"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Hidden Democrat Show Now In The Spotlight That I Myself Want To Watch Closely


They fight to lead the gaggles of crybabies into poverty and struggle

Written By James Allan | 11-22-2016

Who knows what will become of the now fading false image of the democrat party that was portrayed as the savior of the world to the public. They award themselves at the "Kennedy Center Honors" and Barack Obama gives his wealthy supporters the "Presidential Freedoms Awards" without merit of creating cash flow through neighborhoods with an abundance of poverty and crime. Barack Obama and the communist democrats awarding their wealthy supporters as proverty and ghettos grow for helping to create a communist culture that brings more economic despare and educational disadvantages?

A fight for the top of the bottom is now coming to be. There are a couple of democrats that realize if the leaders of the democrat party are not removed greater losses in the party's power will come to be in future elections when they cannot get their candidates elected as the full population of the U.S. finally gets informed of the truth that the democrats created 85% of the economic failures in the U.S.. As the democrat voters find out they are supporting the corporations and government they hate and protest against through lies and corrupt acts being spoon fed to them they will eventually stand down and away from the democrat party.  

The unworthy candidates of the democrat party that drove the U.S. economy into U.S. citizens losing their homes, wages and economic stability are all fighting for the top spot on the bottom to keep their no opportunity global communist reality for U.S. citizens going.   

The democrat party over the decades has become filled and dominated with hard core communist personalities that represent liberal hippie types, single women, blacks and the disadvantaged that are purposely kept in poverty for the purpose of growing a communist domintated government that always has proven to make poverty worse for the people that voted for it. 

The wealthy supporting communism works for those that have enough cash not to fall but is disasterous for those that do not have much cash and will put them under the thumbs of those who do permanetly. Using people in poverty and keeping the hopes and dreams of the poor up is just a tool of the democrats to keep them poor and the democrat cycle of getting votes from the poor and disadvantaged.

There are many different factions of the democrat party that want ecology, enviromental, immigrant, business wage and political input but without a thriving economy that puts U.S. Citizens first with wealth they are just shooting themselves in the foot and will not gain any future positives. Supporting communist minded globalist candidates that have not delivered to U.S. citizens and are proven corrupt just shows the indoctrination into falsehoods. 

If you destroy the economic capitalist system that keeps the world from falling into greater poverty then you bring harsh poverty to countries that are already suffering from poverty along with the poverty you inflict upon yourself.     

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