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Monday, July 22, 2013

Donkey Talk Thread - Learn How The Donkey's Get Your Goat


Donkey Talk Used By Democrats To Trash Conservative Discussions On The Issues

The democrats have built up a list of ways to combat and destroy republican conversation on issues. This list is taught to all hard core democrats and illegal aliens supported by La Raza. They swarm the internet looking for conservative talk to attack with what I call "Donkey Talk".

1 – The people that you hate worse than
cancer b/c they call you on your Marxism are called “haters.” #UAWOW

2 – Liberally (no pun) apply “racist” label when addressing conservatives. Especially black conservatives.

3 – When government screws up markets, argue that it proves that only government can save markets. Loudly.

4 – Indies are like skittish colts–avoid quoting Marx directly. Go for Van Jones, or Tom Friedman.

5 – If you are a womanses, talk about your vagina. A *lot*.

6 – Disruption, not clarity, is the goal. Don’t get sucked into bourgeois “logic.”7

 – Lie. You’re a Leftist. Get with the program.

8 – Truth is an abstract, patriarchal, absolutist, racist, bourgeois construct. Clarity is creepy.

9 – The world owes you. And it’s gonna pay. But you’ll say it’s for The Oppressed. For power.

10 – Your life is [messed] up because Republicans stole your bliss. #Imagine no Republicans.

11 – Saul Alinksy. Pop quiz at tomorrow’s SEIU stealth Occupy tactics collective townhall.

12 – Talk about the Constitution like you give two [expletives].

13 – Fairness: achievement is inherently suspect, failure is inherently noble. #EatTheRich #LosersRule

14 – Cops are oppressors, cop-killers are revolutionaries.

15 – Avoid real economists, and numbers in general–except cervical cancer deaths that GOP will cause.

16 – Citing crime stats by race is inherently a hate crime by its mere utterance. SCREAM RACIST! No, LOUDER!

17 – So-called Black Conservatives aren’t really black. Who better to make that judgment than white Lefties?

19 – Comedy and political demagoguery depend on specificity. If you go anecdotal, make [stuff] up. Get specific.

20– Attack. Don’t wait for facts on the ground to be known. Attack. Yo mama attack. Try to keep up.

21– Breeders are evil. Don’t be a breeder. You’ll obsess on your family and neglect The Struggle. #ecocrime

22 – We need more of the stuff that screwed us up in the first place. #DoubleDown: It’s not just Vegas now.

23 – Al Sharpton is a Black Leader. Not sellouts like Sowell Williams Elder et al.

24 – When white conservatives are fans of black conservatives, that’s racist. Never forget it.

25 – Conflate illegal immigration with immigration generally, and blast conservatives as anti-immigrant.

26 – Conservatives are stoopid. Like, screwing farm animals stoopid. Heh heh heh. (Now you try it.)

27 – It’s all Bush’s fault. And Evangelicals. Since they ran Congress and shiz. Say it, and it will be true.

28 – Repubics are stupid. And racist. And greedy. They hate women children gays puppies and fuzzy bunnies.

29 – Sarah Palin is a dumb c___ nutroots bloggers would like to grudgef___. Joe Biden is, well, Joe Biden.

30– Blame conservatives for gridlock when they balk at your Fundamental Transformation of America.

31– SCOTUS slaps down Dem overreach? No worries: Executive Orders in the queue.

32– Bank Of .Gov is the same as Bank of Mom. B____ is holding back.

33 – A theoretical study of how the world works means so much more than all the experience of the ages.

34 – We are hip, we are droll, we are flip, we are something something. Unlike repubics with farm animals.

35 – You did read a chapter of Sartre once. You feel SO much. Unlike knuckledragger flyover mouth-breathers.

36 – Conservatives lie awake at night, scheming and thinking up ways to screw poor people. Many are Jews.

37 – Change the subject. Personal attacks. Anecdotal nonsense. #TwoMinutesHate

38 – Take all your God-given intelligence, and submit it to your collective’s Purity Council’s will.

39 – Left to their own devices, people will live their lives in ways you would not. That’s gotta stop.

40– History starts with you. Your musings, no matter how banal, are brilliant. Your progenitors are ‘tards.

41– Burn down a Starbucks; use your iPhone to upload a photo to Twitpic of you hurling a Molotov cocktail.

42 – All conservatives are repressed homosexuals. Except for the gay cons, who are self-hating homosexuals.

43 – Think of a normal adult and take away reason and accountability. And basic cultural literacy.

44 – If you can’t dazzle ‘em with logical brilliance, bloviate about “investments” and “fairness.”
45 – Never diss Richard Petty. Trust me.

46 – White House transcripts. A primer. Goodnight.

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