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Friday, March 18, 2016

Paul Ryan, The Push Begins To Put Him The Way Of John Boehner And Marco Rubio


Ah Yeah! Facebook Is In Fact In The Tank For Libertarian Amnesty Through Ted Cruz Or Any Other Amnesty Candidate Not Talking Removal And Preaching The U.S. Constitution Loudly.

Libertarian Rino's That Are Up For Re-Election In 2016 List

Tea Party Main Street | 3-18-2016

Paul Ryan? OK, lets take a look at the likeable person who stays well liked as long as he can get people to believe what he's saying when he wants something like the job of "Speaker Of The House". Paul Ryan ran his mouth good to the "Liberty Caucus" whom were the votes to deny him. The "Liberty Caucus" who were not going to vote for him believed his spoken words to them so here we are with another "Ted Cruz Liar" as Speaker Of The House.

Paul Ryan as Speaker Of The House is just as much erosion of the U.S. as the water is to the lead pipes in Flint Michigan. Everyone gets dumbed down and poisoned.

Paul Ryan is now an well known establishment republican libertarian blowhard now. Yes, we were fooled by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in 2011. Some people were not fooled and that's why Barack Obama was elected to a second presidential term. In my eyes back then I was hoping for Michelle Bachmann but she didn't fly, Rick Santorum got started then blew a tire so there was no one else left but Mitt Romney. Who knew Mitt Romney was going to "Crap His Drawers" when he had an easy win.

Paul Ryan is a representative of the great state of Wisconsin. We all know Wisconsin is big time union democrats and the republicans just scratch by in big fights. Well Paul Ryan, it looks like Donald Trump is in the area of 10 pts. ahead of Ted Cruz in the republican primary coming up on April 5th 2016. Even is Ted Cruz or John Kasich does pull out a republican win in Wisconsin Paul Ryan is in big trouble when his term in congress comes up for re-election in Nov. 2016. There's a huge amount of Donald Trump voters in Wisconsin and it will be the goodbye of Paul Ryan in congress. We all know Paul Ryan cherishes his time with his wife and children so we will give Paul Ryan more time with his wife and children than he bargained for. Lovely family shouldn't be separated by Paul Ryan being apart of congress.

Donald Trump ahead by 10 pts in Paul Ryan's Wisconsin and Paul Ryan wants to pull this "Contested Republican Convention" for the only purpose of stopping the "Will Of The People" whom want Donald Trump in the White House.

Paul Ryan is "Pro Amnesty" and only votes conservative 58% of the time. Paul Ryan votes with the democrats a whopping 42% of the time.

While Paul Ryan and his "Traitor" cohorts in congress and public life concentrate on keeping Donald Trump out of the White House we will concentrate on ending a lot of careers in the congressional election that, WoW, is on the same day as the presidential election. Libertarian Rino's That Are Up For Re-Election In 2016 List

Libertarian Rino's That Are Up For Re-Election In 2016 List

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