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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bill Clinton Caught Naked Picture With A Woman That Surely Isn't Hillary Clinton


Bill Clinton, The Man With Steel Caught Cooling Off His Hot Steel

Wow, first we get a pic of Billary and her gay lover now we get a pic of Slick Willie in his true form. Bitcoin states that this pic was put on Twitter by an anonymous donor and the rest of the video is on its way. Very questionable.

My question to Bitcoin is, "Why wasn't this material released before the election? The pic does look like it may have been shot through glass but what is suspicious is again, "Why Didn't It Get Released Before The Election?".

This snippet was taken off Facebook where I got the picture of Bill Naked

Many persons do say this pic of Bill Clinton is photoshopped but they always say this since many pics floating around the internet are. Alligations of Bill Clinton making many trips to "Love Island" where underage beautiful women are kept as sex slaves for wealthy men are abundant. Proof Bill Clinton did make these trips to Love Island has been presented. 

There has been lots of talk that the people that run Love Island did in fact secretly film Bill Clinton in the act of having sex with these young women and they have been threatening to release these films. Well, everyone is wondering why the films of Bill Clinton having sex haven't been released. Messages coming from the holders of the films keep saying, "We Want To Build Suspence". 

The pic above not to many people are sure about but you can tell it was taken behind glass which puts it on the serious real side. The woman in the pic doesn't look under 18 and is sure not Hillary. Only Bill is naked which steers me to believe that the woman was not filmed naked because the persons taking the pictures knew the pic was going out on social media where full and partial nudity isn't allowed.

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