"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Monday, October 5, 2015

Libertarian Republican Rinos Put The Cart Before The Horse And Play Social Engineering Politics

Libertarian Republican Rinos Put The Cart Before The Horse And Play Social Engineering Politics

Written By James Allan | 10-5-2015

The half man or half beast reality as in half democrat or half republican? What can be seen as truth and what isn't reality of the establishment republican libertarians? Do they deserve a place in the republican party since they want a small government with a democrat social outlook? Surely the communist democrat progressives are not wanting to give them a place in the democratic party they were once apart of. These half breeds of political ideology were once called the "Blue Dog Democrats" that could be counted on to cross party lines when it was for the half they wanted. The now libertarian party who once were the past of another are now the present problem in the republican party with their half and half nature and can't go forward without being attached to one of their ideological half's.

The libertarians you would believe aren't that big of a deal because establishment republicans need to be sided with and lay claim to the unwanted that is only half of what the republican party is meant to be for votes. The communist democratic progressives reject the other half of the libertarians split ideology to become a force of trample on the piece of paper that's old and no longer relevant to their new world order. The libertarian split ideology can't be apart of their seats in congress to lose to the opposition republican party that's to be trampled along with the old piece of paper the "Tea Party" wants to protect. 

When the magnifying glass is applied to the congressional house the secrets of manipulation and deceit become apparent. When you look closely at the makeup of the House Of Representatives you will see at least 70 libertarians of the old democratic party that vote both conservative and social have infected the republican party in a quest to dominate the two party system. Libertarians have no belief in two parties so they call us "Sheeple" of the "duopoly" and try to infiltrate where they can if an effort to bring about the "One Party" rule that combines republican conservatism with social democratic anti constitutional corruption. You ask why are the libertarians still in the republican party if they vote social? They are still there because if they show their hand to much to the republican voting base their hand will be cut off and discarded. A low profile is what the beast is using as you feel no pain from the teeth with sharpened ends.

Since the libertarians don't show their flag very often in political campaigns due to their lack of popularity and being on the whacko side of the Ron Paul fame who's the ghost of himself in 1776 when stealing a horse insulted a mans pride, having a cow and goat was a sign of wealth and women were just the pets of society they only run candidates when the moon is full and in their populated territory. To get elected in the numbers they need to be to exploit the vote in congress to the liking of their small numbers they have to infiltrate and run as the republicans they are not.

The libertarians infiltrate the GOP as concerned mouth pieces for the public just to get elected and become a force in congress on their way to the majority vote so their well crafted group thought of letting corporations run the U.S. and people walking across open borders as they please can be realized. Now you may think it's the democrats doing the open border dance and that's very true but the libertarians of the republican party want to do this dance with the democrats because they are half and half.

Who puts the "Cart Before The Horse"? On the issue of the economy being repaired the libertarian whacko's would have you believe that it's regulations and slave control over business that is the problem and reason with the massive influx of immigrants not so likely as being the major cause of U.S. citizens becoming pennyless and not spending enough to keep businesses in business. The real tragedy is the libertarians that are consuming the republican party have put themselves into positions that have installed this backward thought into the many minds of voters through its group of loyalist self attaching and self declared members. The libertarians in congress don't want to reverse the massive influx of immigrants into the U.S. so they downplay this true reason of the economic collapse and put government involvement in regulating business as the #1 key ingredient for the U.S. economic despair. Putting the "Cart Before The Horse" is exactly what the libertarians want and gets U.S. citizens into the libertarian ideology of business running the government and no borders. Government regulations do hurt business but its the massive influx of immigrants that is killing the U.S. so hence, "Business regulations is the cart being put before the immigrant horse".

The establishment republican libertarians, "Put The Wagon In Front Of The Horse". They will say that it's government regulations that's the root cause of the problems in the U.S. and then massive immigration is second. The only problem is if you get rid of the immigrants millions upon millions of jobs would open up fast and pay would increase due to employer demand for employees. This would dump trillions of dollars into the pockets of  U.S. citizens so they could create their own jobs. The libertarian journalists that keep pushing this crap though thousands of media outlets are the real problem.

Remember, "It's U.S. Citizens That Create Jobs, Not Business Or Government". All Businesses were created by U.S. citizens with money they got from working at jobs for other U.S. citizens or themselves. If U.S. citizens can't get the jobs because of massive immigration they will be stressed to find the money to create a business that will grow to employ more U.S. citizens that will save their money to do the same.

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