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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Donald Trump's Mega Tariffs And The Goal To Get To Free Trade That Will Benefit United States Citizens

Donald Trump And His Team Along With Our Mouthpieces Will Make Tariffs Work

Written By James Allan | 3-12-2018

Here we go with the libertarian republican bellering about how these proposed tariffs are going to start a trade war and kill off U.S. jobs. "WE DON'T HAVE ANY JOBS!" or very few left because of what these libertarian republicans let happen to feed their pockets. These libertarian republicans that are bellering the loudest most likely have heavy foreign overseas emerging market investments and put those investments over the health and well being of the U.S.. I'd really like to have a peek at their stock portfolio's and see the paper wealth they have accumulated in foreign emerging market ventures.

I put heavy blame on the libertarian republicans even more so than the communist democrats because they are playing both sides of the coin when it comes to political parties and their personal wealth enhancement. If these libertarian republicans (Rinos) were fighting the democrats right along with the "Peoples Republicans" there would be no communist democrats and a conservative amount of immigration. Sure, the libertarian rino republican George W. Bush tried tariffs when his presidency began but he did it in a way as to not, "Hurt His Cronies Who Were Heavily Invested In Foreign Emerging Foreign Markets" and it failed miserably hurting U.S Citizens. These libertarian republican rinos thought they had the U.S. economy locked up in their favor so they found new profits in massive immigration. The libertarian republican rinos and communist democrats got to the point where they were under the impression no person or group of people could ever get rid of them. "Wrong!"

Donald Trump's tariff plan is only to force foreign countries into the "Free Trade" everyone is saying they support in the media. What the hell, are they not supporting it behind closed doors? The only ones that seem to cry about it is the failed libertarian republicans. Most people are mouthing off about "Free Trade This And Free Trade That" but when it comes right down to pushing heavy for Free Trade the rejection comes in heavy piles of mouth. "Free Trade" with countries like Canada and Mexico who's main incomes are dumping into the U.S. because of their socialist (communist) tendency's? It's time for Canada and mexico along with all the other socialism minded countries to educate and unleash their citizens or drown in their own piss.

I could care less if foreign countries cry the tears of swollen head clowns because if they didn't stand tall for socialist ways they wouldn't need to tariff and block U.S. goods from entering their countries for the purpose of enhancing their ability to support huge waves of European immigrants and exploding populations like china and india have. People in china, india, mexico and South America have tons of children as their old age social security. The children are taught to have tons of babies in hopes one or two will grow up to provide incomes for their elderly and now they are sending their children to the U.S. to get their retirement incomes here. In many other countries protectionism is the goal to keep immigrants out so the citizens can earn enough for their old age security needs.

I support Donald Trump and the tariffs he's imposing on foreign countries because it's good for the U.S. in the long run. The U.S. is so bad now and on the edge of communism there's not much further down we can go. There may be a rough road to travel in the beginning but the road will be paved smooth for U.S. citizens once its been traveled on and the pot holes filled. Those foreign countries imposing tariffs on U.S. products will hurt the most if they do not submit to "Free Trade" and their tears can only provide more liquid for all the plants and muslims they let into Europe. Donald Trump and our now Republican Party leadership with our mouthpieces will make sure the road gets smoothed out for us. I'm sure Donald Trump developed a plan for these tariffs many moons ago.

Head on with your tariff plans "Mister President". My road is rough right now with little to no income but I know once you and our U.S. Citizen "Peoples Republican" team are done mine and everyone else's incomes will be greatly increase with lower everyday expenditures. Let the libertarian republican rinos cry about their foreign venture emerging market investments drying up because it's better than our U.S. Citizen incomes and bank accounts drying up. 
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