Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3 Muslim ISIS Fighers Killed By Pigs. Pigs Win Major Battle In War On Terror

Image: Report: Wild Boars Kill 3 ISIS Militants in Iraq

Brave Pigs Take Out 3 Muslims And Seriously Wound Many Others In Epic Battle

Written By James Allan | 4-26-2017

The Battle Of Kirkuk Boars 
The True Story Of Bacon Attacking As Stated By Witnesses Of The Battle As Reported By Fox News

In our moments of fighting muslim terrorism brave pigs (wild boars) hear Donald Trumps message of hope to free their homeland of the ISIS menace and join the fight. A heard of wild boars put on their battle faces and converge on an ISIS battle position set up to ambush their allies whom respect their pig race. Just goes to show racism against pigs is live and well.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

California Is Wining Again About Federal Welfare The State Depends On To Operate Being Cut Off

Sanctuary City (AKA Sandwich City) = Millionaires Surrounded By Cheap Labor

Written By James Allan | 4-25-2017

Well, the California communists are at it again! The problem with this one is that the money is, "Allocated" to the executive branch by congress to be dispersed by the U.S. Justice Dept.. The Justice Dept. can give it or take it away for any reason.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

AKA Lying Ted Cruz (Swamp Toad) Still Lying As He Lied About Donald Trump In Primary


You Tube Video Clip Here: Ted Cruz Lies On Live Television

Apr. 3, 2017 Video Clip - Texas Lawmaker Speaks Out On Hannity

Ly'in Ted Still Ly'in After He Lost The Primary

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American Healthcare Act - The Freedom Caucus Made Up Power Trip Drama Is Easily Solved

Written By James Allan | 4-5-2017

"Swamp Toad" talks. First of all, "We Did Not Elect Ted Cruz". We elected Donald Trump. Ted Cruz in this interview croaks about lowering healthcare costs the "Freedom Caucus" way but he doesn't say that it entails tossing everyone on obamacare to the streets. He croaks about how Donald Trump signed two bills he authored and that he is on the phone with Donald Trump constantly running the government over Donald Trump with the Freedom Caucus. There has been talk about Donald Trump not letting the press view his signing of certain legislation and I bet it was the Ted Cruz bills. Swamp Toad talks about how the Freedom Caucus way will lower health care costs that the current form of legislation Donald Trump supports won't.

Friday, March 31, 2017

American Healthcare Act - The Freedom Caucus Made Up Power Trip Drama Is Easily Solved

This Problem Is Easily Solved Without Dumping Millions Of Voters In The Streets To Suffer

Written By James Allan | 4-1-2017
No April Fools Here

OK, Here's the skinny on the "American Healthcare Act". I talked to several libertarians and they are willing to make people suffer for no good reason when solutions are easy to come by. The 2 elements the Freedom Caucus are crying and creating drama about are: 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

List Of The Republican Libertarian Rinos "Freedom Caucus" Members That Saved Obamacare


The Libertarian Republican Democrat "Freedom Caucus Swamp Toads" Saved Obamacare

Written By James Allan | 3-29-2017

As explained many of times the new healthcare bill, "American Healthcare Act" was a good bill in every way. In simple terms this new bill does leave a few parts of obamacare in place because there's "Millions" of people who gained health care coverage under obamacare and you cannot just kick them off of it. 
These people who gained healthcare coverage under obamacare will keep getting their care under obamacare until they can be transferred off of it to "Medicaid". This process will take a number of years to complete. These people who gained coverage under obamacare are, "Disabled", "Have Expensive Medical Conditions" and "Other Serious Medical Problems". 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Republican Rino's Are Proven To Be Libertarian Democrats That Infiltrated The GOP

The Republican Rino's Are Proven To Be Libertarian Democrats That Infiltrated The GOP. Read Full Article Here:

Yes, Glen Beck Put Cheetos On His Face To Replicate Donald Trump's Rosacea

The House Of Representatives "Freedom Caucus" are Libertarian Democrats. The Libertarians are operating in both political parties. If you think the they did bad on the new healthcare law wait until immigration comes up and it will. 

The "Freedom Caucus" will hold out for "AMNESTY" if they get away with killing healthcare. All libertarians are for "Open Borders" and "Amnesty" and these rinos in the Republican Party will hold Donald Trump hostage if they don't get "FULL AMNESTY". "True". We must pressure them hard now so these libertarians will vote down amnesty.

20 or so rino democrats in the House of Representatives "Freedom Caucus" are holding over 200 Republican House Representatives hostage? Was Paul Ryan betraying the trust of Donald Trump? If over 200 House Representatives were supporting the Healthcare plan why wasn't there more feedback from the 200? Paul Ryan could have been working against Donald Trump for the "Rino Freedom Caucus"?


Rand Paul And The "Freedom Caucus" Rino Libertarians Operating Separately From Their Libertarian Democrat Counterparts? I Don't Think So! Both Are In Lockstep.

This Is In Fact, "CNN"

Written By James Allan | 3-24-2017

For all those who are not up on politics to well the Libertarian Party is, "Not" part of the democrat "Liberal" movement. The liberals are not a political party but only the "Communist Progressive Wing" of the democrat party that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton belong to. The Libertarians used to be the "Blue Dog Democrats" in the democrat party but over the decades they were forced out of the democrat party by the Communist Progressive Liberals and now are the so called, "Third Party" that operates in the democrat and Republican Parties. They can't get themselves elected under their own libertarian banner or elected into the democrat party.  The communist progressive liberals have been able destroy the libertarian candidates in the primary elections to keep them out over the past few decades. The libertarian democrats run as Republicans and have been somewhat successful at getting themselves elected as Republicans.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The "American Healthcare Act" And An Expanded Medicaid Program Would Be Best


No low wage worker will be forced to apply for Medicaid or any insurance but will be eligible if they get hurt or sick

Written By James Allan | 3-14-2017

The "American Healthcare Act" would work for the poor and low wage workers if Medicaid were to be expanded into a program only for the U.S. Citizen poor and low wage workers. "99% Of Medicaid Benefits Go To Illegal Aliens". Medicaid should be expanded and improved for poor and low wage U.S. Citizens only. Immigrants have to get insurance through their employers or bring their own. If illegal aliens have a phony right to free healthcare at the taxpayers expense why can't poor and low wage U.S. Citizens get a low cost healthcare plan?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The "American Healthcare Act" Basics Explained To Be Understood. Republicancare Is Good So Far


The "American Healthcare Act" Is A Winner And Should Be Supported To Show, "U.S. Citizens First"

Written By James Allan | 3-11-2017

If you look at the Trumpcare legislation this way we all will win! What people don't understand is, "There Are Poor Uninsured Republicans Too". No one wants the government control of healthcare because it will just lead to outright communism and communism will lead to poverty and being under the thumb of government. You can't get a good outcome on issues if the many factions of congress are under the impression that their congressional cliques viewpoint is better and all fight over the correct direction when in fact none of their viewpoints are correct as they never are.