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Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Isn't Who She Preaches She Is And She Really Supports Anti United States Policies

Whatever your impressions of Hillary Clinton are she isn't what she appears to be. Hillary Clinton is the "Real Founder" and "Chief" of the "Anti U.S. Women's Group Code Pink". These women preach peace through submission to dictators and communists. "Code Pink" wants a global government and the destruction of the United States. Foreign countries and ideology's that hate the United States "Code Pink" encourages to be dominate over the United States. "True"

You may be under the impression Hillary Clinton and the democrats are for "Peace And Love" but the reality is Hillary Clinton and the democrats are for the "Take Down" of the United States and turning the United States over to a global government consisting of governments that will enslave the population of the United States into communism. 

The "Code Pink" global communists will make you believe all problems in the world are the fault of the United States but the reality is all the problems in the world are the fault of communist, dictator and liberal governments. All through history before the United States was it's own nation wars happened started by dictators. Communism has always come through communist minded dictators falsely preaching, "Workers Party" and "Workers Rights" as is happening right now in the United States. Then when the communists get the support and into power they always take away "All" worker rights and force workers to work for just enough money so they can't rise up again. 

Hillary Clinton is a "Communist" and the true founder of the anti U.S. group "Code Pink".   

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