"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lets Get The Immigration Debate Started, "Our Spearhead Will Be Bill Clinton's Own Words" of mass deportations in 1995


It's Time To Make Bill Clinton's Words The Focal Point Of The Immigration Debate

A Great Way To Get The Immigration Debate Going Is To Saturate The Internet With This Video. This Video Is Also On You Tube So Lets All Take Part And Put It In The Worlds Face.

Bill Clinton made this state of the union anti immigration speech because of the uprising of 1990's Ross Perot Reform Party which is now the non libertarian "Tea Party". Bill Clinton's second term was up and coming with Ross Perot's massive "Reform Party Movement" dogging ol Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had to make this anti immigrant speech or most likely he would not have been re-elected.   

This video shows that the democrat party knew about the destruction that would happen to the U.S. economy and was already happening in 1995 if immigration wasn't reduced. It also proves that the democrat party knew further enhanced intentional immigration would destroy the U.S. economy to no end.

With this video we now have the proof that the intentional flooding of the U.S. with illegal aliens and legal immigrants was indeed intentional even though for the purpose of destroying the U.S. economy to the point of pushing U.S. Citizens into government dependency and a "Communist State". 

Written By James Allan | 6-5-2017

The illegal alien debate is on the horizon and it's going to be nasty especially when the "libertarian rino republicans" support amnesty and open borders and will try to block any legislation to remove them. There's already laws on the books to remove illegal aliens but getting the cash out of congress to let the laws work is another story. Getting further laws enacted that stiffens and updates the removal is a tall cliff to climb also.

Of course we all know Bill Clinton never held true to his "Well Spoken Words" in this video. Bill Clinton's true plan was to keep the borders open and the illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. while U.S. Citizens were under the belief that he was getting rid of them. Same 'ol democrat strategy we are getting hit with today, "Tell The Public What They Want To Hear And Do The Opposite And If They Start To Catch On Tell Them More Lies And By The Time They Finally Find Out It's All Lies It Will Be To Late".

What caused the 2008 housing market collapse? I'll tell you if you are unaware. "Bill Clinton and Barney Franks Let Millions Of Illegal Aliens Get Home Loans Backed By HUD". 

This speech on immigration given by Bill Clinton to congress at his State Of The Union address has to become our, "Theme Song" and the spearhead of our push to get the illegal aliens removed and legal immigration cut back so U.S. citizens can get their jobs and personal wealth back. This video needs to be put into the faces of every democrat and conservatives that haven't seen it. This video needs to be our marching song and our battle sword we put forth each and every time we engage the open borders "Libertarian Republicans" and "Communist (Muslim Loving) Democrats".

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