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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Congratulations To Jimmy Johnson The 7 Time Nascar Champion. Chicago Cubs, Donald Trump And Now Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson, 2016 Nascar 7 Time Champion

The Chicago Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump wins the presidency and now Jimmy Johnson wins the Nascar championship the 7th time all in 2016? Well, if these all are not your favorite personalities and talents then it looks like I'm all alone on this winning streak that's going on in 2016.

I have always been a Chicago Cubs and Bears fan through wins and losses forever and a day because that's where my family originates from. When we had no presidential candidates or any that were worth a fck to run against the democrat candidate which of course was Billary Clinton and Donald Trump announced I was Donald Trumps biggest supporter (Yeah, I know there's other huge Trump supporters but for this article I'm the biggest Trump supporter). Now Jimmy Johnson winning the Nascar championship for the 7th time in 2016, WoW!, I have been a Jimmy Johnson fan since he first entered into the Nascar Busch Series and have continued to be a big Jimmy Johnson fan before he entered the Nascar premier series and won his first championship.  

Well, what lies ahead for us in the future for getting wins? Who knows but I hope this streak keeps going in the way of laws and government.

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