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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Democrat Millionaires Will Not Contribute Their Money To End Poverty In The U.S.

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If Jay Z and Beyonce gave 1 million dollars to each black person in the U.S. would they also be willing to donate 1 million dollars to each white person in the U.S. too as they want all white people to give up their wealth to support all black people who refuse to educate themselves into a free market system that's not the racist black power movement?

Written By James Allan | 6-16-2018

Jay Z and Beyonce are worth well over 1 billion dollars, Bill Gates is worth almost a trillion dollars, Dianne Feinstein and her husband are worth well over a billion dollars, Opah is worth over a billion even through she pissed a lot of money off on a failed T.V. Network that the white women who made her rich and famous didn't like and follow her to.

Libertarian republican rinos have lots of cash in Silicon Valley, Calif. and the electronics industry so they can be included in this "U.S. Citizens Get 1 Million Dollar Fund" since they along with the communist democrats are partially responsible for bringing 40 million immigrants into the U.S. legal and illegal which in fact is the major single contributing factor that created the condition of widespread poverty in the U.S.. Letting jobs move out of the U.S. is the second contributing factor which both political entities mentioned above are responsible for also.

The combined wealth of all the wealthy in the U.S. that support Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the democrat party as a whole would most likely reach into the area of a few trillion dollars. Hell, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN with their low ratings can easily pitch in to the, "Pot Of Everyone In The U.S. Gets 1 Million Dollars". Talk about the 1% ters the democrat base get vicious about and then protect?

There are 300 million U.S. Citizens. Well, if Jay Z and Beyonce set up a bank controlled fund that gave "1 Million" dollars to each U.S. Citizen from a combined pooling of democrat money they would end poverty in the U.S. and still have 2/3rds of their wealth left to live lavishly in high society. If all the democrats of wealth pitched in a percentage of their cash to support what their brain washed voter base is complaining about, poverty would be ended for 10 lifetimes.

Sure, these wealthy democrats Jay Z and Beyonce whom are pushing communism in the U.S. can donate some of their earnings to a U.S. Citizen money pool big time to back up their mouths and just give everyone, "1 Million Dollars Each" out of the pool of collected funds including to white people because, "We Just Can't Be Racist". The handful of wealthy democrats with most of the money in the U.S. would never feel the pinch of giving up a part of their earnings to back up the mouth they produce about poverty in the U.S. if they all pitched in.

Then after U.S. Citizens are flush with cash from the wealthy democrats who support their voter base but do the opposite of their voter base can start giving some away to all the illegal aliens they say came to the border poor and deserve some U.S. Citizen wealth.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!
It's like the communist democrats are holding out on us when they could use their money to help us out!

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