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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Dogs Using Aspirin. The Correct Information So You Will Not Harm Your Pet

Dogs Using Aspirin. The Correct Information So You Will Not Harm Your Pet
My dog limps but doesn't seem to be experiencing any pain. He is always jumping down from high places and his limping is a regular occurrence. I gave him some dog aspirin from the pet store and he perks right up and starts running and jumping with no limp again. I read up on dog limping and "Inflammation" is a common aliment in dogs. I can't see any signs of inflammation but that doesn't mean it's not there. Sure, I will take my dog to the vet if it's necessary for him to go.
I just wanted to share the information I found with others in their search to solve the same issue I faced with my dog because when my dog strains his legs from jumping off high places it works just fine. 

Always Use Uncoated "Buffered Aspirin" In The Correct Dosage For A Short Term Only

The Republican Mouth Pieces That Avoid Talking About Illegal Alien Removal

New Article Coming Soon @ http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/   The Republican Mouth Pieces That Avoid Talking About Immigrant Removal Because They Support Amnesty

If Republican Media Personalities Do Not Talk About Illegal Alien Removal Then They Themselves Need To Be Removed For Injustices Against U.S. Citizens

"Libertarian Republican Rinos" say there's more unfilled jobs so lets import crap loads of immigrant labor to fill them which always fails and grows massive poverty and wage suppression. The "Tea Party" and "Donald Trump" say REMOVE the immigrants which grows wages naturally through EMPLOYER DEMAND FOR EMPLOYEE'S and also lets U.S. Citizens quit the jobs they are unhappy in and find new jobs immediately without delay which always "WORKS" and is working NOW as long as many jobs go unfilled. 
If we are going to "Repair" then lets "Repair" and not just shuffle politicians around until we get lucky enough to find one politician that gets lucky themselves. Growth only through expansion of business to supply jobs is bad. Growth through an increase in U.S. Citizen financial well being is "GREAT" and creates more businesses that hire and pay more U.S. Citizens.
Written By James Allan | 10-14-2018

We learn by past mistakes and the mistake of this generation almost destroyed the Republican Party to an end that would have taken decades to reverse without civil unrest on the Republican side to rid the United States of the communism that was acquired.

The welcoming of the "Libertarians" into the Republican Party to gain votes over the democrat party during the 1960's was the destruction of Lincoln's party in the making. If you ever heard the term "Neo Con" it is referring to "Democrats That Have Turned To Conservatism" and these so called "Neo Con's" are in fact the now "Libertarian Party".

The "Libertarians" were born out of Europe and have been in the United States since the late 1800's. In the 1960's when the communist starting taking over the democrat party the so called "Neo Con's" migrated to the very small "Libertarian Party" and took it over through infiltration. The now "Libertarian Party that was consumed by the "Neo Cons" has been making an attempt to infiltrate and take over the Republican Party ever since they were invited in by William F. Buckley in the 1960's.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Blank Paper Election Ballots Filled Out By Teams Of Democrats In Foreign Countries To Create Election Fraud

  Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

PJ Media More Votes 'Found' in Georgia and Florida

I might not be correct on every point in this one but this type of voter fraud is happening and it's the "Holy Grail" of election fraud we have been looking for. "This Is The End Of The Search". Illegal aliens voting is a big deal but this is "Pandora's Box Opened".

Written By James Allan | 11-17-2018

Really more strange than the normal strange you would normally encounter in all the states the democrats hold and the many states the democrats had a chance to win with the many thousands of uncounted ballots mysteriously showing up after the end of the elections? When the democrats announced there would be a "Blue Wave" in this election cycle I'm coming to believe they really knew this before hand.

I looked through many published articles and found in state after state, lost election ballots were being found long after the deadline for the ballots to be valid. In every controversial election the democrats were in fear of losing, these lost ballots would appear and would be automatically included in the election counts without question. In the Ohio election for the 12th congressional district it seems 588 votes which were mostly for Republicans were found that were not suppose to be found which says the democrats are taking and injecting ballots as needed.   

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

United States Voter Ballots Sent Overseas To Be Filled Out Then Shipped Back Into The United States To Be Counted

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  Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

  P.J. Media: Brenda Snipes: Boxes Found in Rental Car at Ft. Lauderdale Airport Contained Blank Ballots

Written By James Allan | 11-15-2018

Really? The democrats have been making up ballots months ahead of the elections and filling in the little circles. You may have the thought of how do they get 80,000 ballots marked and ready to be put into play by the end of the election and I myself wonder about this also. With all the events happening in the world right now my first thought is that the blank ballots were sent out of the United States to lets say, "Honduras" and a team in this foreign country filled them out and sent them back to the United States. With all the Hollywood and Business Billionaire cash paying for this to be done it isn't out of the question.

Below is a link to the original story of the ballots found in a rental car at the airport. This is positive proof of criminal activity that should trigger an all out F.B.I. investigation into election fraud throughout all 50 states and our U.S. territories. These blank U.S. voter ballots were suppose to be flown to a foreign country, filled out then flown back to be used in U.S. elections.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Will Maxine Waters Allow Nancy Pelosi To Be Placed Back As "Speaker Of The House"?

