"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

List Of Presently Known U.S. Citizens Killed By Illegal Aliens

Could I Have Solved This All Time Mystery Though Questions I Had?
I'm Sure You Will Be Taken In And Surprised While Your Not Surprised At Who I Personally Feel Killed "Elizabeth Short"

Sunday, March 10, 2019

If Donald Trump Has To Show His Then The Whole Democrat Party Has To Show Theirs :)

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Politico: Pelosi grilled for not releasing her own tax returns

Written By James Allan | 3-9-2019

Two faced "Nanzi Pelozi" and "Chuck Schumer" along with the rest of the "Communist Democrats" "dance around the truth team" in congress have some info to give up also if we have to give up some info. What!, "Is This A Communist Rule Country" where ordinary people have to submit while the "Communist Chosen Few" can't be questioned?

Friday, March 8, 2019

The "Green New Deal", A Phony Democrat Consumer Of Your Cash Feel Good Plan

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Breitbart: Green New Deal Is a Revamped Communist Manifesto

Written By James Allan | 3-7-2019

The Communist Democrats are great at coming up with plan names that elicit a good will feeling from the voting public. About half the United States knows these plans of joy are phony but the other half wants these plans to be real so bad they take these phony "communist democrat" plans as real and climb upon their mountain of hope over and over again wanting to believe the plans are true.

In the end these feel good plans the "communist democrats" concoct never match up with the feel good name they are given. Did "Obama" create jobs as he stated? "NO". Did "Obamacare" produce low cost healthcare for everyone, "NO". Was the whole "Obama" presidency just a huge communist democrat power grab, "YES". Were most to all of the plans the democrats came up with during the Clinton and Obama presidencies pointed to communism and failures, "YES".

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Communist Democrats Are Really Protesting Closed Borders Though Phony Lawsuits And Not The National Emergency

"Article Coming Soon" The Communist Democrats Are Really Protesting Closed Borders Though Lawsuits And Not The National Emergency

A Year Long Fight Knowing What's Correct Law By An Activist Judge Who Can't Be Fired

Written By James Allan | 2-18-2019

The "Communist Democrats" cannot and are not protesting the "National Emergency" Donald Trump has declared because they cannot. The democrats know the open border lawlessness they created is the "National Emergency". The democrats want the free flow of immigrants into the United States so they can destroy the capitalist "Freedom" culture "White People" developed that works better than any other form of government.

Is the banding together of all communist countries by destroying capitalism in the U.S. and around the world the only answer to end war, conflict and poverty? "NO", it isn't. When mass migration from poor countries happens to rich countries the rich countries become poor and communist governments develop under the false guise of serving the people, after the government takes away your guns.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Democrats Preach "Economy Doesn't Work For All U.S. Citizens" While They Flood The Country With Immigrants

This old picture claims "46.2" million U.S. Citizens are living in poverty. Today's "Progressive Communist Democrats" are now claiming a full 25% of the U.S. population lives in poverty which amounts to 80 million people. One thing is clear that with all these millions of U.S. Citizens living in poverty the "U.S. Democrat" party is still flooding the U.S. with immigrants whom are poverty stricken as well.

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Forbes: America's Real Economy: It Isn't Booming

Written By James Allan | 2-2-2019

First of all the "United States Communist Democrat Party" is all about "Global Communism" run through a global government which would be the building of the  "United Nations" into this role. Bringing down the financial wealth of United States citizens is their goal so the world populations will be more financially equal. Hell, these "United States Communist Democrats" already have their wealth so no problem with killing everyone else's wealth and taking control of the U.S. Treasury.

Even the poorest of our poor in the United States know when many more people show up there's less opportunity to find that cushy spot and opportunity in the U.S. economy for gain because there's many more people competing for the same cushy economic spots and financial gains. So why do we have the United democrat party preaching as their platform tag line for the up and coming 2020 presidential election, "The Economy Doesn't Work For Everyone" while they flood the United States with massive amounts of immigrants that stop the economy from working properly and keeping many from finding their financial cushy spot?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Black Dahlia, A New Look At The 1947 Los Angeles Brutal Murder Of Elizabeth Short

  Opinion Written In Response To T.V. Show Aired On January 9th, 1988

IMDB: Hunter - Season 4, Episode 13 - January 9th, 1988 "The Black Dahlia"

Written By James Allan | 12-16-2018

My Personal Thoughts
After reading most of the accounts written about, "The Black Dahlia" I wrote my own opinion as to what occurred the night of "January 14th and the early morning of Jan. 15th 1947" when "Elizabeth Short" was murdered. 
My opinion did not come from somebody else's thoughts or writings even though some thoughts I read hinted in the direction of this speculation I have written but stopped at the first thought. Some opinions hinted in this direction but stopped at the hint and did not proceed. Remember, "You Heard It Here First" when you read new posting from here on into the future.   
My writing on the "Black Dahlia" murder is just "Educated Speculation" and NO proof was generated to back up my final opinion as to who the killer is. I was astonished that I was even able to find any pieces at all that put the picture together of a "Quacking Duck" but enough of the factual information was gathered to create a possible finished  puzzle.   
The Hunter Episode 

I was watching an old episode of the T.V. police drama series, "Hunter" and decided to write this article based on the "Black Dahlia" show theme of this one episode. There's plenty of re-run channels that these old T.V. series are shown on now and one of my very favorite back in the 1980's and still to this day is the "Hunter" show starring "Fred Dryer".

