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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Suppressed Consumer Spending In The Dark Years Of Barack Obama

ARTICLE @  http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/ Suppressed Consumer Spending In The Dark Years Of Barack Obama

Putting Loads Cash Into The Pockets Of U.S. Citizens Is The Only Way To Create A Healthy Vibrant Economy. Putting Economic Free Zones And Job Training Into Economically Stressed Areas Of Crime And Poverty Where Businesses Always Have Hardships With Bad Employees and Crime And Don't Want To Be Is The Only Way To Heal.

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Fox News: Trump’s reversal of failed Obama policies has created a booming economy

Written By James Allan | 5-10-2019

In the basic living needs area of the U.S. economy consumer spending has returned to some extent but the fright after the democrats gained back control of the "House Of Representatives" in the 2018 midterm election really put the fear of poverty back into U.S. Citizens especially in those who lost part or everything they had during the "Dark Years Of Barack Obama's" 8 year term in the "White House".

During "Barack Obama's" first campaign for president he promised "Jobs" and prosperity that were never realized and during "Barack Obama's" second campaign he promised "Jobs" and prosperity that were never realized. Now that the democrats have won back the "House Of Representatives" this fear that the democrat party will return to a position of authority and reverse all the gains the "Tea Party" and "Donald Trump" have made towards returning U.S. Citizens to their personal financial health with "jobs" that will lead to their prosperity.

Consumer spending is up on basic needs which brings back a much needed low unemployment rate with some pay advances but an economy of "unrestricted" spending with no fear of anybody being starved for cash if they spend on frivolous and extracurricular items hasn't been achieved. U.S. Citizens at this time are regaining some of what they lost during the "Dark Years Of Obama" and packing some cash away if the U.S. government is again controlled by the "democrat party".

A definite closing of the border and removal of ALL illegal aliens will without a doubt increase consumer spending beyond a persons basic needs and bring consumer prices down. I say illegal alien removal will bring consumer prices down because it will increase competition between businesses which has always been proven to be a truth.

A fearful public is what "Barack Obama" had and even though the public trusted him to bring financial well being back to them with just a little more time he was finally seen as a farse well into his second term after he produced failure after failure. To this day the "Farse" that was put on by the democrat party in "Barack Obama's" two terms scared U.S. Citizens into a fear of spending to this day.

Billions of U.S. Citizen dollars were lost because "Bill Clinton" gave "Home Loans" to illegal aliens that collapsed the economy in 2008 and billions more were lost during the dark years of "Barack Obama" because what "Donald Trump" is doing now wasn't done by "Barack Obama". Some people wonder why the economy is booming and not all are gaining from it. It takes time to regain the financial losses that were lost during "The Dark Years Of Barack Obama" and until U.S Citizens start spending freely without fear of losing all their money again many people won't see any real gains from a booming economy.

How long it takes U.S. Citizens to pay off their credit cards that were maxed out during the "Dark Years Of Obama" depends only on how much pay they can find competing with the massive amounts of "illegal aliens" still pouring over the border. The democrat party states every now and again that half of all U.S. Citizens don't have $500 to pay out in case of an emergency and have maxed out credit cards still from the "Dark" democrat party engineered economy of the "Obama" years is a big hindrance to consumer spending. There's no doubt as to why consumer spending isn't back to the 2004 thru 2007 boom level.

The "Barack Obama" years will always be remembered as DARK. As more and more people come to understanding that "Bill Clinton" was the cause of the economic collapse in 2008 his presidency will be seen as the MISFIT BUNGLER in which he was naturally. The complete democrat party has to run for elected offices now under the "communist banner" that they truly are. No longer can the "communist democrats" cover up their agenda of destroying capitalism and creating global communism.

As long as the Republican Party keeps a short leash on the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" and take away their voices that only produce shame and support for communism for us, we should do well. "Healthcare" and a viable "Social Safety Net" are at the forefront of what our idiot Republican politicians won't deal with. "Donald Trump" is starting to take hold of healthcare and making the Republican politicians deal with it. Even healthcare and a viable social safety net when the systems are complete will surely build a healthy "Consumer Spending" economic environment. 

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