what in the republican party are slowly but surely coming to light as the war to repair the United States by the used and abused U.S. citizens gets waged. The establishment republicans have all the cash and control but can they really save themselves from the 70% Tea Party "FIGHTING" base who will never back down and become the robots of fools and idiots.

" A contested or brokered convention "In Fact" takes away the vote and will of U.S. citizens and completely puts the choice of who's going to be president of the United States in the hands of the republican convention leaders (Brokered Convention) or small groups of hand picked people (Contested Convention) chosen by the our elected anti U.S. citizen republican party leaders. "

Yes, Ted Cruz is on Donald Trumps heels but that's only because Ted Cruz supporters turn out in larger numbers in the states Ted Cruz wins in than Donald Trumps "Tea Party" base. If the voting went to a mail in ballot system along with at home PC voting and electronic voting at post offices and supermarkets you'd see the real turnout of Donald Trumps "Tea Party" base that would be up in the 60% to 70% area. The voting system does need to be changed. Oregon has a "Mail In Ballot System" and they get last time I checked a 90% turnout.

The Ted Cruz supporters are now saying and I've heard them say there's no way to build the wall and remove the illegal aliens. Ted Cruz is preaching the wall and no amnesty but not the removal of illegal aliens. Ted Cruz has stumble spoken the removal but he won't dive in to the removal of illegal aliens because he's a libertarian and he's just not going to do it. Ted Cruz is also preaching the anti U.S. citizen "Contested Convention" to be elected as president of the United States after he stated no "Brokered Convention". Contested or brokered? What's the difference! They both go against the will of the U.S. citizen vote.

Ted Cruz is just winning the ranch and farm states. Utah is a basic example of a farm and ranch state that always elects a hard core republican that supports massive illegal immigration for labor. Ted Cruz and Utah will go hand in hand. Hopefully Utah will wise up and support Donald Trump.

Nevada is a ranch state basically and went for Donald Trump. Missouri is tied with Donald Trump just barely winning. We'll see about Montana and the other ranch and farm states.

 The establishment libertarian republicans have four choices.

* They can back Ted Cruz and get their illegal aliens legalized and whom will shove hard core libertarian values down their throats and be under Ron Paul's libertarian heavy with business communism that takes over the establishment libertarian republicans libertarian light that controls everything from congress.

*  They can work towards a contested or brokered convention that will start a bigger war against them after the convention that will "Never" end and will bring them migraine headaches and stress beyond what they are experiencing now and will send all them old frail bodies to an early grave.

*  They can push a third party candidate which will hand the election to Hillary Clinton whom will continue to destroy the republican party

*  or they can back Donald Trump who will work with them in a way that will get rid of the illegal aliens and will give the United States back to U.S. citizens while keeping business profits up.

John Kasich is the last of the establishment republican libertarian light ramrods being used to take away delegates from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and move towards a contested convention. Contested or brokered? What's the difference? Both are B.S. that are designed to kill the will of U.S. citizens. John Kasich? John Kasich is just more B.S. libertarian light. Anyone who hopes and preys for the brokered or contested convention that takes away the will of U.S. citizens like John Kasich and Ted Cruz "Is" anti U.S. citizen and a business communist.

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