I found out many have written about the "Black Dahlia". I shouldn't say "Written" because most are "Copy/Pasted" from another web site and the author reads the Copy/Pasted article then enters his/her own opinion here and there in the article before it's posted. My article is fully written by, "Me". No Copy/Paste here! except for one quote towards the bottom of this article.

I watched this "Black Dahlia" show and all in all at the end "Hunter's" partner "Dee Dee McCall (Stephanie Kramer)" caught the "Black Dahlia" killer. The show started off with an old body being discovered and of course "Hunter" got the case. The old body lead into the "Black Dahlia" killing with some black mail and the "Black Dahlia" killer seeing "Hunter's" partner "Dee Dee McCall" as the "Black Dahlia" he had killed back in 1947. The "Black Dahlia" killer seeing "Dee Dee McCall" as the "Black Dahlia" got him psycho again and he went after her at her home. "Dee Dee McCall" came face to face with the "Black Dahlia" killer and of course she whooped his ass to no end with the killers knife pointed at her throat. She put the hurt to him and cuffed him. Show over. The "Black Dahlia" killer was caught and this old murder was put in the solved column.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dear Mister President "Donald Trump" Please Declare A National Border Emergency So It Can Start On Its Way To The Supreme Court

Donald Trump Please Declare A National Border Emergency So It Can Start Making It's Way Through The Court System So You Can Get Started Building The Wall

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Lifezette: Trump Considering National Emergency if Shutdown Talks Fail

Written By James Allan | 1-10-2019

Donald Trump, Mister President, Please Declare A National Border Emergency So It Can Start Making Its Way Through The Court System To The Supreme Court And You/We Can Get Started Building The Wall That Will Raise U.S. Citizen Wages, Keep Unwanted People Out Who Will Hurt Us, Keep The Worlds Poverty From Blooming Inside U.S. Borders And Thus, "Make America Great Again".

Some judge will declare our "National Emergency" unconstitutional or try to be the one that decides what is and what is not a national emergency. It Will Take 6 Months To 1 Year Before The Supreme Court Hears Our "National Border Emergency" Case So The Sooner You Declare A "National Border Emergency" The Faster We Will Be Able To Get The Wall Built.

Actually in all truth it's the "Democrat Party" you Mister President should declare a "National Emergency" on.

Thank You Mister President, "Donald J. Trump"!

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Letter To Mister President, "Donald J. Trump". I Don't Know All The Laws But Since We Are Already Doing This At The Border

Not Black Dahlia Related

  The Democrats Will Do Battle Against U.S. Citizens To Protect Illegal Aliens

Lifezette: 3 in 10 illegal immigrant family units cut off ankle bracelets after being released from custody

Written By James Allan | 1-3-2018

Yes Sir, "Mister President". I hope you are able to read this through all your supporters whom advertise what I have written here because they agree with the strategy I am proposing.

Yes, we are making "illegal aliens" wear "ANKLE BRACES" when the make their way over the border so why can't "ICE", the "Border Patrol" and all Federal Agents haul in to "Temporary Detention Centers" every illegal alien they come across no matter for what and put "ANKLE BRACELETS" on the illegal aliens before they are released.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Nanzi Pelosi And The Telling Tale Of Her Drooling Oaf Chuck Schumer Who Is Her Dilly

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Nanzi Pelosi's Part Line Bald Spot Was The Focused Attraction Of This Meeting

Written By James Allan | 12-12-2018

It appears at this time "Nanzi Pelosi" has squirmed her way back into the House leadership position. Most news reports say it's through her ability to raise millions upon millions of dollars for the democrat party but it can only be if she has her "Congressional District" vote locked up and it appears this is the case. As the tale of the 2018 midterm election is told when anyone states, "The Election Is Locked Up" the thought of thousands upon thousands of "Blank Election Ballots" being filled out by a few paid democrat activists and injected into the "Legal" ballots comes to mind now.

Blank Paper Election Ballots Filled Out By Teams Of Democrats In Foreign Countries To Create Election Fraud

Once a state's major elected offices and appointed positions have all democrats put into place it's very easy for them to gain possession of thousands upon thousands of "Blank Election Ballots" to be filled out by a handful of loyalists to be inserted into the "Legal Votes". Under this method of "Voter Fraud" you would not be able to tell if the vote was compromised by comparing the number of actual voters to the number of actual ballots cast because with the democrats installed and heading all the major election functions any difference between voter turnout and ballots cast could be easily evened up without detection.