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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Burning Of The 20 Million Dollar Bill (O'Reilly). The Lie That's Not A Legend Except To Himself

Donald Trump Admitted Bill O'Reilly See's A Psychiatrist Regularly And That Bill O'Reilly Should Make Another Appointment Soon To Sort Out His On Air Irrelevancy.

Written By James Allan | 7-25-2015

Can you believe Bill O'Reilly is getting paid 20 million dollars a year for being a "Half Empty Half Full" glass of blather? Sometimes I listen to Bill O'Reilly and see him move from one of his personalities that seems to be slightly sane to his other personality that's on it's own private space ride. Who in their right mind would dole out that kind of cash to a pompous ass that claims to be a man that is simple but relishes the thought of himself as he looks down at everyone who comes before him and stands before his penis?

Who is Bill O'Reilly? Just ask him and he won't have any problem boring you with his story of how he was just like you once but smarter. Then he taught classes in school as a teacher and everyone walked out of his classroom with a shiny halo 3 inches above their heads after they were indoctrinated into Bill O'Reilly then struggled to advance as they tried to use Bill O'Reilly's teachings to further themselves. But if what Bill O'Reilly preaches is really true about himself then why is the United States in such bad shape? It couldn't be because Bill O'Reilly is misleading or just lead by his mouth. Well, OK, the line about Bill O'Reilly being lead by his mouth certainly has some reality to it. I am under the impression that Bill O'Reilly is misleading with a greater part of the information he relays to others but since nobody wants to tell him he can't be befuddled at a piece of information not presented to him as his mind is putting together his thoughts that must be correct.

So you ask how can people so intelligent at Fox News hire and pay someone that is being lead by his mouth and spewing his own self evaluated misguided thoughts to millions of viewers? Sure, 20 million a year to someone who's first urge is to put his hand in his pants. There's got to be an explanation or so you would think so. People rely on factual facts that lead them to the truth so they can base their decisions on reality and prosper but when they tune into the O'Reilly Factor and Bill O'Reilly is always trying to convince viewers his views are correct after Bill O'Reilly gets through watching MSNBC something is amiss in the points he delivers that are never on point.  

Bill O'Reilly's head is that dumping you look at and savoir on the outside with the inside filled with soft gooey tasteless texture that needs gravy poured over it to get some favor. With Bill O'Reilly nobody bothered to to fill his head with the tasty gravy and served him up as a tasteless lump of dough. I mean the guy can absorb what others have created but when it comes to self evaluation of reality he's as tasteless as a dumping with no gravy. His listeners are under the impression that they will be served up some dumping's with tasty gravy since he is prime time on a popular news station but in reality they are getting a tasteless lump of soft and mushy.

Bill O'Reilly is always preaching about the fact he only basis his pattern of speech on the facts. So if you tell Bill O'Reilly barack obama is practicing communism Bill O'Reilly will get strong with you and tell you, "Barack Obama Hasn't Stated He's A Communist" so it's only speculation and your wrong. Bill O'Reilly has stated again and again that Barack Obama is a good christian man while he Barack Obama is indeed practicing communism and promoting Islam in an effort to convert capitalism to global communism. Hey Bill O'Reilly, "The Fact Is You Can't See The Facts That Are All Around You" and by the time the democrats admit verbally they are communists the United States will be in control of the communists. Now That's A Fact!

Bill O'Reilly will also say, "Am I Wrong" when his mouth gets out to far ahead of his ego and to many people start calling him out. Many people have told Bill O'Reilly that he's wrong and he always replies, "That's Not Fact" then down the road when what he was warned about comes true he will say, "Am I Wrong". I guess the "Am I Wrong" line has worked for him as he spews his democrat leanings onto the conservative audience that only has a single half conservative news station on T.V. to watch. OK Bill O'Reilly, it's not a fact that you are real and if others have to tell you that you are wrong as you constantly ask millions of viewers to do regularly means it's a fact that you don't know you lack intelligence. 

So Bill O'Reilly, you have a problem with me and the millions of non libertarian "Tea Party" conservatives I flock with? How bout now! You shut down Laura Ingrahams RNC convention speech, belittle other Fox News anchors and contributors that guest your show as you try to constantly elevate yourself above them, tried to make Miss Depuy and other competent reporters look dumb as if your the master intelligence on live T.V., ridicule the "Tea Party" and promote democrat communism because the democrats won't tell you openly they are communists along with other things I didn't keep track of. Other Fox News anchors and reporters dig for the truth but in your case Bill O'Reilly you only dig people that dig you democrat or republican. I guess those Fox News contracts are really binding on the contributors who go on your show Bill O'Reilly and have to put up with your lack of intelligence and ego boosting rhetoric. 

I already know you have a big ass problem with the crowd I run with and the crowd I run with has always been a thorn to you because your ego can't envelop us. Now you have a bigger problem as the "Tea Party" crowd I run with turns into many long handle pitch forks jabbing you in the ass.

Guess what Bill O'Reilly, when you cut off Laura Ingraham speaking at the RNC convention I just found out hoards of people shut off "Fox News Channel" and turned on "C-Span". And after they switched their channel off "Fox News" to "C-Span" they all stayed on C-Span to watch the rest of the convention. Fox News Ratings must have tanked big time because of you. I'm sure Roger Ailes will be interested in you driving away viewers during one of the largest viewer events of the year and sending them to another T.V. station.

Bill O'Reilly at this time is somewhat but not all the way preaching "Tea Party" values as he slides towards keeping viewers to feed his ego. Two years ago Bill O'Reilly was all about barack obama but now he has to convert to the "Tea Party" due to the Tea Party promoting Donald Trump and winning. Tea Partyers don't feed into Bill O'Reilly's sense of self so of course Bill O'Reilly hates anything especially the "Tea Party" who isn't of him and only him.  

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