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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CodePink, The Communist Left Wing Women's Indoctrination Group That Controls Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama

The Slogan On The Woman's Black Shirt Says It All

Written By James Allan | 7-19-2016

I've seen these women at left wing protests but with the many anti U.S citizen hate groups I'm finally getting around to posting my opinion on these global communist women that call themselves, "CodePink". These women are a big part in driving Hillary Clinton's campaign as they preach "Peace" but in reality are creating death by immigrant. 

Discover The Network; CodePink Looked At Link

This Codepink organization is out preaching anti war, anti torture and anti militarization on a global level but are OK it appears with, "U.S. Citizen Death By Immigrant". These Codepink women are so enamored with self and open sexual activity between people on a global scale they are unable to feel for U.S. citizens that are in distress or die from the massive immigration they support. 

I'm not anti women at all so when I say that "CodePink" is an organization of "Hippie Women Sluts" I'm not talking about all women. There's men sluts also as can be seen in Bill Clinton. I'm not talking about the general population of U.S. women who are more reserved and just date here and there. I'm sure a large chunk of the Codepink followers are misguided single women that are reserved also and don't understand the core Codepink founders base are "Free Love" hippie women from the 60's and 70's era that kept count of how many people they had sex with. I've been employed by several women during my lifetime and actually enjoyed working for a women manager many times over the male managers I've experienced. These women founders that make up the group, "CodePink" are the only target of my opinion as I refer to them as "Hippie Sluts" from the 1960's and 1970's that are now aged and engaged in indoctrinating young women to hate their own country through Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and any politician that conforms to their anti U.S. government hate.

As for me using the word, "Slut". I'm not out to be politically correct. I pondered using the word, "Free Love" but "Free Love" only means your not a hooker and do not charge. I couldn't think of another word that gets the point across concerning the United States being governed by communist sluts from the 60's and 70's. Young single women have to know that when they see the name, "Codepink" and sign on thinking it's an upstanding women's organization out to promote financial gain and a better life for single women that in reality it's just an organization of 60's and 70's era communist sluts.  

Everyone already realizes that the old 60's and 70's hippie movement was driven by open sex as their politics. This open sex politics drives the pornography industry and empowers pedophilia as a normal sexual exploit. Can you imagine "Sex Running The U.S. Government" completely. Well, you don't have to imagine this because the Clinton's are part of the 60's and 70's "Sex Government" movement. Just like the 1950's communist movement everyone thought went away the "Hippie Sex Government" and "Communism" just went underground and merged with each other and now is appearing as a combined power to install their "New" form of communism. The blacks and hispanics are just being used with false promises to grow the now communist democrat party over conservative republicans. The republican party has been infiltrated by the "Blue Dog Democrats" under the "Libertarian" banner so the "New Form Communism" is making their play with many in the republican party supporting democrat issues.

 This Codepink women's organization is against the middle east war completely including Obama's drone attacks. Obama has to show some fight in the middle east and is taking heat from the Codepink group for doing the drone attacks. Again, can you imagine this "Codepink" hippie slut women's organization influencing Barack Obama's decisions? You don't have to imagine it. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are being controlled by "Codepink". "Really". Codepink was founded in 2002 after Hillary Clinton was elected to the senate in 2001. Hillary Clinton comes from this 60's and 70's hippie sex anti government movement so it gives me some "Good Educated Speculation" to reflect on along with the fact both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are governing along the guidelines of "CodePink". 

Hillary Clinton is caught between a rock and a hard place. Hillary has to keep the balance between her hidden corporate donations being given in the form of "Speech Money" and her women's support from "CodePink". Bernie Sanders was going after Hillary's speech money in an attempt to get "Codepink" to endorse the "Bern". Codepink hates corporate donations! 

Get this speculation of mine! Codepink hates militarization of "Any Place" by the U.S. for any reason including ISIS killing everyone. These Codepink women are "Mentally Ill" wanting to let ISIS run its course thinking "Tea And Cake" talk will stop them. Hillary in her attempt to satisfy other factions of her and Barack Obama supporters most likely were forced to take out Muammar Gaddafi. After Muammar Gaddafi was killed Codepink would not allow Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to "Militarize" the U.S. embassy in an attempt to spread the Codepink so called peace message to another country which ended up in getting 4 U.S. citizens killed. Codepink communism is engaged all throughout europe with european liberal communists. This is just my educated speculation on the matter.

There are many left wing groups made up of women, race and political. The one conclusion I'm always drawn to is they all merged under the communist ideology and created a new from of communism that embraces globalization and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution that controls the hated capitalistic society. Their hatred of the rich man who influences government with the rich mans cash prevents them from seeing that their new form of communism is what creates war, death and poverty worldwide, "Or Can They See It And Look The Other Way To Get Their Ideology Installed?". Codepink communists support "No Borders" which allows the personalities that are the destruction of other countries to enter the United States freely with the intent of destroying the U.S. and the freedoms that gave "Codepink" the venue to voice their ideology. Codepink will eventually destroy themselves along with us.

Codepink dislikes law enforcement just as the hippie movement in the 60's and 70's did. Everything the hippie movement was in the 60's and 70's is what Codepink is now. Codepink has no problem with the death of police. 

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama along with the communist democrat party are being controlled by "Codepink". Bernie Sanders follows "Codepink" and made an play for their support but of course Codepink is a left wing womens organization and I guess you can call Hillary a women so it's only natural that Codepink will toss their support to Hillary if Hillary conforms to Codepinks guidelines which she is as much as possible. 

Hillary Clinton enjoys the support of a majority population of women mainly single, elderly and college age women whom are unaware that they are being indoctrinated with the belief of betterment but in reality will be dominated by communist dictators. 

The story of Codepink. The name sounds as female as any name can get and men sure do like the ladies who wear pink. But the reality of Codepink is they are a communist slut organization out to attract voting power and control of governments world wide to install a global government. Sure, the global government will be the United Nations. 

If you want to know exactly what Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the communist democrat party agenda is just go and study "CodePink".

 Discover The Network; CodePink Looked At Link

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