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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Anchor Baby And Daca Children Whom Are Being Raised As Foreign Nationals In The United States

"ARTICLE"  Anchor Baby Communist Hates The United States Steals A Donald Trump "Make American Great Again Hat"   https://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/

The Video Below Shot At UC Riverside California Shows How Anchor Babies And DACA Children Are Being Trained By Their Illegal Alien Parents To "HATE" The U.S. And Install The  Communism And/Or Cultures Of Their Native Countries.


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Opinion Written By James Allan | 10-1-2017

Not to many people may think to much about this hispanic anchor baby student taking her own unlawful action against an opposition political party supporter but for those who do this act of defiance is a clear indicator that the "Anchor Babies" and so called "Daca Dreamers" are not being raised in a capitalist civilized culture even though they were raised in the U.S.. They are being raised by the people that came to the U.S. for the money only and no other reason. They clearly have no interest in being part of a civilized culture. I state she is an "Anchor Baby" because she clearly stated in the video she had no interest in the U.S. as it is now except to "Fight" against the U.S..

This particular female hispanic anchor baby student claims she was born in the U.S. but her claims may be false. I would not have any trouble believing that the state of California is handing out birth certificates to the parents of children they brought into the U.S. illegally. The millions of illegal aliens have overloaded the justice system so it can't work against them or should I say communist U.S. citizens have overloaded the justice system with illegal aliens so the justice system will not work against the illegal aliens, the children they brought into the U.S. and/or against the parents after they produce these anchor babies that hate the U.S.. Laws that extend hospitality to foreigners are being seriously exploited by politicians for political gain and foreigners. 

This female hispanic in the video clearly sounds like she's rooted into the gangs and drug cartels that may be paying for her university education through her parents drug smuggling profits. Wouldn't surprise me since the United States supplies nearly all the cash to the drug cartels whom have thousands of drug supply networks built in the U.S. through legal and illegal immigrants whom deliver the drugs into black neighborhoods for distribution to white college children. These immigrant parents use some of the money to send their kids to U.S. universities, purchase property and pay for political corruption.

This anchor baby woman in the video is ranting about U.S. Genocide against black and brown people but in reality she's ranting about all the past wars against the spread of global "Communism" the U.S. was involved with stopping. She's clearly using past push backs on communism around the world to set up her charge of "Racism" against all that do not agree with her twisted mentality. It's like she's ranting about the genocide of her worldwide communist fellowship. The Vietnam war, Korean war, South American uprising wars against creeping communist governments during the 1960's and 1970's is what she is ranting about and applying racist overtones against anyone that fights the spread of communism. Now these anchor baby communists are teamed up communists of all races in the U.S. going full on against the, "War On Terrorism" and "Korea" setting up charges of racism just to stop the push back against her creeping communism.

I have believed that the 1960' hippie movement was liberal U.S. communist for many years. The hippie movement supports the government taking from the rich and giving to the them which is what the communist do just enough of to keep the population from a complete revolt with most of the cash kept by the communist government. This was my final conclusion about hippie's being communists until I found out about Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink" communist woman's group she founded in 2002 then my belief about the hippies being communist was cemented.

The United States government after the 1950's "Red Scare" fought against communism in other countries but decided not to keep fighting communism in the United States because as the democrat (now the U.S. communist party) party was filling up with communist minded politicians using "Racism" to stop republicans from fighting back. John F. Kennedy was the last decent democrat elected even though he imported thousands of people from Puerto Rico and the democrat party found out these hispanics always vote for democrats.

This hispanic woman in the video getting radical is exactly what 71% of the hispanic population in the U.S. believe not counting the millions of hispanic illegal aliens. If the reverse was true then the republican party would have garnered more than 29% of the hispanic vote in 2016. Same radical B.S. holds true for most of the black U.S. Citizen population. They blame capitalism and white people for their inability to move up financially and never blame themselves for not studying books and learning factual reality. All a result of a rising communist culture feeding black U.S. Citizens empowerment falsehoods over factual reality.

The black U.S. Citizens of the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's were producing some of the best music in the United States. Blacks were entering major league sports, getting acting contracts and their own shows, education, business opportunities and job advancements were outstanding and then "Ker-Plunk". The communists democrats started letting drugs infiltrate black neighborhoods, Rap Music talking about the glory of criminal activity was being produced that influenced black youth against education, the police and "White People" which started the reversal of black U.S. Citizen advancement in the U.S.. 

The white communist democrats had already set the "Racism" tone and to this day keep it going when the fact of the matter is racism is not as prevalent as it was in the 1950's when the blacks were, "MOSTLY REPUBLICANS" to escape the racism being produced by the democrat party. Over the decades the democrats slowly turned blacks falsely against the republican party "For Communist Democrat Votes" and do not want black U.S. Citizens going back to the Republican party that they were, "Achieving With".     

As this hispanic woman portrays in the video as a university student paid for by the U.S. capitalist government or drug profits her "Self" power and authority comes solely from blaming whites and capitalism for the inability of people with her skin color to achieve in the United States, mexico, South America and worldwide. Hey, "If Immigrants Can't Achieve In Their Native Countries Why Would They Think They Will Be Able To Achieve In A Country Created For The People To Achieve Who Can Achieve?" In the U.S. its U.S. Citizens that get first shot at "Achieving" or "Failure". 

The U.S. has plenty of its own failures and doesn't need any other countries immigrant failures pushing for the communist culture their parents grew up in and are teaching their children in the U.S.. 

If immigrants cannot achieve in their native countries that can only mean the immigrants are failures from not fighting their governments or self inflicted failures that are coming to the U.S. creating low wages for U.S. Citizens and creating more failure by the same self infliction or pushing for a communist government that creates failure. 

Daca Children Protesting October 5th 2017 After California Bans Information Sharing

October 5th 2017 these Daca protesters shown in the above picture are blocking L.A. intersections after California Governor Jerry Brown signed an unconstitutional law that the states local police cannot give federal officials the legal status of illegal aliens that are found out to be illegal. 

Most if not all of these illegal Daca children were also raised in the United States as "Foreign Nationals" by their parents just as anchor babies are being raised. The only difference between the Daca children and the anchor baby children is the Daca children for part of their lives up to the age of 10 and 16 were actually raised in their home countries and have their home country culture embedded into them while they were living in their home country, then further embedded after they were brought to the U.S.. 

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