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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Uniting The United States And Ending The Division. The Question Is? Under Capitalism Or Communism

In communism, the government solely owns the resources including land, housing, food, businesses and manufacturing. In capitalism, the resources and means of production are owned by its countries individual citizens.

There is no "American Dream" if foreigners are let in to take it from you

Written By James Allan | 9-27-2017

This article outlines the present fight today that is going on to change the present, "Capitalist Culture" over to a "Communist Culture". Most if not all of the U.S. Citizens fighting against "Racial Injustice" don't realize they are fighting for a change to a communist culture. There are hundreds of small private group, workplace and racial cultures that constantly conflict with each other. Now it's the government capitalist culture that is being attacked by the smaller U.S. communist culture whom are using many of the smaller racial and minority social groups to reach the end goal of transformation to an all communist culture which will never solve any injustices.

These racial and social groups fighting the now capitalist culture just don't understand what they are getting themselves into under a communist government if they even know what communism is. They don't even have the thought of repairing and advancing the working capitalist culture into a government system that works better for them. They just say destroy capitalism and go straight to communism where there's no justice and everyone becomes equal in poverty. If you don't have anything now you'll never have anything under a communist culture.

All I've heard from certain lax politicians, political pundits and media personalities is how the United States population has to become united and end the division, right before they say everyone has the right to free speech and they talk about the need for more diversity in ideas, culture and thought. Now the people of the United States are fighting because there's many cultures being brought in to fast without assimilation and of different thought that need government assistance to exist in the U.S. or pushing U.S. Citizens out of jobs that belong to them first causing U.S .Citizen financial loss. 

The communist culture is exercising their freedom of speech with violence and corruption against anyone that dares to stop the madness. Yes!, It's the communist culture exercising their freedom of speech in an attempt to silence other cultures that are exercising their freedom of speech against their communist culture.  

It all looks good on paper but in realistic terms it's a disaster. It's the division of the capitalist culture and the communist culture that is splitting the thought causing the fighting. The division between the capitalist and communist cultures cannot be ended until one side wins and one side is crushed out of existence.

It's just fine to celebrate your heritage but if you live your heritage which is in the past you without a doubt cause division between U.S. Citizens. The reason why there are countries with borders in the first place is because people of the same culture and ideas living in their past heritage gather together and confine themselves within the borders for comfort. When people of different cultures come within the same space they fight and kill each other. Wars usually begin because of cultural clashes and one dominate culture wanting to expand into the borders of another culture or two different cultures going to blows because one culture is trying to top the other culture. A minority culture that indoctrinates its children outside of a government culture that works for them or a bad government culture indoctrinating its children so it can stay in power brings on poverty, strife and conflict. It never ends and never will end no matter if there are no borders.

Skin color usually doesn't play any part in fights between whites and blacks, blacks and brown, browns and whites even though in certain secs which are just very small scattered groups, skin color does fuel real racism but not against blacks alone. Many parts of the black population are racist against whites also through skin color. Most opposition between races are just cultural clashes full of misguided beliefs and a lack of proper education.

People bonded through skin color have a high percentage of racism because of their self proclaimed cultural glue of skin color and their viewing of capitalism as the, "white culture" which is way out there in the land of communism indoctrination. People of any skin color that accept capitalism as a way of government usually do alright or as well as can be through their proper education. People bonded through skin usually slide towards the failure side and are prone to accept a communist culture way of existence even though I am under the impression that most of these people wanting to completely exist off government assistance do not know what communism is and/or brings as they walk themselves towards it. They just think rich people can pay for their existence and they want a government to take the cash and give it to them.

The communist culture always talks about inequity between whites and blacks but the truth is it's the communist culture that is creating the inequity so they can rally the blacks, homosexuals and hispanics to fight with them against capitalism. If you study history it was the democrat party that created slavery and suppression of blacks when they were freed. Do the blacks really think the communist democrats have changed? 

Before whites broke free they had "Kings And Queens" in Europe that were in reality nothing but dictators and cultural communists. As as matter of fact through research communism was born through liberalism in Europe that Russia took to a whole new level. Karl Marx was a German born communist progressive that attracted the liberals with thoughts of better conditions that became the communist workers party in Russia which is worse than the Kings and Queens.  Europe adopted capitalism decades after the United States broke free of Europe and created capitalism in 1776 when the United States was born.

It's usually just culture and idealism created by bands of people living in areas with real or imaginary borders who are dominated by a corrupt element that is focused on power and pay for themselves though promoting their skin color. Individual followers of their corrupt leaders in the areas within the imaginary borders or real borders find some personal power following the area corrupt which creates pressure on all in the area to submit to the culture or be chastised.

Businesses have cultures also among the employees lead by the supervisors and/or managers. Even though there's laws covering racial discrimination you can be pushed out if you don't submit to the internal work place culture. Doesn't matter your skin color, if you don't fit in the culture your gone.

