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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Fake Conservative Libertarian Media Pufflers Say Donald Trump Is Not Conservative

Nobody Tells Conservative U.S. Citizens What Conservatism Is

Tea Party Main Street | 1-23-2016

The libertarians that were brought into the republican party by William F. Buckley because the libertarians are for small government as the republican conservatives are. Now the libertarians are telling the republican conservatives what they have to think and how they have to act to be conservative.

The libertarians have some conservative values as put forth by the true republican conservative base so William F. Buckley always tried to integrate them into the conservative world and his son who now runs the National Review just gave way to the libertarians and let them fantasy own the National Review to the point the National Review is a "Rag" show that pushes and forces libertarianism onto anyone that is worth of being brain washed.

Now the bunch of rag head libertarians at the National Review are trying to tell everyone exactly what conservatism is. At the National Review it's kiss ass for a promotion and more pay and if the true conservative public tries to speak out about what real conservatism is the National Review rag heads tell them they are "Not" true conservatives unless they conform to what libertarians paste as conservatism.

True conservatism comes from the ranks of all true conservative U.S. citizens and not a "Rag Head Libertarian" newspaper that preaches it's own phony conservatism line to control true conservative U.S. citizens into accepting unwanted libertarian ideology.

Conservatism as practiced by true conservative U.S. citizens is all, "U.S. Citizens First" over illegal aliens, a U.S. government that doesn't wildly spend taxpayer money that bankrupts the United States, a government that keeps all the B.S. out of the U.S. civilian population and a government that lets U.S. citizens drive up wages through a huge demand for workers and make money for themselves as long as everything is legal. There's more I could put on this list of what true conservatives believe conservatism is but I'm getting tired of typing.

The libertarian run National Review and their media Pufflers would reject the 4 true conservative principles of all true conservative U.S. citizens I just typed because they are half democrat half republican rag heads that are always trying to brainwash people into an ideology that's a failure. The U.S. wouldn't be in the place it is now under Barack Obama if the libertarian rag heads and media Pufflers had stood up to fight. But of coarse since the libertarians are "Half Democrat" they cannot fight what they want as was shown to be true when the libertarians John Boehner and Paul Ryan gave Barack Obama and the democrats the massive 1 year spending bills that tacked on trillions of dollars to the U.S. debt.

These Puffler media libertarians banding together and telling Donald Trump he isn't conservative is B.S.. We the conservative public as a whole say what conservatism is and not a bunch of half democrat half republican libertarian pufflers that took a good conservative newspaper and turned it into a platform to infiltrate and crush conservatives.

Yeah, us conservatives let this happen to ourselves but now that the sleeping giant of conservatism has awakened in all the conservatives we can start to produce our lost voice in the media and society by getting behind Donald Trump type leaders beginning with Donald Trump himself. We can break the jelly the pufflers crawl under and get rid of them. We can squash all the lies about conservatives and put the real blame for the problems the U.S. is having on the backs of who really is causing the problems in U.S. society that keeps U.S. citizens bankrupted and poverty rising.

I myself won't let these media Pufflers at "Fox News" and other rag newspapers like the National Review whom are libertarians that banded together to brainwash U.S. citizens into their power trip tell me what conservatism is.

Us U.S. citizen conservatives want, "Donald Trump" and we want Donald Trump to "ATTACK" Washington D.C., Dumb Fck Politicians, Holier Than Thou Media and help us install a new republican and democrat congress. Yeah, get it through your thick skulls that everything you libertarian pufflers are whining about being destroyed is exactly what the true conservative monster wants.

The GOP Establishment Libertarian Media Pufflers:  

"Brent Bozell, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Glen Beck, Katherine Timpf, Charles Krauthammer, Michelle Malkin, George Will, Brent Baier, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, Ted Cruz. Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, Paul Ryan, Katie Pavlich, Rich Lowry, Tomi Lahren, Tucker Carlson, Judge Napalitano, Steve Hayes, Kennedy (Volleyball Chick) and many many more etc.......". Anyone that works at the "National Review", "Townhall.com" and, "The Blaze".

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