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Friday, January 26, 2018

The Increase In Daca Children Legalization Announced By Donald Trump To Get An Immigration Deal And Protect U.S. Citizens

U.S. Citizens And Our U.S. Children Get Protected First Over Immigrants

Written By James Allan | 1-26-2018

This new addition to the number of daca children being allowed legalization by Donald Trump in his negotiation with the democrats to get some immigration laws passed in our favor is just to avoid the gamble of the 2018 midterm election. The 2018 midterm election is a gamble because we cannot see any outcome that gets the republican party 60 seats in the senate and keeping the house to fully repair and transform the immigration system into a function that benefits U.S. Citizens over foreigners coming into the U.S. only for monetary gain.

The republican party has been so mismanaged over the decades by "Libertarian Republicans" whom were pushing their third party agenda , most of the U.S. population doesn't see yet there is a transformation ongoing within the republican party to accommodate the working poor and poor of all races in a capitalistic open market society.

Of course my view is with "No Amnesty" for illegal aliens. I also side with sending permanent green card holders packing too. To many green card holders with permanent residence status in the immigration function needs to be ended also. If you get a green card you are only here temporarily up to 3 years and when it expires, "You Go Home" with no renewal process from within the U.S.. The immigrant has to go back to their home country to "Renew". These permanent residence green card holders are allowed to live and work in the U.S. for 10 years and can renew their status from within the U.S.. They start families, harbor and assist more illegal immigrants. They are never made to go back to their home countries. Permanent green card status is just another defacto amnesty with no purpose except pandering to businesses.

If any foreigner wants to become a U.S. citizen they can come into the U.S. on a "Temporary Worker Visa" for 3 years, go back home and reapply for reentry under a, "Merit Based New U.S. Citizen Application". A foreigners intention to become a U.S. Citizen must be given inside their home country after they have spent at least 3 years in the U.S. on a temporary workers visa. Then they have to go through the years of process.

As for the registered daca children technically they still do not have "Legal Status" because congress never gave them legal status. Barack Obama did not have the authority to hand out legal status which means registered daca children are just not getting the law enforced against them as a political issue and is what the democrats do with every law they disagree with.

The 800,000 registered daca children can be stomached by most of the republican party if they are scrutinized one by one about the way they act, who they are and what personality type they morphed into. Registered daca children that fly another countries flag which is common with them since they grew up with their illegal parents and learned how to cheat the system and navigate around U.S. laws can be deported leaving slots open for non registered daca children that assimilated into U.S. society. Not all of the registered daca children should be allowed to stay. Those daca children that were brought into the U.S. after the age of 12 and are well rooted into their home countries culture should be sent back to their home countries opening up slots for non registered daca children well rooted in U.S. culture to be added.

As for the new unregistered daca children Donald Trump added into the legalization plan to get the 60 votes in the senate to pass and avoid the gamble of the 2018 midterm election, heavy restrictions would have to be applied and only given passage into the daca program when slots open up within the already registered daca children being given passage. Non registered daca children given slots as the registered daca children thin out will be limited to those non registered daca children that were brought into the U.S. under the age of 12.

Not all daca children registered and unregistered can be allowed to be given, "Blanket Amnesty". The republican party base can stomach some if they are heavily scrutinized for gang activity, criminal activity, education, ties and loyalty to their home countries, assimilation into U.S. society, racism, etc...........

A case can be made that sending all these "Educated" daca children back registered and unregistered to their home countries would be a plus to their home countries since they would rebel against the current socialized governments and spark worldwide social movements to rid their governments of the upper class wealthy that are keeping them suppressed for power and wealth gain. Same problem that is happening in the U.S. with the communist democrats and libertarian republicans trying to suppress us for power and wealth gain that we are not putting up with. Foreign governments would have hell to pay if all these educated daca children were sent back in mass to their home countries.   
No way no how will any daca children be given legalization without new laws restricting "Chain Migration", removing the "Immigration Lottery" and restricting "Legal Immigration". I would like to see "Permanent Green Card Residency" be removed also.

I myself do not think immigration will be solved until after the 2018 midterm. The communist democrats if they stand together as they usually do will end their unconstitutional illegal daca program in March 2018 by not agreeing to any of the republican wants to transform immigration into the favor of U.S. Citizens economic well being.

The communist democrats are rallying their base to turn out in the 2018 midterm to keep the borders open and millions of immigrants coming into the U.S. through falsehoods. The communist democrats mainly rely on the falsehood they feed women about empowering them when in reality they are empowering immigrants over women. The falsehood of racism against blacks will fill the media also.

The republicans will legalize the daca children. The democrats have been pushing for legalization for daca children and they have it. Daca children have "Legalization" without a doubt if protections for U.S. Citizen financial well being through decreased immigration are agreed to by the communist democrats. If rollbacks in immigration are not agreed to that will promote increased employee pay and job opportunities for U.S. Citizens then the daca children will be treated as the "Illegal Aliens" they are even under Barack Obama's illegal executive order.

If there are not going to be any protections for U.S. Citizens and our children's financial well being then there will be no protections for any immigrants legal, illegal and their children.   

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