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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wants To Take Away U.S. Citizens Right To Work And Force Unionization Of All Employment


States With Unions As A Demand Of Employment Have Strong Communist Democrat And Libertarian Party Roots. Libertarians Are In Fact More Democrat Than Republican

Hillary Clinton Angry At Unions Asking Why Haven't They Got Off Their Asses For Her. In The Video Hillary Clinton's Message Was Meant To Get Labor Unions Out Working For Her But The Unintentional Message Is She Wants "ALL" U.S. Citizens Under The Rule Of Labor Unions That Will Be Controlled By Government.

Written By James Allan | 9-24-2016

First of all, I'm not against "Unions As A Right Of Choice" of employment. I'm fully against the so called, "Union Houses" that are "Join Unions As A Demand Of Employment" under law. For those that are unaware of what a Union House is, "a union house is where the majority of employees vote into a business an Employee's Union and new employees and/or present employees that do not want to be in the union are forced to join the union and pay union dues or lose their jobs". An employee losing their job for not joining a union is just wrong.

Employee Unions as a choice is alright. Employee Unions you are forced to join as a demand of employment is "Bad". Government has huge sway over businesses but government has no right to force "Anybody" to join a union or lose their employment and opportunities for gaining employment if they don't join the union. If there's a mixture of employees that want and don't want to join an employee union then those employees that want to join a union should be able to do so and those who do not want to join the employee union should be able to stay employed in the business without any negative actions against them for not joining the unions. In the United States freedom comes with the "Right To Work" at any business that is willing to hire the U.S. citizen to preform the work needed to be done.

Every U.S. Citizen has a "Right To Work" at any business that needs employees to preform the labor and will hire them for an agreed upon wage. An Employee Union and Laws enacted by the government to force the payment of the so called, "Union Dues" to stay employed is government forcing U.S. citizens to "Spend" to stay employed and just outright wrong. Government creating laws that force businesses to let others outside a businesses management staff chose if a person can be hired or not hired to preform work is an attack on U.S. citizens constitutional rights.

Government may be able to tell a business that is not a person to do as they want but government cannot tell a U.S. citizen they will be denied the "Right To Work" if they don't join or pay dues. The employee vote to unionize a business under law that will reject a persons, "Right To Work" if they don't join the union and pay the dues (Spend) goes squarely against an individuals right of choice by the government. Other employees telling you under law that, "you have to" pay for employee union services isn't a vote of choice but instead a discrimination vote against U.S. Citizens that don't need nor want employee union services. The vote by employees of a business under federal law that forces others to pay for services or face penalties is "Unconstitutional" and raw discrimination.

If there's an employee union available at a business that your hired by management to do work for and you choose to pay for and take part in the said employee union of you own free will that's fine. But government does not have any right to discriminate against anyone through laws that don't want to pay for and use the services of an employee union and deny U.S. Citizens employment because they are not willing to take part in the employee union.

Government has the right to "Tax" only and not the right to force people to join anything, anytime or anywhere and pay (spend) for services that are not of a persons choice. Government forcing a person to pay for auto insurance is controversial but if you are the cause of injury to someone or damage someone else's property with your vehicle you are indeed responsible for reparation to the person affected by your mishap. The government forcing you to purchase health insurance is completely against your constitutional rights because it's forcing you to spend money to purchase something that you do not choose to purchase that does not pay someone you harmed.

This article is suppose to be about Hillary Clinton forcing people into labor unions and this is exactly what it is about. In the video above Hillary Clinton clearly is against U.S. Citizens, "Right To Work" and wants to push laws that make businesses union houses that demand membership and dues to work. Hillary Clinton isn't about an individuals "Right To Work" but instead all about taking away your "Right To Work" at any business that wants to and will hire you to perform work for them. Hillary Clinton is about installing laws that discriminate against you and make you pay for employee union services you do not want or need. Joining a labor union should be a personal choice of employment and not a demand of government.

Once Hillary Clinton and the communist democrat party force all U.S. citizens into labor unions they will create laws and regulations that dictate pay and who will work for what business and at what jobs. It's easier for a communist government to keep control over the population and a persons wealth if all wealth is forced to a limited number of businesses (Corporations) for collection by the government and all U.S. Citizens are organized in groups (Employee Unions) under the control of government. Barack Obama throughout his two terms as president of the United States has been making every attempt to and seizing as much property as he can which is without a doubt the move towards communism.

Labor Unions in the beginning were just an unconstitutional tool to force wages up and cash flow down to the general population that increased spending in the economy. But now the corrupt communist democrats are attempting to seize the opportunity using the unconstitutional labor union laws to, "Remove Capitalism" and be more, "Progressive" towards communism and complete government domination of the United States. Hillary Clinton's and the democrat mindset is, "If We Can't Create A Global Government By Changing Russia And China Over To An Imperial World Empire Then We Will Globalize By Turning The United States To Communism And Merging All Countries Under Communist Rule".                

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