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Friday, April 26, 2019

The Energy In The Democrat Party Is With Young Hardcore Communists So All Have To Follow

Article: The Electric Energy In The Democrat Party Is With Young Hardcore Communists So All Have To Follow

The Democrat Party Recently Changed Their Name To, "Democratic". There's Nothing "Democratic" About The Democrat Party And Them Adding The "ic" To Democrat Is Just To Move The Minds Of U.S. Citizens Away From Their Installation Of Oppressive Communism

  Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

Republican Party Base: Communist Comrade Atkins Admits, "We Have Infiltrated The Democratic Party"

Written By James Allan | 4-25-2019

The "communist beatniks" of the 1950's and the "communist commune hippie's" of the 1960's finally have pushed out all the so called "Blue Dog" democrats and have captured the democrat party. All these druggie "communist commune hippie's" have always been the energy in the democrat party since the 1960's and when you have political energy you follow it for votes. Communes of the 1960's were a magical hippie experience but in reality communes are just small places of communism.

Many democrats did not follow the "communist commune hippie's" energy for votes and started forming up in the "libertarian party". These refugee democrats were commonly known as "Neo Cons" and are now know as "Rinos". The "libertarians" could never win any elections under their own party banner so they started to run in elections as "Republicans" and now the Republican party is full of "Blue Dog" democrats whom are refereed to now as "Rinos".

It's still happening in the democrat party. All the energy is with the "communist democrats" and all the democrat candidates have to flow over to and follow the communism that's entrenched in the party. I heard "Ocasio Cortez" and "Nancy Pelosi" fighting over who's the most communist. They call themselves "Progressive" so don't be fooled by this label because all communist revolutions were started under the label, "Progressive". Hey "Nancy Pelosi", you are a communist but if it's a battle over who's the most communist "Ocasio Cortez" has you beat.

"Bernie Sanders" is the catalyst that brought the communist movement to the surface even though myself and the non libertarian "Tea Party" knew back in 2006. "Hillary" has the "communist crybabies and snowflakes" and "Bernie Sanders" has all the "communist bully's". The energy split in the "communist democrat party" is the crybabies want a president like obama who's intimidated and weak kneed and the "bernie communist bullies" who want to kick ass. I bet if Bernie gets elected many small countries will get consumed by Bernie Sanders SHOCK TROOPERS. You know them communists, "They Will Control Any Country Around The World With Their Communism". 

"Ocasio Cortez" even stated that "Obama" is a weak kneed communist. She doesn't want to go back to "Obama's" limp between the legs communism. "Ocasio Cortez" likes her communism upright and stiff. The energy that's being produced for communism in the democrat party is the main driver of who gets the leadership positions.

Now that communism has enveloped the democrat party and is fully known now to the public we will see if the democrat party can hold itself together or implode. The energy the communists put forth will be hard to leave behind if it can be left behind at all. I feel democrat politicians will always find a way to embrace the communist energy until the democrats can't get elected anymore because of it. Many democrats are already leaving their beloved party and settling in as "independents" and even "Republicans".

There's no such thing as a "moderate or conservative" democrat anymore at least in any elected position. You may hear this nonsense on the news but if you take a good look at the democrat politicians all you see is "Resistance" and them supporting and voting on communist ideology in some form or another. Many of these communist politicians have their own thoughts on how to lay out communism but in the end it's ALL communism and they ALL vote for it. I guess it doesn't make good news to refer to all democrat politicians as being the communists they really are. Some of these Republican politicians and news anchors are really delusional living back in the days when they could find a few democrats to make deals with.

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