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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Libertarian Rino Republicans Are Organizing To Make The State Of California There Own

Libertarian Republican Rino "Never Trumpers" Take Advantage Of Donald Trumps Success To Claim A State In Ruins As There Own Using Donald Trump Voters

Travis Allen Is The Donald Trump Supporters Candidate For Governor

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Vote For The Non Libertarian Candidate Travis Allen For California Governor

The California Primary Is June 5, 2018. Don't Let John Cox Win It

Written By James Allan | 3-27-2018

These "Libertarian Republican Rinos" have another plan up their sleeves to devour the Republican party and make us a wonderlust of libertarian righteousness. Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Kasich are teaming up to take over the Republican party in California. They set themselves on a path to take control and use the California republican party to put the national republican party into "Libertarianism".

Once the libertarian third party controls the 55 electoral votes in California they can make power plays against the national republican party resulting in a complete takeover. Controlling the 55 electoral votes is what the communist democrats are doing now by information manipulation. This control is over many local elections also resulting in communist democrat control of the legislature. If they can capture Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego from the democrats will be a helluva trick that will require the non libertarian Tea Party Donald Trump voter base. The libertarian third party is just as destructive and manipulative as the communist democrat party.
Maybe this is why there are 38 republicans giving up their seats in the 2018 midterm election? They may see California as their "New Meat" to seize future control of the Republican party nationally. Of course this is just speculation as I always dive into. If this is the plot or not we must not let it happen. These libertarian rino republicans are just as bad as the communist democrats when it comes to massive immigration and altering the U.S. into their own ideology of globalization.
John Weaver the Yucca Valley libertarian Republican Assemblyman in California who put this "New Way California" reform group together said, "what happens in California is a precursor to what happens nationally" and if you live outside of California you know that statement is a load of crap. What happens in California only happens in the other 6 democrat controlled states.

Schwarzenegger, Kasich to team up in L.A. for group seeking to reform California GOP

These libertarian Republican Rinos are running around the state of California saying in other well crafted manipulating words, "it's their work and stance on issues that has improved the Republican party to the point Republicans are getting elected nationwide".
I will state here in a separate paragraph that these libertarian republican rinos nationwide had nothing to do with the rush of Republicans getting elected nationwide. The truthful reason the Republican party is in an upswing is due to the, "Non Libertarian Tea Party Grassroots Republican Party Base". What's happening is we are cleaning out the Republican party of the establishment libertarian republican rinos that are putting business in the role of government. We are making an effort to return financial stability to "All" U.S. Citizens instead of foreigners entering the U.S. legal and illegal being first. The libertarian rino republicans are running around California spreading misinformation that it's there efforts over Donald Trump and his non libertarian Tea Party supporters, "which is just an outright falsehood to U.S. Citizens".
The below link is an article I constructed describing what the "Non Libertarian Tea Party Donald Trump Supporters Are Attempting To Do At This Historical Time With The Republican Party" 
A New Republican Party Is Emerging That Rejects Its Past Failures And Embraces All Citizens
The libertarian party right now is running their candidate, "John Cox" as a republican for governor against our Donald Trump candidate, "Travis Allen". John Cox did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. John Cox voted for Gary Johnson the third party libertarian candidate. We the "Non Libertarian Tea Party" on a national level must "Not" let John Cox win the governorship in California. We must do our best to stop it. The Republican grass roots base nationally needs to stand tall for our candidate "Travis Allen" for California governor.

Schwarzenegger and Kasich agree that immigrants should stay in California and make their togetherness bid as a team up to get their first libertarian state. My guess is that Schwarzenegger and Kasich know there's lots of "Libertarian Republicans" in California to support them. There are plenty of "Non Libertarian Tea Party" in California but they won't support this team up of "Goof Balls". Travis Allen is running for governor of California and if he wins there will be "No More" Schwarzenegger and Kasich. Without the non libertarian Republican party base this effort to create the first libertarian state will fail. Their only hope to get control of the state is to move most democrat voters over to the libertarian point of view and this is the effort they are going to make.

Wherever you find communist democrats a plenty and immigrants to no end you will find hoards of libertarians running as republicans not far away. Right now the communist democrats have 6 states they politically completely control and another 6 states they heavily influence. The "Libertarian Republican Rinos" have no states and basically get their candidates elected in or near democrat controlled states. The "Libertarian Republicans" are "NOT" Republicans. The libertarian republicans are in fact the "Third Party" or often referred to as, "RINOS". Susan Collins of Maine is the only blue dog democrat elected into the Republican party. Ted Cruz is a libertarian that was elected away from a communist democrat area. There are many libertarians in the republican side of congress that were voted in away from communist democrat areas you would never suspect of being libertarian because they hide in from the public until it comes time to vote on laws in congress which gets them fired by voters as soon as the explanations they used to fool the voters run out.

The third party libertarian infiltration into the Republican party has been severe since the 1950's and they are on the verge of destroying the "Grass Roots Republican Base" through misinformation and deception. Whenever you hear the words, "Duopoly" or "Legal Status For Immigrants" you are in the presence of a Ron Paul libertarian.

In California Hollywood and San Francisco are the base camps of the communist left wing democrats. You will also hear about Silicon Valley where Facebook and Google hang out with thousands of other computer oriented, electronic and internet entities. Most people automatically move towards the notion all in Silicon Valley is communist democrat because it's close to San Francisco but this is not reality. Much of Silicon Valley is "Libertarian" and the communist democrats leave them alone because California gets billions of dollars in revenue from these libertarian electronic and internet provider entities. The libertarian mindset also side with a lot of the communist democrat social issues keeping the communist democrats in power. The communist democrats just put up with the libertarian "Small Government" stance.

If you and myself want to see California return to a more conservative state that will reject massive immigration, communism and lawlessness we must help get a "Non Libertarian Republican Elected. This non libertarian Republican's name is, "Travis Allen". Lets help Travis Allen on a national level and run the communist democrats out.

The California Primary Is 6-5-2018. Don't Let John Cox Win

Travis Allen Is The Donald Trump Supporters Candidate For Governor

Join Travis Allen

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