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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Fake Conservative Libertarian Republican Rino Media Pufflers Say Donald Trump Is Not Conservative

Nobody Tells Conservative U.S. Citizens What Conservatism Is And Libertarian Republican Rinos Whom Claim To Be Conservative Are Not Conservatives

You Just Cannot Claim To Be A Conservative If You Support Open Borders And Amnesty. Libertarian Republican Rinos Were Asked Nicely By Many "Real Republicans" To Reverse Their Support Of Open Borders, Amnesty Plus Globalization And They Flat Out Refused The Request Of The Political Party They Made Themselves Part Of. Now It's Time To Force These Libertarian Rino Republicans Out With Furious Rejections Of Them Every Time They Are Encountered. 

Tea Party Main Street | 1-23-2016

The libertarians were brought into the republican party by William F. Buckley because the libertarians are for small government as the republican conservatives are. Now the libertarians are telling the republican conservatives what they have to think and how they have to act to be conservative under a libertarian ideology viewpoint.

The libertarians have half the conservative values as seen by the true republican conservative base so half and half were enough to encourage libertarians to vote against their other democrat half. William F. Buckley always tried to integrate libertarians into the conservative world and his son who now runs the National Review just gave way to the libertarian viewpoint over the real non libertarian conservatives and let them run the National Review to the point the National Review is a "Rag" show now that pushes and forces libertarianism onto anyone whos worth is being brain washed.

Now the bunch of rag head libertarians at the National Review whom trashed Donald Trump's 2016 presidential run are trying to tell everyone exactly what conservatism is. At the National Review it's kiss ass for a promotion and more pay or your excommunicated. Rich Lowry and Katherine Timpf kiss the most ass. If the true conservative public tries to speak out about what real conservatism is the National Review rag heads tell them they are "Not" true conservatives unless they conform to what libertarians paste as conservatism.

True conservatism comes from the ranks of all true conservative U.S. citizens and not a "Rag Head Libertarian" newspaper that preaches it's own phony conservatism line to control true conservative U.S. citizens into accepting unwanted libertarian ideology.

Conservatism as practiced by true conservative U.S. citizens is all, "U.S. Citizens First" over illegal aliens, a U.S. government that doesn't wildly spend taxpayer money and bankrupts the United States, a government that keeps all the B.S. out of the U.S. civilian population, a government that lets U.S. citizens drive up wages through a huge demand for workers and make money for themselves as long as everything is legal. There's more I could put on this list of what true conservatives believe conservatism is but this article is long enough.

The libertarian run National Review plus their media Pufflers would reject the 5 true conservative principles of all true conservative U.S. citizens I just typed because they are half democrat, half republican rag heads that are always trying to brainwash people into an ideology that's a proven failure.

The U.S. wouldn't be in the place it is now under Barack Obama if the libertarian rag heads and media Pufflers had stood up to fight against "Illegal Immigration" and "Bogus Social Issues" years ago. But of coarse since the libertarians are "Half Democrat" they cannot fight their past failed ideology as was shown to be true when the libertarians John Boehner and Paul Ryan gave Barack Obama and the democrats the massive 1 year spending bills that tacked on trillions of dollars to the U.S. debt. As long as the libertarians have any say in congress they will produce massive spending bills as was just handed to Donald Trump that he is going through and taking out the "Overspending".

These Puffler media libertarians banding together and telling Donald Trump he isn't conservative is B.S.. We the conservative public as a whole say what conservatism is and not a bunch of half democrat, half republican libertarian pufflers that took a good conservative newspaper and turned it into a platform to infiltrate and crush conservatives.

Yeah, us conservatives let this happen to ourselves but now that the sleeping giant of real conservatism has awakened all the conservatives can start to produce our lost voice in the media and society by getting behind Donald Trump type leaders beginning with Donald Trump himself and building off his efforts. We can break the jelly the libertarian pufflers crawl under to hid themselves and get rid of them. We can squash all the lies about conservatives and put the real blame for the problems the U.S. is having on the backs of who really is causing the problems in U.S. society that keeps U.S. citizens bankrupted and poverty rising.

I myself won't let these media Pufflers at "Fox News" and other rag newspapers like the National Review whom are libertarians that banded together to brainwash U.S. citizens into their power trip tell me what conservatism is.

Us U.S. citizen conservatives want, "Donald Trump" and we want Donald Trump to "ATTACK" Washington D.C., Dumb Fck Politicians, Holier Than Thou Fake Media and help us install a new republican congress that serves U.S. Citizen needs. Yeah, get it through your thick skulls that everything you libertarian pufflers are whining about being destroyed is exactly what needs to be gotten rid of.

A new Republican Party is emerging with the "Team Up" of the "Non Libertarian Tea Party Base" which Donald Trump himself can actually claim to be a founder of and himself, "Donald Trump". The "Libertarian Republican Rinos" have absolutely nothing to do with the victories achieved and the transformation of the Republican Party into an entity that serves U.S. Citizens as well as we can expect our government to serve us.


The GOP Establishment Libertarian Republican Rino Media Pufflers:

"Brent Bozell, Judith Miller,  Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Glen Beck, Katherine Timpf, Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, George Will, Brent Baier, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio, Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Dana (Swamp Rat) Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Katie Pavlich, Rich Lowry, Tomi Lahren, A.B. Stoddard, Karl Rove, Jedediah Bila, Cindy McCain, Sheppard Smith, Judge Napalitano, Steve Hayes, Kennedy, Tyrus and many many more and so many at Fox News it takes time to keep up with them, etc.......". Anyone that works at the "National Review", "Red State", "Townhall.com", "The Weekly Standard" and, "The Blaze". The people that run the "Social Media Websites", "Tea Party Patriots", "Freedom Works", "Tea Party Community". Mark Levin's "CCTV" is nothing but media pufflers pushing libertarian republican rino ideology which includes open borders and amnesty.

