"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Monday, June 18, 2018

Child Abuse Is Dragging A Child Across A Foreign Country Illegally To Enter Another Country Illegally Or Under Legal Falsehoods


The Only Child Abuse Is From The Parents Of Immigrant Children Who Should Be Denied Entry At The U.S. Border For Proven Crimes Against Their Children. The Child Abuse Immigrant Parents Produce May Not Be Illegal In Mexico But Once They Cross Into the U.S. The Proven Abuse Of Their Children Is Illegal And Legal Status Must Be Denied

Written By James Allan | 6-18-2018

First of all the democrats and libertarian republican rinos are at it again stirring up controversy where there is none. Of course if you take a poll asking, "Should Young Children Be Separated From Their Parents" you will get a "NO" answer. This question can be applied to all people worldwide. This kind of a question says nothing about immigrant children being separated from their parents when a legal situation arises from them crossing the border into the U.S. either illegally or under falsehoods to escape what they themselves created in their home country's.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Democrat Millionaires Will Not Contribute Their Money To End Poverty In The U.S.

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If Jay Z and Beyonce gave 1 million dollars to each black person in the U.S. would they also be willing to donate 1 million dollars to each white person in the U.S. too as they want all white people to give up their wealth to support all black people who refuse to educate themselves into a free market system that's not the racist black power movement?

Written By James Allan | 6-16-2018

Jay Z and Beyonce are worth well over 1 billion dollars, Bill Gates is worth almost a trillion dollars, Dianne Feinstein and her husband are worth well over a billion dollars, Opah is worth over a billion even through she pissed a lot of money off on a failed T.V. Network that the white women who made her rich and famous didn't like and follow her to.

Libertarian republican rinos have lots of cash in Silicon Valley, Calif. and the electronics industry so they can be included in this "U.S. Citizens Get 1 Million Dollar Fund" since they along with the communist democrats are partially responsible for bringing 40 million immigrants into the U.S. legal and illegal which in fact is the major single contributing factor that created the condition of widespread poverty in the U.S.. Letting jobs move out of the U.S. is the second contributing factor which both political entities mentioned above are responsible for also.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Letter To "Mr. President" Donald J. Trump. The Perfect Moment Has Come To Fire Rob Rosenstein And Jeff Sessions


The Time Is Now To End The Reign Of Rosenstein And Sessions

Written By James Allan | 6-12-2018

Mr. President Donald Trump. You can forget about firing these two over the Mueller investigation which is just a joint libertarian republican rino and democrat communist witch hunt because that doesn't have to happen anymore. You Donald Trump now have a legitimate reason for ridding your administration of these two. 

Donald Trump, if your listening to your base you can now fire Rob Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions for not complying with the oversight power and controls congress has over the Department of Justice. Mr. President, "Donald Trump". You must protect the constitutional powers given to congress. If congress is having trouble you must show congress you will step in and enforce their right to have what they requested legally.

"This Is The Perfect Moment In Time To Fire Rosenstein And Sessions Without A Doubt". Rosenstein cannot get away with threatening congress for any reason and we the Republican Party Base along with you Mister President Donald Trump must show congress we will defend their Constitutional Powers To Act As They Are Suppose To.

Also, I feel that Jeff Sessions is not doing enough to curb illegal immigration. Most of the things he's doing now should have been done a year ago. It just seems like everytime the DOJ gets in trouble Jeffy Sessions does something on immigration to divert attention off the ongoing DOJ issues.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

The National Clinton, Creating A Memory That Is Forever Placed Into Our Thought About Them


To Have A Place In The Sun Or Be Known As The Fumes From Between Our Buns?

