"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Illegal Alien "jose inez garcia zarate" Is Not Guilty Of Kate Steinle's Death By A Communist Democrat Court Because

Written By James Allan | 12-4-2017

The illegal alien is not guilty of killing Kate Steinle by a San Francisco Court because:

1. He was in possession of a firearm that he had stolen from a federal land management agent.

2. The pistol he stole had accidental discharge safety features built into it so if the gun was bumped or dropped it would not go off. Also the land management agent that left the gun in his vehicle I would expect would have had the gun in its holster with the safety on. The only way that gun could have discharged would be if the safety was turned off and a persons finger was inside the trigger guard applying the 10 lbs of pressure it takes to fire a bullet.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Speculative Look At The Communist Democrats And The Libertarian Republican Collaboration To Take Down Donald Trump

The Third Party Is Not Outside But Instead Inside

I entered into this article 4 other articles under the lable, "Also Read". 1 of the articles is another speculative article I wrote about how the russians are building the exact same military aircraft the U.S. has developed. If you have the time please take a look at these extension articles to form your own opinion. 
Some libertarians did vote for Donald Trump but they are libertarians that have been fooled by their libertarian leadership and are unaware that the libertarian party is a "Different Beast". Most libertarians that did not vote for Donald Trump voted for the libertarian, "Ted Cruz". Yes, Ted Cruz is on the libertarian side and was endorsed by Ron Paul over Ron Paul's son Rand Paul. Ron Paul stated Ted Cruz was more libertarian than his son. 
Written By James Allan | 11-22-2017

I was watching the History Channel program on the "Zodiac Killer" whom was never caught and a segment was done about how Barack Obama's "Director Of National Intelligence" from 8-2010 to 1-2017 and Edward Snowden worked at the consulting firm "Booz Allen Hamilton" which is a government intelligence contractor. With all the lying that James Clapper has done and the theft of information and traitorous actions done by Edward Snowden my curiosity and speculative nature was flared to take a look at this connection between the two because it fits right in with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation escapades. The James Comey FBI scandal who is always said to be a republican also slides into the hole of corruption that was ongoing during the Barack Obama administration. James Comey is said to be a republican but it's now known he's a libertarian republican with a democrat party side.

U.S. Immigrant Population Hit Record 43.7 Million In 2016

Statement From James Allan
"MUST READ" if your concerned about the immigration problem in the United States. This chit was reported several times on "Fox News" and it appears nobody is listening as stated by the, "Center For Immigration Studies". The 43 million number is understated since there are no records kept and once the legal immigrants move to another place in the U.S. the U.S. government has no record of if the immigrant stayed or went back home. Immigrants are pouring into the country by the millions legal and illegal and they never leave. 
Remember, these are not U.S. Citizens! This just released study is suppose to be a mixture of legal and illegal immigrants. Lots of visa overstays, green card holders and illegal aliens creating "Chain Migration"..The libertarian Republicans feed the wealthy with cheap labor doing trickle down economics through immigrants that never works. The democrats are communists using immigrants to overload the financial system and create dependency on government. Immigrants are of no advantage to U.S. Citizens and never will be. 
Nobody makes immigrants go home! They take our jobs, wealth, employment opportunity mobility away that we use to improve our own financial well being and lives. Our exalted elected leaders keep stating we need the labor for growth but do not tell anybody the growth is for their own personal wealth while they know U.S Citizen wealth will never grow from immigration. The lefty's keep screaming about how the rich get richer while the lefty's are flooding the U.S. with immigrants to create communism in the U.S..
U.S. Immigrant Population Hit Record 43.7 Million in 2016

Copied From: The Center For Immigration Studies

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The United States Democrat Party, Now Proven To Be The Politics Of The Communist Party U.S.A.

Video Below Shows The Communist Chair Giving The Exact Narrative Speech The Democrats Give Us, To A Group Of Indoctrinated U.S. Citizen Youth

Sam Webb, Chair Of The United States Communist Party

Written By James Allan | 10-14-2017

Not to many people may think much about this video of a beer belly that sounds like he's got a cud in his mouth but he is indeed the "Grand Poobah" of the "Communist Party U.S.A.". It's very hard to understand what this monarch of government controlled poverty is saying to the students he is talking to in his indoctrination speech but it is surely indoctrination about how global communism is greater than the capitalism that grows a persons intelligence and wealth.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Anchor Baby And Daca Children Whom Are Being Raised As Foreign Nationals In The United States

"ARTICLE"  Anchor Baby Communist Hates The United States Steals A Donald Trump "Make American Great Again Hat"   https://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/

The Video Below Shot At UC Riverside California Shows How Anchor Babies And DACA Children Are Being Trained By Their Illegal Alien Parents To "HATE" The U.S. And Install The  Communism And/Or Cultures Of Their Native Countries.


Article: When Mexicans Protest Deportation, "Crime Drops 60% To 80%"

Opinion Written By James Allan | 10-1-2017

Not to many people may think to much about this hispanic anchor baby student taking her own unlawful action against an opposition political party supporter but for those who do this act of defiance is a clear indicator that the "Anchor Babies" and so called "Daca Dreamers" are not being raised in a capitalist civilized culture even though they were raised in the U.S.. They are being raised by the people that came to the U.S. for the money only and no other reason. They clearly have no interest in being part of a civilized culture. I state she is an "Anchor Baby" because she clearly stated in the video she had no interest in the U.S. as it is now except to "Fight" against the U.S..

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Look At Mass Shootings And Killings That Occur Mostly In Democrat Controlled Political Districts

Compiled And Written By James Allan | 10-4-2017

This anti constitutional gun control push by the democrat party has been going on for years or should I say now, "Decades". All I see is the democrat party trying to take away U.S. citizens guns so no one can fight them as they install, "Communism". Same thing just happened in Venezuela, the government took away everyone's guns in 2012 and now the country is communist. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Uniting The United States And Ending The Division. The Question Is? Under Capitalism Or Communism

In communism, the government solely owns the resources including land, housing, food, businesses and manufacturing. In capitalism, the resources and means of production are owned by its countries individual citizens.

There is no "American Dream" if foreigners are let in to take it from you

Written By James Allan | 9-27-2017

This article outlines the present fight today that is going on to change the present, "Capitalist Culture" over to a "Communist Culture". Most if not all of the U.S. Citizens fighting against "Racial Injustice" don't realize they are fighting for a change to a communist culture. There are hundreds of small private group, workplace and racial cultures that constantly conflict with each other. Now it's the government capitalist culture that is being attacked by the smaller U.S. communist culture whom are using many of the smaller racial and minority social groups to reach the end goal of transformation to an all communist culture which will never solve any injustices.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Has More Immigrant Labor Ever Raised U.S. Citizen Working Class Wages? Economic Growth Has To Be Through U.S. Citizen Financial Health

"ARTICLE" Has More Immigrant Labor Ever Raised U.S. Citizen Working Class Wages? Economic Growth Has To Be Through U.S. Citizen Financial Health   https://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/2017/09/has-more-immigrant-labor-ever-raised-us.html

They bring in immigrants for cheap labor and the economy go's bad. 
Then they bring in more immigrants to fix the economy that gets worse.
They double down the the economic fix by bringing in more immigrants?

Written By James Allan | 9-21-2017

First of all, we should all know about the competing political parties in the U.S. that are for and against immigration that never has boosted the poor, working poor and middle class wages. When high amounts of immigration is allowed the only U.S. Citizens that benefit from it and get their wages boosted are business execs, owners and politicians. This is a proven fact.