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Thursday, November 17, 2016

"SHOCKER" Must Read - Back Door U.S. Citizenship Is Being Given To Illegal Aliens In The United States Already


1 Million Illegal Aliens In the U.S. Get Citizenship Already As Another 1 Million Illegal Aliens In The U.S. Already Get Handed Their Permanent Residency Status To Become U.S. Citizens

Written By James Allan | 11-17-2016

This is a shocker I just came across putting this article together. What I am getting from the information I came across is the United States government is being deceptive to the U.S. Citizen population about how many immigrants they are naturalizing each year. The media has been producing a number of 1 million foreigners naturalized each year but the facts go way beyond this number being spoon fed to U.S. Citizens.

What I found out is "1 Million Illegal Aliens In the U.S. Are Given Legal Residency (Green Cards) Each And Every Year". These green card holders only have to wait "1 Year" before they can apply for U.S. Citizenshp (Naturalization). After the 1 year wait these 1 million illegal aliens get citizenship and one million more illegal aliens get green cards. Even though only one million naturalizations occur the numbers translate into 2 million get citizenship based on the 1 million illegal aliens that received their green cards being put on the pathway to citizenship.

I do have an idea at this time when this back door givaway of U.S. Citizenship began but I can say for sure. It's most likely been happening all through Barack Obama's presidency. I looked at the PDF file Wiki used to verify this information and it states this has been going on before 2008 since the file only dates to 2008. The numbers started to rise drastically during the Bush years and W. Bush did fully support amnesty for illegal aliens. I haven't seen the numbers for Barack Obama yet but without a doubt Obama is naturalizing illegal aliens through the legal residency process as fast as he can. 

The whole puzzle came together in one written line in Wikipedia. There are many Wikipedia pages on immigration and I came across the one line in one of the Wiki pages that spelled out the backdoor citizenship being handed out to illegal aliens in the U.S.. This one line explains why it takes so damn long for "Legal Immigrants" to be granted permission to enter the U.S.. 

This information comes from Wikipedia, section 2 "Immigration Law In U.S.A" paragraph 2.
   Wikipedia Immigration LawImmigration Law In The U.S.A.

The democrats can't give citizenship away as fast as they want

Easy To Understand Immigration Law

First of all, illegal aliens are not criminal when they enter the U.S. illegally so to speak. Immigrants entering the U.S. for the first time without documentation is a, "Civil Offense" punishable by 6 months in jail and/or a $250.00 fine.

If the illegal alien enters the U.S. a second time after being caught it's a "Criminal Offense". In order for an illegal alien to take advantage of an obama pardon they would have to get caught in the U.S., deported then come back illegally for a second time before obama leaves office.

So as illegal aliens shout for obama to pardon them all, the fact of the matter is he can't pardon all the first time entries into the U.S. because they haven't committed a criminal offense. Since all the illegal aliens that were deported and came back undocumented committed a crime in doing so obama's pardon would wipe away their criminal offense making them legal in the U.S..

Illegal aliens pardoned by obama still could not get work permits and green cards. They still would not get legal residency or benefits of being legal. They would just be people here legally that cannot work or get benefits. They would be "Zombies" with no rights or claims.

Legal Information Institute: Federal Immigration Law Under Title 18

Yes, illegal aliens can be fined for entering the U.S. illegally and all congress has to do is increase the manditory penalty to lets say, "$25,000" for the first time offense and illegal immigration would come to a screeching halt. All the illegal aliens would exit the U.S. as fast as their feet could fly. No fleet of immigration judges needed at all. No legalization or amnesty needed whatsoever! Just inflict harsh finanacial penalties on immigrants that cross the border illegally and on empolyers that hire illegal aliens and the problem will be solved without great expense to the U.S. government. 

A lot of illegal aliens pay up to $10,000 to drug cartels to bring them into the U.S. illegally and set them up with existing immigrants. Some illegal aliens that get caught pay immigration attorneys $20,000 to keep them here. Since all these illegal aliens have cash to spend on being here illegally they can just pay the United States government the thousands of dollars for being here illegally and for their deportation. Makes sense!

In 1965 the democrat Lyndon B. Johnson tried and was partially suscessful at tying all immigration to the civil rights act that was meant for U.S. citizens only under the "Immigration And Nationality Act". The 1965 Immigration and Nationality act got rid of a large portion of immigration legislation installed before 1965 and allowed immigrants to bring in all their family members which resulted in immigration numbers to the U.S. rising by 2/3rds.

Immigration To The United StatesCivil Rights Movement

What got me is media is stating that 1 million immigrants a year are naturalized in the United States each year. What U.S. citizens are not being told is another 1 million illegal immigrants are allowed legal residency each year also and immigrants with legal residency only have to wait 1 year before they can apply for U.S. citizenship. Yes, I read that "1 MILLION UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS ARE ALLOWED PERMANENT RESIDENCY EACH YEAR". This information comes from Wikipedia, section 2 "Immigration Law In U.S.A" paragraph 2.

Wikipedia Immigration Law: Immigration Law In The U.S.A.
I had to do a lot of research and reading. This information I found didn't come easy. The information is there but it's not in your face. "The True Immigration Information Is In Your Face Now" and easy to understand how screwed U.S. citizens have been by the democrat and libertarian political parties.

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