If anyone doesn't understand why I say these "Tea Party" groups are libertarian it's the fact that the libertarians tried to take control of the "Tea Party Movement" when it first came to be and these "Tea Party" groups are an example of their takeover attempt. They maintained the narrative that the "Tea Party Movement" was Ron Paul's libertarians for a few years through these website groups until I found out the "Tea Party Movement" was "Ross Perot's" non libertarian mid 1990's "Reform Party".

"GET THIS", Donald Trump was an active leader in Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party and therefore is an "Actual Founder Of The Now Tea Party" since the "Tea Party" grew out of Ross Perot's Reform Party.

The True History And Growth Of The "Tea Party"

These Never Trump "Libertarian Republican Rino" media pufflers outnumber pro Donald Trump media newscasters on Fox News. The balance is most of the prime time newscasters are Trump supporters. I'm not under the impression "Sean Hannity" is a "libertarian republican rino" because he did support Donald Trump but Sean loves the fck out of the "Swamp Rat Libertarian Republican Rino" Mark Levin whom is Glen Becks libertarian penis.

Levin: "I am not voting for Donald Trump; "Count Me As A Never Trump'
Quote From Breitbart Article, April 8, 2016
MARK LEVIN: I’ve backed Cruz, and I’m going to continue to back Cruz, but here’s what I’m going to do. As a result of what the Trump supporters have attempted here, particularly Roger Stone, I am not voting for Donald Trump. Period. … And if anybody has a problem with that, Donald Trump, you can talk to Roger Stone. These bully, dirty tricks, Nixonian tactics, they’re only going to backfire. They’re only going to backfire. So, count me as never Trump.

Read Full Article Here
Sean Hannity always calls the "Never Trump Rino" Mark Levin the, "Great One" but what the hell has Mark Levin done that is great? In order to be "Great" you have to at least do something in the way of action or ideas that affect others in a positive way besides "RUN YOUR MOUTH" or promote someone else's ideas because your well known. Being well known and making millions doesn't make you great. Everyone in Hollywood thinks they are great so if you think your great by just running your mouth then Hollywood is the place you should be.
WTF is Sean Hannity doing supporting and promoting the "NEVER TRUMP RINO" Mark Levin?  Mark Levin just sits around all day and mouths off about his interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and if that makes him "Great", "WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING BUSTING OUR ASSES TRYING TO BEAT THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS"? when we can all just sit around on our duffs and recite the U.S. Constitution to beat the communist democrats and "Be Great".

Hannity is looking like one of those so called, "Independents" that go which ever way the wind blows so he will always look good. "Is Sean Hannity That Conceited And Vain About Himself"? Hey Sean, "Do You Think This Song Is About You? No it isn't! This song is about "Libertarians" and your just included as a participant. Do you really carry a secret pocket mirror so you hair is never a mess? Maybe you are a secret "libertarian" that just supported Donald Trump to keep your show ratings up because of your vanity and conceited self being?

Mark Levin is an open borders, amnesty, globalist Glen Beck elitist libertarian:  You Just Cannot Claim To Be A Conservative And Support The U.S. Constitution If You Support Open Borders, Globalization And Amnesty. 

* The U.S. Constitution Requires There Be A Government Function To Legalize Immigrants But Does Not Require Any Immigrants Be Given Legalization.

* The U.S. Constitution Requires Safety And Security For All U.S. Citizens And The U.S. As A Country. If Your Allowing Immigration Checked And Unchecked Into The U.S. That's Hurting U.S. Citizens In "Any Way", Financially And Physically, Your Mouthing Off About How You Are A Constitutionalist Is A, "FRAUD" On U.S. Citizens And You Are Just Out To Push Your Political Agenda Under A "Falsehood".  

What the hell am I spending hours typing out these articles for NO reason and no pay when I can just do like "Mark Levin" and preach the libertarian ideology of the U.S. constitution and find someone to pay me for doing fck'in nothing but running my mouth about our Constitution! Maybe Hannity will call me "Great" too and somebody will give me a raise from nothing to something as I type U.S. Constitution stuff. I'm not a great conversationalist so I wouldn't do well on T.V. but they could give me some cash for typing my mind about how the creators of the U.S. Constitution had an idea of freedom they put to pen and paper.

We the, "Non Libertarian Tea Party" are doing the work while these "Media Pufflers" get the credit and paid for being the talking head of the libertarian penis. I've heard many Donald Trump supporters ask libertarian republican rinos to reverse their stance on "Open Borders And Amnesty" so we could pull the Republican party together and they just won't do it no matter what. These libertarian republican rinos secretly stand tall with the communist democrats on flooding the U.S. with immigrants.

The NEVER TRUMP rinos supported Hillary. The F.B.I. criminals James Comey and Robert Mueller are "NEVER TRUMP" libertarians in a witch hunt with the democrats to get rid of Donald Trump. Why should any of these "NEVER TRUMP" libertarian republican rinos be able to make any advancements after they turned against us? Now they are trying to claim political victories we the , "Non Libertarian Republican Tea Party Base" earned.

These libertarian republican rinos are just as bad as the communist democrats so why not just toss them in and fight them too. It's just that easy! since they claim they are republican conservatives and don't vote for Donald Trump or non libertarian candidates anyway. We surely won't hurt ourselves at all attacking libertarian republicans that have never supported us in the first place and "Never Will".    

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