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Monday, November 2, 2015

The Browning Of American As Reported By "Star Jones" on CNN


Yeah I was watching Don Lemon on CNN 11-2-2015 and he was interviewing "Star Jones". I know Don Lemon for his racist comments against whites but with the boycott of "Rino" Fox News going on and no conservative news networks available I stop into CNN now and again. I'm not racist and I've buddied up many times in my life with upstanding black U.S. citizens that were the typical personality types of Allen West, Herman Cain and Ben Carson. I'm writing this article just to show the racist intent against white people by "Libertarian and Communist" leaning black U.S. citizens.

Don Lemon and Star Jones were democrat chatting about Obama releasing thousands of blacks and mexicans out of prison and them not being able to get a job readily or vote. Star Jones went on to say during the talk that whites were not ready for the, "Browning Of America" as the primary reason black felons don't get to vote and are twice as likely not to be able to get employed after getting out of prison than white men. "Retoric Flies".

The problem with 60% of black felons not being able to get employed after they do their time in prison compared to 30% for whites is the black population as a whole supports the democrats who are mucking up the U.S. with hoards of immigrants. The fact of the matter in the first place is blacks don't want to work before they get sent to prison and is the primary reason so many blacks are in prison. As for voting? White men don't even get to vote after they get out of prison.

The story I received after watching this chat between Don Lemon and Star Jones is that "Racism" is alive and well among blacks. If whites ever made a statement of any kind about "Whiting Up America" there would be hell to pay! Blacks in my opinion are much more racist than whites by far. I've had to do hard labor for businesses and I've had to do the labor much more than blacks. If blacks can't find employment it's because they keep whining about having to work so hard when they do get employed. Funny thing, "You Can't Stand Around And Take It Easy At Work". Democrats get some education then flock to desk jobs and promote each other. Ever wonder how the communist democrats became kings of the U.S. and the conservatives "HAVE NO MEDIA"? Laziness paid off. Now the blacks want some paid laziness.

Don Lemon and Star Jones with this conversation they had just proved without a doubt that the left wing educated racist blacks are intentionally promoting the "Browning Of America" with the help of the uneducated racist blacks of the Al Sharpton fame. With Star Jones of CNN making her one liner about "The Browning Of America" she just opened up Pandora's box with positive proof this is the intent of all the massive immigration.

Too bad Star Jones and Don Lemon don't understand, "It's not the massive amounts of brown skin that will bring prosperity to black people but in fact it's education and work habits that bring prosperity". 

CNN is a libertarian news organization with hardcore democrats reporting the news. "True".

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