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Friday, December 11, 2015

Reince Prebius & Business Communist Libertarians Will Force A Brokered Convention Through State Primaries

Just Remember How The Mitch McConnell And The Rinos Took Down Chris McDaniel In The 2012 Mississippi Senate Election By Purchasing The Democratic Voter Fraud Machine To Run Negative Ads And Destroy Votes 

The way the establishment republican business communist libertarians are going to create the brokered convention is to team up with the massive communist democrat voter fraud cheating machine as they did in the 2014 senate election in Mississippi to force the loss on Chris McDaniel and get Thad Cochran re-elected. Remember, the so called "Rino" establishment republicans are mostly libertarians and libertarians are "Half Republican, Half Democrat".

If they force the brokered convention at the convention Reince Prebius better go look for a spider hole to crawl in like Saddam Hussein did because his ass won't be worth the goats muslims have sex with. The business communist libertarians will try to make the brokered convention look like a natural event by taking away the state primary election wins from Donald Trump so Donald Trump won't have the votes through the state primary system to automatically make him the nominee. This will force a "Brokered Convention" where the rinos have a shot at replacing Donald Trump with a candidate of their choosing.

John Kasich already stated nationally that Donald Trump would not and will not win Ohio and other swing states. Kasich's words blend into the public narrative the rinos have been preaching but if you put his words in context with the brokered convention the sense of what's coming into play starts to emerge. Kasich is a hater. To hate Donald Trump so much because the so called, "Rino Team" is losing is a story in itself. Loose lips sink ships but the rino ship is targeted to be sunk as fast as the planet earth turns on a 24 hr. clock.

The fact of the matter is the republican voter base does not want what is being dished out by their leadership. The rino leadership has proven beyond a doubt to be for themselves as powerbrokers for business communists and not for U.S. citizen wealth and gain. As the old saying goes, "If We Ain't Gett'in It You Ain't Gett'in It Either". To further the point we are gonna start taking what you have gotten so we are getting what we should have gotten in the first place. Us getting what we should have gotten isn't going to be gotten through government communism. We are going to take it back by way of crushing your asses though boycotting and creating U.S. competition by us to you.

I like "Girls Gone Wild" but "Politicians Gone Wild" has to end and end "Now". This is an outrage when the voice of the people gets taken away by corrupt politicians for their own gain.

A brokered convention is a political party's nominating convention at which a candidate is chosen based on bargaining, deal-making, and the casting of multiple ballots. Brokered conventions are unlikely events in the modern era, as candidates are chosen in a long series of state primaries which precede the actual convention.

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