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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Steve Bannon, My Personal Opinion On This Man That Has Created And Done Nothing To Earn A Spot In Leadership

Steve Bannon Works With Deep State "Fake News" Operative Inside The White House Before He Attempts To Use Donald Trump Supporters To Attack Republicans 

Written By James Allan | 1-5-2018

Well, here we go on another once trusted personality that is trying to gain name recognition and political power through the nefarious means of attaching himself onto the coat tails of successful personalities for a "Free" ride to the top. So what was "Steve Bannon" going to do with us Donald Trump supporters when he fooled us into believing he's a winner that has never won? Of course, this is what libertarians like to do and Steve Bannon who doesn't display much "Libertarian Republican" in his output is in his attempt to become the leader of "Donald Trump's Base" so he can eventually lead us back into "Libertarian Republican Rinoism"?.

I keep asking myself what the hell does Steve Bannon think he's going to get by hijacking Donald Trumps base and the answer always comes back as, "Libertarian Republican Rino" Infiltration that has gone "Rogue" against the libertarian republican rino Mitch McConnell. Ted Cruz is libertarian republican rino and went rogue also so a power struggle does exist.

You say Steve Bannon is not "Libertarian Republican Rino" because he doesn't talk and act like one. Steve Bannon supports the Donald Trump Base political agenda? This is how democrats and libertarians infiltrate the republican party and get voted in. For two long presidential terms Barrack Obama kept talking conservatism and, "Jobs", "Jobs" and more "Jobs". We are almost broke now with no jobs created in Barack Obama's two terms unless you are an illegal alien working at a fast food palace because of all the democrat communist talk of jobs that were never going to be developed. Jobs talk was developed to get your vote but the jobs were never to be created.

Lets not be fooled. Steve Bannon is preaching about how he's going to get rid of all the establishment libertarian republican rinos except for Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is "Libertarian Republican Rino Central" so why doesn't Ted Cruz get a stick up his hiny?

Steve Bannon moves over to the popular candidate Judge Roy Moore in the recent Alabama special election instead of staying with a candidate that is more reliable and steady handed. Mo Brooks was the favorite of "Tea Party Conservatives" even though Donald Trump backed Luther Strange. Steve Bannon backed Mo Brooks until a part of the Alabama republican base liked the "Roy Moore Rogue Side" and that's when Steve Bannon decided to jump on the coat tails of someone he could ride to the top again. The democrats must have had Judge Roy Moore set up long before the election. All I can say is the "Donald Trump/Mitch McConnell" support should have talked to the Mo Brooks supporters after Steve Bannon skipped out to see which candidate had the most primary play then ban together to beat Steve Bannon and Judge Roy Moore.

So now Steve Bannon is credited with, lets see,

"Riding The Coat Tails Of Andrew Breitbart" to get a managing board position in a popular online magazine. At least Steve Bannon had to "Write Something" I'd expect before he got promoted? Steve Bannon worked some democrat Hollywood stuff so maybe the coat tails he rode in Hollywood was a benefit to Breitbart.

Steve Bannon now is credited for, "Riding The Coat Tails Of Donald Trump" to the top of government. Kinda bad for Steve Bannon that Donald Trump is constantly evaluating performance and saw that Steve Bannon was good for campaigning during the election but could not cut it in the hot seat of responsibility in the White House.

Another attempt by Steve Bannon to jump on some coat tails and ride them to the top is the recent Alabama special senate election that got a democrat elected in a republican state. As I stated in an above paragraph the conservative Tea Party republican voter base was focused on getting "Mo Brooks" primaried in and Steve Bannon jumped off of Mo Brooks and onto Roy Moore who was only popular for defiance and nothing else.

Steve Bannon is producing himself as the so called, "Deep State". It appears to be the "Deep State" is a grouping of communist democrats and libertarian republicans working for some of the same cause. That same cause would be to install total communism or libertarian republican business communism.

I've been watching the communist democrats and the libertarian republican rinos for years now and the only differences in the two political entities are as written in the below two passages. Other than these two differences the communist democrats and libertarian republicans are on the same page concerning all else.

* The communist democrats want an huge government that controls business and the entire U.S. population. All cash is flowed through the U.S. government for distribution to anyone or any business that is deemed by government to get some of it.

* The libertarian republican rinos want a small government with businesses controlling the small government and entire U.S. population. All cash is flowed through businesses for distribution to U.S. Citizens and government. The U.S. will have a puppet government controlled by the "U.S. Chamber Of Commerce" and "Business Round Table". The U.S. puppet government will be given money to handle social issues and world problems as wanted by business.

At face value it appears that Steve Bannon is completely self serving to himself of course. Steve Bannon without a doubt believes he's responsible for guiding Donald Trump to the presidential win and now he is under his own self impression that he can consolidate Donald Trump's voting base under his leadership by attacking all republicans at random and of his own choosing without any kind of vetting except for the libertarian republican Ted Cruz who was given a pass by a leader with nobody to lead.

When has Steve Bannon ever lead? All I see is Steve Bannon riding "Coat Tails" and whenever he gets put into a minor leadership position as with his job in the White House and promoting a candidate publicly by himself in an election, the election ends up in utter failure where wins were already won.

Steve Bannon participated in the new tell all "Fake News" book called, "Fire And Fury" that entails fictional events that went on in the Hallowed Halls Of Government Under Donald Trump. Funny thing, "Why Isn't Steve Bannon's Name On The Book?" Did Steve Bannon know when the book came out it wasn't going to go well? Steve Bannon could make alot of "Swamp Money" off a fantasy book then escape later on because his name isn't on the book while he moves around the country trashing republicans that won't submit to his control.

Steve Bannon engaging in "Fake News" through White House leaks and now a book that was written by the henchman journalist Michael Wolfe that Steve Bannon kept bringing into the White House to develop stains on Donald Trump's presidency.

This only makes people wonder how much "Fake News" is being produced through the online political magazine named, "Breitbart". Has Steve Bannon moved Breitbart away from "Andrew Breitbart's" political mission and into a troft of "Fake News" that is better constructed than his new fake news book he left his name off of? Steve Bannon was promoted into an executive board position at the time Breitbart started taking investments and decided to form a board of directors. I would guess that Steve Bannon wrote excellent lunch menu's to get that promotion.

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The line, "Republicans Submitting To The Control Of Steve Bannon" really makes sense of what Steve Bannon has planned with the attempted takeover of Donald Trumps Voting Base. 

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