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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Abortion Isn't A Right Women Have Since The New Child Is Someone Else's Body Created Through Sex

Article: Abortion Isn't A Right Women Have Since The New Child Is Someone Else's Body Created Through Sex @ http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/

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Newsmax: Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Ban Nearly All Abortions

From James Allan: Before you read this article I the author of it would prefer if an abortion has to be done it be done while the future life is just a "Mass Of Cells". Three points are in the beginning the future child is just a mass of cells that are multiplying. Any mass of cells that are multiplying no matter a future life or any other biological substance is living but not a life. The other points are when does a mass of cells become a person and when is that person living on its own.

No way no how can an abortion happen after the baby's heart starts beating. So when is the mass of cells a person? When the arms and legs are detected? When the head forms and a brain is detected? If an abortion has to be done I would prefer it be done during the period when the future life is just a mass of cells which would require a woman to stay on top of her condition after she has sex.

Sex produces babies and every woman knows this so why is their a need to have an abortion weeks or months after the sexual act occurred? Could it be just stupid little teenage or twenties girls that thought the relationship was real but wasn't or just the need to party with pleasure? In any case if a woman has sex she needs to be given pregnancy test kits for early on detection so the future life doesn't get past a mass of cells if it's really a necessity to abort the child. Adoption is alive a well in the United States so if you play you can carry to term and let someone else raise the child.

Written By James Allan | 5-16-2019

The democrat women ALL want to defend their "Right To Control Their Own Bodies" which is their point of argument when they talk about abortion. The problem with their argument is the body growing inside the woman's body is, "Not Their Body". The body growing inside them may be their child but the child is not their body.

What these democrat women and Republicans are missing and have missed for decades is that when a woman gets "Pregnant" the "Right To Control Their Own Bodies" goes away when it comes to a woman's pregnancy.  "The Right To Control Someone Else's Body" comes into play after a woman's pregnancy is confirmed.

The laws of child abuse come into play after pregnancy is confirmed and women need to understand that they are no longer just deciding issues about their own bodies but in fact they are making decisions about, "Someone Else's Body".

Most babies aborted are the product of extracurricular  sport sex mainly initiated by the male but agreed to by the woman's feelings or social wanting's. Which ever reason a baby is conceived the woman is just as much as fault as the male. An abortion is the making of the couple that created the baby equally even if the man runs away from the pregnancy. 

IN reality if a woman wants to control their own body they need to tell the men they sleep with, NO. A woman that says NO stays in control of her own body because she will not get pregnant. If she feels so strongly about a male then "oral sex" is the way a woman can stay in control of her own body. If a woman isn't strong enough to convince her male partner "oral sex" is the only way their relationship can grow then she may get pregnant and "Lose Control Of Her Own Body" because she has someone else's body within her.

A woman is in control of her own body but she does not have the right to absolute control of someone else's body that resides within her body. The many laws of society that governs children comes into play when a pregnancy is confirmed. When a woman gets pregnant she is responsible for someone else's body that grows within her and the body that grows within her is "NOT" her body. The body that grows within her is subject to the protections that society gave the new body she carries as an individual through laws set forth by the congress of the people.

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