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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton, The Proxy President For Bill Clinton And The "Code Pink" Woman's Communist Group

On Another Note: Donald Trump "Did Not" invite any foreign governments to hack any U.S. computer system. Donald Trump you could say has a way with words but in reality he isn't a polished political speaker and relies on people that can intrepid his words properly.

What Donald Trump meant is: "If Any Foreign Government Is Already In Possession of Hillary Clinton's 30,000 emails from a previous hack of her private server it would be great if those emails could be released to the FBI.

The only reason Russia is attacking the United States democrats at this time is the Russians, "Do Not Like The U.S. Democrats New Form Of Communism". The new form of global communism the U.S. democrats are creating will eventually be a problem for russian communism big time.

Written By James Allan | 7-27-2016

Of course children are absolutely important without a doubt. This is why the democrats are so hell bent on indoctrinating them into their way of thought when the children are still in the cradle.

At the 2016 democrat convention Hillary Clinton's husband Bill gave a speech and the said speech was Hillary Clinton's resume. It's up to U.S. Citizens to filter all the non qualified persons out and only vote for persons whom are qualified. Hillary Clinton did get her law degree and worked for at least one law firm where she defended guilty people and got herself into a big ass scandal. But after her small stent at the Rose law firm there's nothing except her advocating for children while Bill Clinton was a state attorney general and governor. Hillary Clinton was only put on boards advocating for children because her husband bill put her on the boards. Hillary Clinton's time in the senate and secretary of state was only because, again, her husband Bill Clinton put the wheels in motion so he himself could get back into the white house through his wife Hillary.

Bill Clinton moved Hillary to New York just for the purpose of getting Hillary elected into the senate. New York is notorious for being a state that will elect democrats no matter what. The best chance Bill had to get Hillary elected and on her way to the white house was to move her to New York and of course Hillary already had name recognition so the stage was set for Bill Clinton's return to the white house someday. Bill Clinton is just like Bill O'Reilly, "They Both Put Fame And Fortune Over Reality And What's Correct". 

Bill Clinton of course has a huge following of democrats that can influence other democrat opponents. Bill Clinton used his fame and popularity to influence Barack Obama into accepting his wife Hillary into giving her the Secretary Of State job after Barack Obama beat her so Hillary could boast about having foreign policy experience. It's well known now that Hillary Clinton just took a world tour on the taxpayers dime and failed at doing the job. Hillary Clinton dictates the woman's communist political group, "Code Pink's" mission statement so she had very little to do except show up at global meetings and lay out "Code Pink's" mission statement.

All About Hillary Clinton And "Code Pink"

Hillary Clinton was suppose to win the 2008 election against Barack Obama and the fix was in but with the economic collapse due to Bill Clinton destroying the economy by giving illegal aliens home loans people were looking for someone who was out of the establishment and saw Barack Obama as just that. Barack Obama's win against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election wasn't a black/white thing but only that Barack Obama campaigned as a conservative more over than Hillary did and he was seen as an outsider that would get the United States straightened out. Even though the republicans shouted out the fact Barack Obama had communist ties and radical friends the economic collapse was being blamed on George W. Bush and people claimed Barack Obama as their savoir because Barack Obama has a likable personality. Barack Obama's greatest line that got him elected over Hillary Clinton and again in 2012 over Mitt Romney was, "JOBS ARE COMING". The jobs never came and will never come under Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. The only thing that's coming under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is a change to a communist state.

As for Bill Clinton destroying the U.S. economy you ask? Bill Clinton opened up the door for banks to give home loans to illegal aliens and a decade later the derivative market became overloaded with bad home loans to illegal aliens defaulting on their payments and over a decade later the economy collapsed. 

The derivative market is a private financial market the banks and other financial institutions use to package up huge lots of home loans, "For Sale To Each Other For Profit".

 Bill Clinton And The Communist Democrats Caused The 2008 Housing Market And Economic Collapse

George W. Bush knew about these bad home loans to illegal aliens but never took action to reverse it. The economy was already sliding down for several years as massive amounts of illegal aliens defaulted on their home loans and it was George W. Bush's bad luck the economy collapsed big time after Barack Obama was elected and 3 months before Barack Obama took office. The whole economic mess was then blamed on George W. Bush to get another democrat elected. The economy was never fixed and will never be fixed under the democrats. The democrats were extremely lucky to be able to get Barack Obama into the white house and cover up the fact it was Bill Clinton giving home loans to illegal aliens that crashed the U.S. economy.

The question now is, "Who's Going To Be The Real President If Hillary Clinton Is Elected?". Hillary Clinton has absolutely no experience in running a government and by Bill Clinton's admission Hillary has only been a "Babysitter" throughout her span of time up until Bill Clinton got her elected into the senate where she did absolutely nothing except try to create laws for children that always failed. Hillary Clinton has already publicly admitted she will appoint Bill Clinton to run the economy. It's already been Proven Hillary's mission statement is exactly the same as the communist women's group, "Code Pink". So it will be safe to say Bill Clinton the the communist women's group, "Code Pink" will be running the United States under Hillary Clinton's Proxy presidency.

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