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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Congressional Gridlock Revealed And The Public Informed


Congressional Gridlock Revealed And The Public Informed

Congressional Gridlock isn't caused by ideology anymore in reference to the two ideologies being the republicans being for business and the democrats being for the people. The congressional gridlock now is formed from the
republicans being for a capitalistic society and the democrats being for a communist society and calling these two forms of government ideologies is open for debate but in this article I don't refer to communism as an ideology but as a failed form of government used to control societies. Congressional Gridlock has been a battle between two forms of government since Bill Clinton took office and started creating a movement towards communism. "Yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton are Communist Liberals". Communism has it's moderate and liberal base too.

The democrats are using various left wing groups to form their power base and get to the communist government. Even the left wing democrats see this but the left wing democrats and even the hardcore center democrats are so self centered about getting the one thing or things they want they could care less about what kind of government exists until the government that eventually gains total power starts to step on them. In some cases already the communist Obama government is stepping on his left wing democratic base and still the democrats are to self centered to walk away from the democratic leadership. They only gripe right now. The Obama administration relies on the fact that they have all the democratic support in congress and on the left but hasn't done anything for them. The only thing that gets done is Obamacare for economic control, giving cell phones and food stamps to blacks to keep them in line and the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. to boost the democratic vote in future elections based upon the plan for communism will be passed on and implemented by future democratic congressional leaders and presidents. The up and coming democrats are always vetted by the "In Power" progressive communist leaders before they get democratic support in elections.

The word "Progressive" has been around since before the 1900's with a meaning of moving forward with working class issues. Now the word "Progressive" means "Communism" as the communists have been laying in wait under the word "Progressive". The communists have been infiltrating into the U.S. society since after WWII when people were fleeing the brutal government Stalin was running. Russian immigrants never quit being communists when they immigrated to the U.S. . They just passed their communist ways on to others as they passed the communist way onto Barack Obamas moma and then onto Barack Obama himself. Now the U.S. government on the democratic side is filled with communists in power that will only bring up other communist minded representatives.
The democratic self centered base:The Enviromentalists - Want to keep the U.S. a natural undeveloped place but support crap loads of illegal and legal immigrants the democrats are importing. The enviromentalists support massive immigration of people that need the development to support them. "Don't Get That One!"La Raza (The Race) - La Raza is only interested in Hispanic immigration into the U.S. and nothing else. La Raza will go to no ends to achieve total domination of the U.S. by Hispanics. The democrats support this for votes.The Labor Unions (Including Teachers, Government & Service Employees) - The labor unions are a "Cash Only" political party. The unions were great for the U.S. during the industrial revolution of the early 1900's but turned corrupt with power and influence and now they push and get more than they should get to the point of collapsing U.S. business and government corruption. The unions support massive illegal immigration to fund themselves through union dues by illegals. The labor unions create the so called "Union Houses" that only allow union employees that pay union dues to be hired and this practice should be banned. I do support higher employee wages but, "Not The Labor Union Way".Hollywood - Of coarse Hollywood is nothing but self centered asshole stars out to boost their popularity to stuff as much money as they can into their pockets. Hollywood stars and executives make their cash off of popularity and see the democratic communist party as a cash cow. NBC owns various Hispanic T.V. stations and the more Hispanics the more cash. Hollywood stars love this! Hollywood is a liberal democratic place now where open sex and drug use is worst than Las Vegas and has no morals.Large Corporations (Not All) - The republican ideology has always been to support business because business provides jobs. The problem is a lot of the corporations have been taken over by democrats that are pushing congress for cheap labor. Corporations have always been the problem in the U.S. starting with the British cotton boom in the 1600's. The British controlled the U.S. before the U.S. was the U.S. and started buying slaves from black African leadership in Africa and bringing the slaves to the British colonies to work the cotton fields for the main purpose of supplying the British cotton factories on the English mainland with vast amounts of cheap raw cotton. Now the corporations can't get slave labor anymore so they are opting for cheap illegal immigrant labor to boost their profits.

The democrats attack the corporations thinking that the corporations are run by republicans but in reality a vast amount of the corporations suppressing wages through illegal immigrant and legal immigrant labor are run by democrats. The democrats are fighting each other and only the corporate masters know this. The on the street democratic worker is dumb founded and doesn't realize that the conflict isn't with the republicans but with each other. The democratic worker wants higher wages and benefits but the democratic corporations want cheap labor though immigrants? The democratic worker keeps supporting the democratic party and the democratic party wants to inflict lower wages on the democratic worker? The democratic supporters want open borders and massive immigration and get pissed when their wages & benefits get taken away because the democratic corporations can raise their profits by using illegal and legal immigrants?

The republicans refuse to change coarse and keep supporting the large corporations that are run by communist democrats and import illegal and legal immigrants that are suppressing U.S. wages and starving the population and U.S. treasury revenues. Republicans really need to examine what they support and get away to a new plan that provides pathways for U.S. citizens to reach a financial well being.
Black U.S. Citizens - Self centered. The communist democratic party gave them cell phones and food stamps. I guess they are happy with that because 95% of Black U.S. citizens voted Commibama into a second term. I can see a first term because commibama is the first black U.S. president but commibama didn't do anything he promised in his first campaign to bring the U.S. together and did everything to move the U.S. towards communism. ??????????????? Still again black U.S. citizens are supporting a democratic party that supports massive legal and illegal immigration that suppresses income for black U.S. citizens. Maybe black U.S. citizens think that "Racing Up" with Hispanics will get economic freedom for them and if this is the case the black U.S. citizens are just banging their heads against a brick wall because even in commibamanism only the educated party loyalists will gain economic well being under a government that tells you what you can do with your money and what you can say. In a republican capitalistic society education is the key factor also but without the government telling you what you can and cannot do.Hispanics - Self centered. They want amnesty for the 24 million family members they snuck over the border. 76% of Hispanics are socialist that think government should pay for them and the millions of babies they have and will always vote for a larger government that provides cash for their uncontrolled baby making. Hispanics like large families even if they can't pay for all the kids. If the Hispanic makes 7 to 10 dollars an hour and is an illegal immigrant in the U.S. they will still start creating a large family and expect the government to share in the cost of raising their family. You will be told by democrats and rino republicans that Hispanics are hard working Christians but that is bull crap! Illegal Hispanics that are working are forced to work or go broke and go home. Millions of Hispanics cross over the border just to have an anchor baby and live in the U.S. illegally all of their lives on public welfare. These illegal Hispanics get everything given to them! 95% of illegal immigrants are "MEXICAN NATIONALS" and it is the democrats that mislead the public about the U.S. being "Multicultural" and that's just a downright frick'in lie! There is very little multiculturalism. It's mostly Mexican nationals walking over the border and saying, "I'M HERE".

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