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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Democrat Resolute Desk, Donald Trump's Choice To Sign Executive Orders Reversing Democrat Communism


Donald Trump Uses Democrat Desk To Reverse The Democrat Change To Global Communism

Written By James Allan | 1-29-2017

The point of this article is, the Resolute Desk in our present time was used by the communist president Barack Obama to sign executive orders that put the United States on a path to a, "No World Borders With A Global United Nations Communist Government". Yes, Barack Obama and the democrat party made an attempt to merge all countries into a planet with no borders under global communism behind the Democrat Resolute Desk.

It tickles me to no end that Donald Trump is reversing Barack Obama's legacy on the desk that Barack Obama built his legacy on. Countries can only unite under a world of freedom, education without indoctrination, reduction in crime and casting out personalities of personal and group dominance that take away peoples freedom of choice and install burdens on economies as in excessive immigration and useless regulations. Desks of persons who gain stardom public or private are the center of work that gained them fame and fortune unless your a Hollywood actor/actress or a star of music who's center is themselves.

Many democrats have used the Resolute Desk as their pride and joy. The desk was created and given as a gift to the Republican President "Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880 by Queen Victoria of England a "Whig" (Republican) but was the product of liberal U.S. democrats trying to re-engage with the British whom were ruled by dictator Kings and Queens. Still to this day the Prime Minister is, "Appointed" by the Queen or King. The British have evolved over the years of the Queen appointing the Prime Minister according to which political party has the most seats in their Parliament. There's a question of if this will continue after the current Queen Elizabeth passes away. Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom   

The desk was built out of the wood from the retired arctic explorer ship, "H.M.S. RESOLUTE". The ship was abandoned in 1852 in the arctic ice and then found in 1855 by a U.S. arctic whaling ship and sent back to Queen Victoria by the U.S. government as a gift by Senate democrat James Mason and the democrat president Franklin Pierce after the ship was purchased from the whalers that found it. The U.S. government paid the whalers $40,000 for it and refitted the ship at the U.S. government expense. The British had waived all claims to the ship after the whalers had found it and the U.S. government fixed it all up nice and pretty and gave it back to the British. The only reason the democrats gave the sailing ship H.M.S. Resolute to the British is Franklin Pierce was in intense "Trade" and "Treaty" talks with the British and used the ship as a peace offering of good will.  

On or around 1878 or 1879 the H.M.S. Resolute was retired and broken up. In 1879 the Resolute Desk was built (Also Known As The Evenden Desk) and delivered to Republican U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes November 23rd 1880. Even though the Resolute Desk was delivered to a Republican President the desk was presented to the United States in response to the liberal democrats giving the H.M.S. Resolute back to Britain. The Resolute Desk is a U.S. liberal democrat desk. 

Rutherford B. Hayes may have received the Resolute Desk but, "He Never Used It". The Resolute Desk during and after Rutherford B. Hayes left office was used here and there around the White House as a staff desk before Franklin Roosevelt used it as his presidential desk. The presidential seal was added to it by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to actually use the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office as a presidential desk. Franklin Roosevelt added the presidential seal to the open front to hide his leg braces but never lived long enough to see the panel installed. Franklin Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary Of The Navy under President Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt was a "Ship Buff" and since the Resolute Desk was made out of the timbers of a retired ship the Resolute Desk was the perfect inspiration for his use as president from 1933 until his death in 1945.

The Resolute Desk was used by Eisenhower but not as a presidential desk. Eisenhower used it in another room in the White House to broadcast from. In 1961 the desk was used once again by John F. Kennedy until his life ended in November of 1963. After John F. Kennedy was assassinated the Resolute Desk became a famous symbol of his presidency and went on tour with the Kennedy Presidential Library and was displayed in the Smithsonian Institute. Lyndon B. Johnson did not use the Resolute Desk because it was to small for him.

I would speculate that Jimmy Carter was a big fan of President Kennedy since they both were democrats and brought the Resolute Desk back to the Oval Office when he took office. Jimmy Carter had a globalist no world borders outlook. Jimmy Carter was no John F. Kennedy at all and didn't even come close to being who JFK was.

After Jimmy Carter was forced out of office because he destroyed the economy the Resolute Desk remained in the Oval Office and all presidents except for George H.W. Bush used the Resolute Desk. George H.W. Bush used the C&O Railroad Desk. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama all used the Resolute Desk. Now our 45th President Of The United States, Republican Donald Trump is using the original democrat desk to overturn obamas legacy. Ronald Reagan was the first Republican to use the Resolute Desk as a presidential desk most likely because of again, it was John F. Kennedy's desk.

The Resolute Desk is now a desk of history and presidential prominence. The Resolute Desk has been used by the U.S. Presidents Carter, Clinton, W. Bush (Younger) and Obama that we wish had never been elected presidents due to extremely bad handling of the U.S. economy and interests.

Roosevelt was not an exceptional president but he was popular at that time and was elected 4 times. Roosevelt also was our president during WWII. Kennedy wasn't popular until after his assassination and had a difficult time getting elected his first time. It was Kennedy's assassination that made the Resolute Desk an absolute icon of the U.S. presidency. Reagan gained his fame and icon status because he came in after Carter destroyed the economy and ignited the economy that created thunder that was heard around the world. Now Donald Trump is using the Resolute Desk and is expected to supercharge the U.S. economy and create the same thunder as Reagan did that will be heard around the world.

The Democrat Party Resolute Desk that came to be is now an historical landmark of its own. It may sometimes be discounted as a Democrat Desk since it's owned by the United States government.

Donald Trump has 4 and possibly 8 years to create economic thunder behind the Democrat Resolute Desk and us Donald Trump supporters have 4 and possibly 8 years to keep the libertarian establishment republican rinos from making faulty decisions so another democrat won't get parked behind the Resolute Desk for another round of a no border world communism push. Donald Trump creating economic thunder using the democrat desk will leave the democrat party feeling somewhat hollow as the democrats felt when Ronald Reagan's economic thunder came to be. 

The economy booming again? The democrats shutter at that thought! The democrats say that they can't be free without global communism. No world borders under a communist government is the only way the democrats can bring them freedom over all the people that won't submit to their profound group of dictators sharing power under communism. Everyone is free in china and russia to walk where they are told to walk and do what they are told to do.

I don't look down at the Resolute Desk because it was given to a United States Republican by a British Whig Queen (Republican). I only call it a democrat desk because as I stated the desk came to be out of "Trade" and "Treaty" deals being done by the democrats in 1854. The Resolute Desk didn't appear until 26 years after the trade and treaty deals but it did in fact appear because of the trade and treaty deals during a democrat presidency 26 years before the desk was presented to a Republican President.

Donald Trump ending the "No World Borders" policies of the democrat party on the democrat desk, "Yes Donald Trump", "Do It". The only way to bring about a no borders world is to fully educate and empower foreign citizens in, "Their Own Countries". You cannot destroy what U.S. Citizens and countries that are "Republics" built for themselves with a "No Borders" policies or you create massive poverty and start wars all over the world.          


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