"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Are The Democrat Left Wing Cable Providers Keeping Popular New Conservative Startup News Media Down?

OAN needs your help!

One America News Network (OAN) Needs Help To Get Channels On All The Cable Providers. OAN has posted this banner on their web site calling for help to tear down the blockade by communist democrats that is keeping them down. This banner is on the bottom right corner of their web site with a click drop down list of all the cable news network phone numbers.  

One America News Network

Written By James Allan | 4-21-2018

This article isn't being written as a Tomi Lahren bashing article but she's been integrated into it since she most likely played a part in keeping "One America Network" down with her libertarian rinoism. OAN needs a push from the republican party base and can't get it because of "Rinoism". What the hey! This article was suppose to highlight how small conservative T.V. news networks who are popular enough to get on with all cable providers and cannot because they don't represent the correct politics but now was written to help warn readers about open borders and amnesty news anchors falsely posing as conservatives. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Nothing American About Facebook. Can Facebook Survive Without The Non Libertarian Republican Base?

If you toss Facebook in the trash remember, "Facebook Is Like Monopoly". Your popularity is like the wealth you gain in Monopoly. It isn't real.

Written By James Allan | 4-3-2018

The real question is? What is Zuckerburg going to do when republicans start fleeing to "Google Plus" or "Patriotic Space" when they reject the Zuckerburg authority. Google Plus is "Not" well liked because of their support for unrestricted immigrants for profit but G+ is libertarian republican rinos. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Libertarian Rino Republicans Are Organizing To Make The State Of California There Own

Libertarian Republican Rino "Never Trumpers" Take Advantage Of Donald Trumps Success To Claim A State In Ruins As There Own Using Donald Trump Voters

Travis Allen Is The Donald Trump Supporters Candidate For Governor

Join Travis Allen

Vote For The Non Libertarian Candidate Travis Allen For California Governor

The California Primary Is June 5, 2018. Don't Let John Cox Win It

Written By James Allan | 3-27-2018

These "Libertarian Republican Rinos" have another plan up their sleeves to devour the Republican party and make us a wonderlust of libertarian righteousness. Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Kasich are teaming up to take over the Republican party in California. They set themselves on a path to take control and use the California republican party to put the national republican party into "Libertarianism".

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Was The Parkland High School Shooting Caused By Democrat Students Outcasting Other Students

The "March For Life" Was The Same Ol Communists Of The "Pink Pussy Hat" Women

Written By James Allan | 3-25-2018

I did an article earlier after the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas killings depicting how all of these mass shooting were being done in democrat politically controlled areas. This reality really holds true because this latest mass killing in Parkland was done in Broward County FL. which is a democrat party political stronghold.

A Look At Mass Shootings And Killings That Occur Mostly In Democrat Controlled Political Districts

I was sitting here at my ol computer computing as this "March For Communism" story is still being aired on the news after all this time. The march happened yesterday, Saturday and it's still being broadcast on the network news stations Sunday. When do they ever get to another story?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Donald Trump's Mega Tariffs And The Goal To Get To Free Trade That Will Benefit United States Citizens

Donald Trump And His Team Along With Our Mouthpieces Will Make Tariffs Work

Written By James Allan | 3-12-2018

Here we go with the libertarian republican bellering about how these proposed tariffs are going to start a trade war and kill off U.S. jobs. "WE DON'T HAVE ANY JOBS!" or very few left because of what these libertarian republicans let happen to feed their pockets. These libertarian republicans that are bellering the loudest most likely have heavy foreign overseas emerging market investments and put those investments over the health and well being of the U.S.. I'd really like to have a peek at their stock portfolio's and see the paper wealth they have accumulated in foreign emerging market ventures.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tea Party Realism Found In Vietnam War Years Drill Sergeants Uniform Patch

This Patch Is One Of The Original Drill Sergeant Badges That Were First Produced After 1958 During The Vietnam War And Symbolizes Today's Tea Party Rebellion 

Donald Trump Signs Vietnam Day, March 29th Into Law

Written By James Allan | 3-8-2018

I'm not a Drill Sergeant and never have been but in my life journey I happened upon this uniform patch that has been stored in a box for several decades. Vietnam was a war against the communism that has infected the U.S. and what we are fighting within the U.S. at this time so when I came across this uniform patch I kept it. This patch symbolizes what the now "Tea Party" represents and it was manufactured for Drill Sergeants during the Vietnam war so the representations of the now Tea Party could be installed in soldiers to enhance their fighting spirit.

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Increase In Daca Children Legalization Announced By Donald Trump To Get An Immigration Deal And Protect U.S. Citizens

U.S. Citizens And Our U.S. Children Get Protected First Over Immigrants

Written By James Allan | 1-26-2018

This new addition to the number of daca children being allowed legalization by Donald Trump in his negotiation with the democrats to get some immigration laws passed in our favor is just to avoid the gamble of the 2018 midterm election. The 2018 midterm election is a gamble because we cannot see any outcome that gets the republican party 60 seats in the senate and keeping the house to fully repair and transform the immigration system into a function that benefits U.S. Citizens over foreigners coming into the U.S. only for monetary gain.

The republican party has been so mismanaged over the decades by "Libertarian Republicans" whom were pushing their third party agenda , most of the U.S. population doesn't see yet there is a transformation ongoing within the republican party to accommodate the working poor and poor of all races in a capitalistic open market society.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Steve Bannon, My Personal Opinion On This Man That Has Created And Done Nothing To Earn A Spot In Leadership

Steve Bannon Works With Deep State "Fake News" Operative Inside The White House Before He Attempts To Use Donald Trump Supporters To Attack Republicans 

Written By James Allan | 1-5-2018

Well, here we go on another once trusted personality that is trying to gain name recognition and political power through the nefarious means of attaching himself onto the coat tails of successful personalities for a "Free" ride to the top. So what was "Steve Bannon" going to do with us Donald Trump supporters when he fooled us into believing he's a winner that has never won? Of course, this is what libertarians like to do and Steve Bannon who doesn't display much "Libertarian Republican" in his output is in his attempt to become the leader of "Donald Trump's Base" so he can eventually lead us back into "Libertarian Republican Rinoism"?.