Jovial News Point Breaking Story

Written By James Allan | 6-8-2018

Now, your asking what the hell is a "National Clinton" or what will it be? The "National Clinton" is anything combined with all things that put the Clinton's mental image in a positive light throughout time. What I can tell you is the left wing communist democrats are calling for it but they haven't said what they will do to create their "National Clinton" image. I can only speculate a few ways as to what a "National Clinton" could be to encompass that thought and feeling of a government we fought so long and hard to get rid of. A memory of such magnitude that's suppose to last forever and a day must be about something that rose to the height of maximum thought and appearance.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Donald Trumps Trade Plan With The World Will End Cheating, Unfair Trade Practices And Product Blocking

"ARTICLE" Donald Trump's Mirror World Trade Story Coming Soon

This Trading Plan Will End Most If Not All Trading Problems The U.S. Has With Foreigners Eating Our Lunch On Trade

Written By James Allan | 6-4-2018

I talk about certain groups of people first because these people are the ones whom put forth an effort to stop trade from being corrected in favor of U.S. Citizens as a whole. Economists who all get paid in full or part by business and colleges all falsely say the so called, "Mirror Trade Plan" Donald Trump is projecting as the fix to the bloated trade deficit is protectionism in a bad sense. So if it is protectionism what's so bad about protecting U.S. Citizen jobs and letting U.S. Citizens live in a vibrant economy they themselves built? Economists only say protectionism is bad because that's what their "communist democrat bosses" in business and at colleges tell them they better say or they will not get paid. Some economists are extremely wealthy but most are only financially secure because they say what they are told and engineer the U.S. economy to benefit them.

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Communist Democrats And Dennis Rodman Plan To Claim Success Over Donald Trump With North Korean

"ARTICLE" The democrats are getting ready to push the narrative that the denuclearization of the North Korean is a success of guess who? Yes, "Dennis Rodman" and the democrats.  Click To Read Full Article:  https://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/

How Much Will Dennis Rodman Get Paid By The Democrats To Echo A Falsehood?

Written By James Allan | 6-4-2018

The democrats are getting ready to push the narrative that the denuclearization of North Korean is a success of guess who? Yes, "Dennis Rodman" and the democrats just like Donald Trumps economy is Barack Obama's doing. George W. Bush was and is a "Libertarian Republican Rino ASS" who's no good for anything but the 2008 economic collapse was not his fault as pinned on him by the democrats who were covering up for the real person Bill Clinton who caused the 2008 failure in the economy by letting banks give illegal aliens home loans.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Was Roseanne Barr Another Plant To Make Republicans Look Racist Like Archie Bunker Was Created To Do?

The Democrats That Pinned Bigotry And Racism On Republicans In The Early 1970's Through Archie Bunker May Be Making An Attempt To Do The Same Thing Now By ABC With Roseanne Barr And Her Altered Idiology

Roseanne Barr Article http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/search/label/Bold%20Article%20Shorts

Researched And Written By James Allan | 7-10-2016

Over the past 24 hours 5-29-2018 I've been listening to all the Roseanne Barr racism reports. I also read an article today on how Archie Bunker was created as a republican racist to alter peoples voting patterns and it triggered the memory of the article I wrote on this same subject in 2016. I thought to myself, "Was The Roseanne Show To Be Another Attempt By The Communist Democrats To Falsely Shame The Republicans Through Another T.V. Show?" There has also been talk that Roseanne's show was going to be canceled anyway and the show "Reboot" was just done by ABC to stab at the Republican party.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mitch McConnell And Dana (Swamp Rat) Perino Plot On Fox News To Claim Credit For Past Election Wins Over The Republican Party Base

Dana Perino

This plan to claim all the Victories of the "Non Libertarian Republican Tea Party Base" is outrageous and will be met with "Fury"!"

Written By James Allan | 5-9-2018

I was watching (Swamp Rat) Perino's Fox News show today and yes, I was stunned when I heard Mitch McConnell and Dana (Swamp Rat) Perino putting in motion on a Fox News show the historical narrative about how the "Libertarian Rino" Republicans won the 2010 midterm, 2012, 2014 and 2016 congressional elections that made the present Republican congressional majority and are the ones that are turning the Republican Party around. The now, non libertarian Republican "Tea Party" base gets "NO" credit at all. We are completely being shut out in the first salvo by the "libertarian republican rinos". This play by the "libertarian republican rinos" is unacceptable!