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Friday, September 8, 2017

Tucker Carlson Interviews Mill Valley California Mayor Who Implies All Illegal Aliens In Prison Belong To The U.S.A.

What Percentage Of California's Prison Population Is "Illegal Aliens"?

Written By James Allan | 9-8-2017

"Tucker asked this woman mayor  9-7-2017 "Why Doesn't California Deport Illegal Aliens That Are in And Went To Prison To Relieve California Prison Overcrowding" and basically all she said is, "We Don't Deport Any Illegal Alien" and we prefer to "Rehabilitate Them" so they can become good U.S. Citizens. Tucker asked her several times the same question as he always does when interviewing one of these communist democrats and always her reply was to avoid answering it and reverting to talking points that favor keeping illegal aliens no matter if they were criminal or law abiding. Yes, California is releasing convicts back onto U.S. streets after released from prison and they flee to other states under different names. 

Tucker asked her what percentage of California's state prison population were illegal aliens and immigrants? She refused to answer that question also reverting back to her talking points favoring all illegal aliens criminal and law abiding staying in the U.S. never to deported like the U.S. owns any immigrant that walks onto U.S. soil.
I'm asking all the readers of this article to share it and get the percentage number of "U.S. Citizens to Illegal Aliens in California Prisons"  to Tucker Carlson so he can broadcast it to us.  
This California mayor is from Mill Valley a wealthy area just north of San Francisco and she appeared to not even have any empathy for U.S. Citizens who are not progressive democrat communists. Control the world attitude is this mayors only solution as is all San Francisco politician mindsets are.

Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security has expanded their illegal alien detainer rules from a "Single Detainer" to a "Blanket Detainer" for any illegal alien convicted of a crime and sent to jail or prison but I am seeing that the states do not have to comply legally with any detainer single or blanket.

Article: ICE Updates Its Detainer Rules  

I've watched Trucker interview many of these communist democrats and they are so anti U.S. Citizen it just can't be seen as reality that they are but as reality sets in the truth that they are real moves the normal U.S. Citizen from Science Fiction to the monster is sitting on my doorstep.

Most U.S. Citizens sit back and wonder why the U.S. government never serves it's citizens well and the underlying causes are finally being emerged in the sunlight where all can see the truth. These anti U.S. politicians sneak in with the false promises of what people want to gain their trust and votes then govern under a communist ideology of world domination taken piece by piece as Venezuela just fell after all their citizens guns were taken away in 2012.

All in all if you don't see this reality all you do is have to look at who the democrats fight the hardest for. The communist democrats fight as hard as they can for, "Illegal Aliens" and to keep the borders open for more foreigners to walk over it as they please. Do the democrats ever fight this hard for U.S. Citizens? The answer is "Never". The communist democrats talk "Jobs" and more "Jobs" but that's all it is, "TALK" to get elected. During Barack Obama's presidency nothing was ever done for U.S. citizens. All the democrats did during Barack Obama's presidency concerned foreigners and doing what they could do to convert the U.S. economy into a "Government Pays All" system.

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