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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ted Cruz Cheats Donald Trump Out Of The Iowa Win

With the democrats flipping coins in Hillary Clintons favor and Ben Carson losing votes because everyone was lied to and told he was quitting, can anyone "Not" believe Ted Cruz is a libertarian party Plant to fool the voters? Every knows Marco Rubio is an establishment republican illegal alien supporter but not to many people believe the libertarians will install the "Sleeper" illegal alien supporter Ted Cruz.

I've been ranting about how Ron Paul's libertarians have infiltrated the republican party for years. Everyone thinks the libertarians are harmless but they are indeed as rotten as the democrats since they are "Half Democrat, Half Republican" monsters. If you think the libertarian Ted Cruz or Establishment republican Marco Rubio will get the United States running right then you've bumped your head or have been indoctrinated because of your lack of education. Nothing will change! Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will take the United States back to pre Obama with no repairs and lots of fighting between the democrats and republicans over which political entity gets to screw U.S. citizens more with illegal aliens and legal immigrants. No jobs will return and no jobs will be created.

The only reason there was an economic boom in the Ronald Reagan years is because he announced a fence was going to be built and employers scrambled to "Re-Hire" U.S. citizens. Of coarse the fence never was built and employers have no fear of the fence being built right now with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio no matter how much they preach about building it.

Half Democrat, Half Republican Libertarians

Lets put some fear into employers and get "Donald Trump" elected.

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