"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Google And Facebook Crack Down On False Media To A Certain Extent


Facebook And Google Crack Down On Fake News Web Sites

Written By James Allan | 11-16-2016

I will admit there are a growing number of political news websites being built just to push a false narrative and steer public thought to their political agenda. I don't have any problem with these fake news web sites being pushed out of social media but the web sites that get pushed off should be listed in a public place so "We The People" can keep tabs on if a political parties news web site is getting shut out unfairly.

CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN are well known for producing news stories keyed to steer thought towards the democrats. All do have internet web publishing sites. Will Facebook and Google stop any advertising from these media entities if they are seen to be manipulating news facts in small ways towards the democrat party? 

There are many online publishing web sites mostly democrat that trash consveratives with false stories. Libertarians list themselves as conservative and publish fake stories that twist the truth towards the democrats that the libertarians lean more to. There are many libertarian owned news web sites that list themselves as conservative and publish twisted stories that are written to crush the politicians they are against. I have read a lot of their stories and researched the sites political leanings in depth for years. Most if not all these fake news web sites are democrat and libertarian playing against conservatives or trouting themselves off as conservatives. I'm against all these fake news web sites wholeheartedly because they have created a narrative in the public eye that "Conservatives Are Bad" and not to be trusted which is completely false.

The libertarians trout themselves off as conservatives but except for the fact they like a small government always side with the democrats on social issues after they get elected into the republican party. The libertarians own many so called "Tea  Party" conservative web sites that are in fact run by democrat leaning administrators. "Tea Party Patriots" is an example of one of these web sites. In the republican primary the Tea Party Patriot administrators supported the libertarian leaning Ted Cruz and trashed Donald Trump. Donald Trump was fully supported by the true conservatives in the primary. True conservatives have very little media whereas libertarians and democrats have just about taken over the media.  

CNN took on its own personality of being the, "Clinton News Network" but the fact of the matter is the libertarians own CNN. Ted Turner started CNN and everyone thinks of Ted Turner as a democrat but the reality is Ted Turner is a libertarian married to the liberal democrat Jane Fonda. CNN staffed itself with libertarians and some Jane Fonda democrats long before Ted Turner merged it with Time Warner in 1996. Then Ted Turner was fired from the media he founded in 2003. All ties Ted Turner had to Time Warner were cut by 2006. The libertarian democrat legacy lives on inside CNN as their mixed libertarian democrat leanings have surfaced.

Tea Party Express was created by CNN to steer conservatives to their point of view. The "Tea Party" protests were started by the old conservative Ross Perot/Donald Trump "Reform Party" movement of the 1990's. Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs are the ones that whooped up the old "Reform Party" movement again with their truthful reporting. CNN libertarians jumped into the protests shortly after they started with the Tea Party Express in a effort to claim the movement as their own.
Facebook and Google state their crack down isn't against individuals who copy/paste links and news stories from fake news media web sites. The only crack down is against fake news web sites paying for advertising on social media. I see many linked stories being pasted from fake conservative web sites in my news feed now that are completely false. These web sites that list themselves as conservative are not conservative at all. These fake conservative web sites that are publishing false stories only fuel the narrative that conservatives are bad people and I would like to see these fake conservative web sites, "Turned Off".  

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