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Saturday, October 3, 2015

A U.N. Police Force Operating In The United States? Are U.S. Citizens Extreme Or Just The U.S. Government?

A U.N. Police Force To Crack Down On U.S. Citizens That Resist The Democratic Progressive Communist Push For A One World Global Communist Government?

This is "Holy Crap" being fed to us by the communist democrats! Yeah right! The liberals, blacks and other anti police activists voted commibama into the presidency on a partial platform of "Anti Police" and what do they get, "More Police" of coarse.

Of coarse we all know that this new global police force that's going to be installed in the United States is not going to
target the blacks that burn down their towns or any of the other extremists that posture themselves as pro communist or pro democratic party no matter how extreme they are. This new global police force being installed in the United States will specifically target the, "Tea Party" and their guns. Yes, Obama and his communist democratic cronies are getting ready to use force on us law abiding citizens to destroy the U.S. constitution and install a communist regime as the clock ticks down for the removal of barack Obama. As usual when all else fails they are posturing themselves to use their "Last Resort" before complete failure takes hold and ends their attempted takeover of the United States through non violent means.

Now if you look at this U.N. and democratic communist rule of the United States closely you'd take the look as our U.S. government being extreme in itself and worthy of some kind of physical force to end their rule. But no, the communist democrats are painting a picture of law abiding U.S. citizens that are fighting the communist extremism in the U.S. government as being the extremists.

I've written other articles stating my opinion about "Jade Helm 15" being the planning of routes for a massive flood of immigrants into the U.S. and this still stands. This global U.N. police force is just part of that plan to protect the millions upon millions of immigrants that are going to be flooding over our borders soon and into U.S. cities. This U.N. police force most likely is just to protect the millions of illegal aliens as they push U.S. citizens into poverty.

Barack Obama and the progressive communist democrats and their cohorts from Russia and China are planning a massive move to global communism that's on the verge of being lost when the 2016 U.S. presidential election happens. Everyone thinks Obama is at odds with china and Russia but the reality is playing out of his making U.S. citizens believe that he is at odds with Russia an china are all part of the master plan to steer U.S. citizen thought away from the master plan of global communism. Forget about the "North American Union" that's long gone and only in the minds of our traitor rino republicans. The progressive communist democrats stepped up the rinos plan of a North American Union to, "GLOBAL COMMUNISM".

Bill Clinton going on national media and pulling on some heart strings telling everyone about ending global poverty by 2030 and how he's pulling corporations together to donate a percentage of their profits to fight hunger and poverty is just a prelude to his community plans of, "Global Communism".

Barack Obama and the communist democrats have to take over the complete U.S. economy and one way of doing this through law is to get themselves ahold of the "War Powers Act" and the only way to do that is to "Start A War" and commibama is without a doubt positioning himself to be at odds with his buddy "Vladimir Putin". Their stage for this engineered war is the middle east and eastern Europe. Once a huge war breaks out Obama can activate the "War Powers Act" and take full control over immigration and the complete U.S. economy without needing any approval from congress.

I'm hoping U.S. citizens that read this will take note of what I'm writing and at least give it some thought as being a scenario that can actually play out as reality and true on point speculation. All the cards are lining up for this speculation to become reality and if it's not "Stopped" before it becomes reality we will all live to "Regret" not stopping it.

"UT OH", Obama is getting mad at Putin as some news stories have indicated and the rino warhawks are running their mouths about attacking anything that moves! Now, who's smarter? Obama using the rino warhawks to start a war with Putin and taking over the U.S. economy completely with his executive orders under the "War Powers Act" to install communism or the rino warhawks lead by "Bill O'Reilly" not seeing the bigger picture and giving commibama all the authority from the "War Powers Act" congress signed into law during the 1950's?

These articles about the U.N. police force operating in the U.S. are popping up all over the internet and if the one like posted on Breitbart states this reality I would tend to say something bigger that this is being put into play and this U.N. police force is just a piece of the puzzle.

Breitbart Article: U.N. Police Force To Combat U.S. Extremism.

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