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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Private "Code Pink" Communist Woman's Organization "BEWARE"


Code Pink Was Organized And Funded By The Clinton's And Democrats

If your concerned about the power behind Hillary Clinton that drives her then you will be interested in the power Hillary Clinton built for herself that she wants to drive us with.

Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink" Organization Is Most Likely Why Bill Clinton Stated In His Democrat Convention Speech That Hillary Was A Great Organizer And The Best Organizer He's Ever Seen. Bill Clinton Hailed Hillary As If She Was The "God Of Organizing".

Written By James Allan | 7-31-2016

Hey, these women are in Iran and "All" communist countries. The Cuba, Iran and Benghazi problems are from "Code Pink" "True". I wouldn't doubt is if Germany's Angela Merkel was Code Pink. These women hate capitalism and indoctrinate young women into their ideology of global communism. 

Code Pink is in England and all over Europe helping to flood the continent with muslims. Code Pink runs the United States! Look at the governor of California "Jerry Brown" and you will see Code Pink's agenda being put into play.

The Clinton's put into play the "Code Pink Mission Agenda" in 2002 being played out and written to the letter using communist minded hippy women.

The Clinton foundation was formed in 1997 to collect Clinton cash but not to much has been spent. After Hillary Clinton was elected to the senate the "Code Pink Woman's Political Organization" was founded in November 2002. Now, what I'm getting at with this speculation is that the "Clinton Foundation" may have been formed specifically to collect cash and fund the planned "Code Pink Woman's Political Organization" and take over the United States with hippie communism. This isn't to far fetched. Dinesh D'Souza and others apparently agree with this since they made a movie about it with the ultimate end goal of the democrats taking full control over the United States.

The Clinton foundation takes in absolute millions of dollars that doesn't get spent except on a few humanitarian projects most likely agreed upon by the "Code Pink" global communism executive panel. Some of the Clinton cash is making its way out of the Clinton Foundation to fund "Code Pink" to a certain extent. The problem appears at this time since the Clinton Foundation is under FBI investigation is how the Clinton's are going to move more unspent cash out of the Clinton Foundation without the FBI finding out where the cash is going and avoiding federal donations law? 

I think right now "Code Pink" is somewhat under funded during Hillary Clinton's election campaign. Hillary most likely is saying, "How Can This Be That My Women's Organization Code Pink Can't Get The Funding They Need So I Can Soundly Beat Donald Trump". Problems, Problems and more Problems for the Clinton's that can't get Code Pink funded during Hillary's campaign?   

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