In the late 1940's, early 1950's people had to decide if they wanted the capitalistic culture or communist culture. The people in 1954 created a law banning the communist culture from entering government. Yes, known communists cannot hold public office but they still do because our present capitalist government refuses to go after it and enforce the law banning communist from holding pubic office.

In 2016 the people had to choose again if they wanted the culture of capitalism or communism. The people as they became informed chose capitalism over communism. U.S. communism did its best to try and convince people that they would be placed and fed but as the capitalist voice woke up and arose from its long sleep that let the communist culture build and thrive people started to realize someone has to pay for all the freebies of the communist culture just as the capitalistic voice was telling them.

During the 1990's when the Clinton communist culture occupied the White House people were enjoying a thriving economy due to the internet and cell phone inventions. But underneath the booming 1990's economy lurked the coming of communism as millions of immigrants were let to enter the U.S. to thin out the incomes of U.S. Citizens. The power voice of the Clinton's and the communist media put immigrants as the creators the 1990's economic boom but this was a false message to disguise the uprising of the communist culture. The economy was doomed to fail as planned so everyone would grow dependent on the government as millions upon millions of immigrants came into the U.S. using up the valuable resources of jobs and government expendable cash.

Again in 2009 after the U.S. muddled through the libertarian Bush administration who supported the influx of millions of immigrants as cheap labor Barack Obama was elected and proceeded to advance the communist culture agenda with government run healthcare and an extensive spy network against U.S. Citizens. The capitalist culture almost lost this 8 year battle with Barack Obama and the communist democrats due to the libertarian republicans that support some of the communist culture advancements and cried every time they were pushed to fight the communist culture by the non libertarian, "Tea Party Base".

The liberals always claim they want a diversified U.S. with many cultures so in speculation maybe they are calling for diversification of the U.S. population to load the U.S. up with many different cultures in their attempt to cover up the change from a capitalist culture to their communist culture. Multi Culturalism as a disguise to cover up their real goal of conversion to communims? Remember, in 2009 and 2010 the communist democrats had a chance to give citizenship to "All" illegal aliens and did not do it? Why didn't they do it? Most likely after the U.S. was changed to a communist culture they would not need the immigrants any longer and send them back home to get the U.S. economy going again so their high taxation on U.S. Citizens and business would yield them tax revenues never thought possible.  

A change to a communist culture is only wanted by those whom are trying to build their own culture as talk of making California its own country is circulating. A good part of the U.S. Citizen black population is calling for its own piece of land in the U.S. so they can build their own country. The mexican immigrants want the whole southwest U.S. made part of mexico thinking they are going to take the wealth associated with the land with them. The poor white, blacks and hispanics want the communist culture because they are under the impression it's the "Ultimate Welfare Program" and they like that.

These communist culture personalities just can't put a thought together beyond the thought of themselves and figure out, "Who's Going To Pay For Their Existence?". Their thought is government is going to pay for them but government has to take someone else's money to pay for the communist culture. This is playing out in California right now. The California government is raising taxes to pay for illegal aliens and welfare recipients and as they do this their overall revenues start to shrink to the point they are over 400 billion dollars in debt now. I guess taking from the rich and giving to themselves isn't working out so well.

The communist culture democrats really showed us as they get caught by the capitalist culture where they implanted their operatives in government where they can't be removed. All their operatives are implanted in positions where there's very few to no disciplines to remove them. The problem with the design of the capitalist culture is there's not enough disciplines put in place to keep key government personal in check like judges, congress and federal law enforcement the communist culture is using to implant their communist culture whenever they can get themselves elected. There's hoards of communist culture people in local and state government positions including fire and police depts..

Now we have a chance to restore and make vast improvements to the capitalist culture the way its suppose to work for all U.S. citizens no matter what their race or color is. The capitalist culture was designed to work for all U.S. Citizens no matter what their color or heritage is. All people on the capitalist culture side are calling for assimilation of all legal immigrants before they even get a chance to apply for citizenship. These people on the capitalist culture side including myself are correct to people standing proud of the U.S. flag and National Anthem. Assimilation into the capitalist culture has been developed since the U.S. Constitution was written and will bring all U.S. Citizen factions together that are not of the communist culture. 

There are U.S. Citizens living in ghetto areas that haven't assimilated into the capitalist culture mostly due to the communist culture indoctrination under school teachers that indoctrinate and present normal workplace competition as being, "Racist" against blacks. California is already planning 400 sq. ft. boxes to pile on top of each other to stuff people in. California is planning to ban large estates and roomy places of comfort mostly to halt urban sprawl onto unoccupied lands for the environmentalists. "True". 

Uniting the people of the United States? It's up to an informed U.S. Citizen population as to if a capitalist culture remains, gets repaired and upgraded to a government system that serves U.S. Citizens well or turns to a communist culture that dictates and takes away the right to vote through massive voter fraud where a change back is impossible without violence. Once the communist culture is created to get the freebies all opposition to the communist culture will be removed in mass and no return will be possible through the abolished voting system.

Always keep in mind when casting your vote before you can no longer vote, "The Communist Culture Always Takes And Never Gives".   

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