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 Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

  The Washington Examiner: Trump dubs Maxine Waters the 'new leader' of the Democratic Party: 'She's taking over'

Written By James Allan | 11-14-2018

Who did more to take back the "House Of Representatives" for the democrat party and communist ideology? I'd have to put the product in the lap of Maxine Waters since Nancy Pelosi was mostly laid back with her speech garbled at times. Who swayed the most democrat voters with the most bogus information gets to be the head of the plantation in the democrat party and as for getting out there and doing that well was Maxine Waters. Even Donald Trump himself stated several times, "Maxine Waters Is The New Leader Of The Democrat Party".

Maxine Waters without a doubt with her hatred of white people and serves the  "Black Power Racist" movement well really put herself out in the heat with a vocal output that really hit home with people. Maxine Waters really brought these personalities into a moment of her chosen reality long enough to fill in a circle on ballot by a democrat name. Hell, the only thing Maxine had to get her followers to remember is to fill in the circle next to the letter, "D".

I'm not a democrat but I would have to agree with Donald Trumps assessment that Maxine Waters played her cards right in this very important 2018 election cycle and is the new leader. Now Maxine's own brand is stamped into the fabric of the democrat party as the new leader whom brought home the bacon in the way of votes. Whom will Maxine Waters pick as the "Speaker Of The House" if Maxine herself will not serve in that position?

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No Change In Arizona Politics Since John McCain And Jeff Flake Governed As Democrats

McSally Concedes to Sinema Following Recount in Arizona

 Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

  Lifezette: McSally Concedes to Sinema Following Recount in Arizona

Written By James Allan | 11-15-2018

John Kyle replaced John McCain and his democrat style of government. John Kyle is a Donald Trump style politician which actually puts a real Republican representative in Arizona besides the governor. With the loss of Martha McSally's bid for Jeff Flake's democrat senate seat the governance of Arizona is still up one with Jon Kyle sitting in the other senate seat. Jeff Flake was the same democrat meat as John McCain so realistically Arizona was always represented by the democrat mindset in the United States senate.

Arizona has 9 congressional house districts with 4 of the seats held by the democrats. The critical government seat in Arizona right now belongs to the Republican governor who has no say in federal votes but can pull the state over to the Republican column.

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Donald Trump And The Use Of The Death Star

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Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

The Babylon Bee: Trump Approves Use Of Death Star On Migrant Caravan

The "Babylon Bee" appears to be a partial satire web site based in the middle

Written By James Allan | 11-15-2018

Here's one of many comical portrayals to come about Space Force. Sure, we hope we can get to the Star Wars technology in our lifetimes but putting it in a position where Donald Trump vaporizes immigrants is really the sad state of mind of the author. In reality Donald Trump would not vaporize the immigrants but instead use the "Death Star" to vaporize, "United States Communist". Lets get real and not enter into misleading thought.

No one has any real need for these illegal poverty stricken immigrants except to use them to drive down labor costs so businesses can make their small group of executives richer. These poor immigrants flocking across the U.S. border can be best helped in their own countries by Donald Trump using the "Death Star" to vaporize the immigrants suppressive governments. "End Of The U.S. Immigration Problem".

Poverty stricken immigrants coming to the U.S. illegally just for economic gain puts a strain on U.S. Workers and this is just plain wrong. Legal immigrants entering the U.S. for economic gain on work permits to work the farms is the right way as long as they do not stay and have babies. Immigrants must go home before their work visas expire.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Look At The 2018 Republican Midterm Loss Of The House, A Reason Or Reasons

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This Is My Own Personal Look At Why The Republican Party Lost The House

Written By James Allan | 11-11-2018

Was the Republican loss of the House Of Representatives in 2018 the cause of not passing healthcare in 2017 or the "Good Riddance" of many "Libertarian Republican Rinos" whom should be removed from the Republican Party without question. Most popular opinion is this loss of the "House" is a normal swing in governance when one political party has the presidency. We will look at a few other reasons in this article since the economy is being brought back to better the finances of U.S. Citizens.

There is of course a lot of democrat voter fraud that is crafted to look like there's no voter fraud. The democrats also have government set up not to respond to voter fraud that is going on but crafted not to be seen by law enforcement whom will never look at what is not suppose to be seen.

Such heavy losses as the Republican Party suffered in the "House" can't all be attributed to voter fraud even though voter fraud helped. The Senate races had voter fraud also as seen in Florida but Republicans still gained. Florida's voter fraud is so massive with over 80,000 votes being brought in after the stated lawful time period it's hard to ignore how bad the democrats were looking to take over the state to install anti Republican means, methods and ways.

* Libertarian Removal. Ron Paul libertarians have been around for decades. The libertarians have been active since the ideology came to the United States in the 1870's. Nobody really knows who or what they are but I suspect they do now since almost all the articles I've written highlights them in a negative posture.