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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Can The United States Legally Remove And Punish Persons And Groups With Intentions Of Overthrowing The U.S. Constitution Peacefully ?


Supreme Court Trials Have Already Been Done. The U.S. Constitution Allows The Actions Against The Removal And/Or Supression Of The U.S. Constitution By Persons And Groups

Written By James Allan | 11-26-2016

#1 Islam is a law of sharia and sharia is not a religion. Muslim is a religion but as long as they worship under sharia and islam muslim becomes a non religion.

 #2 As long as muslims push for sharia and islam to overthrow the U.S. constitution with the intention of becoming the dominate and only rule of law they violate the U.S. constitution and U.S. citizens rights under the U.S. constitution and full removal of them is legal and expected as a hostile act.
#3 U.S. born communist minded citizens can also be deemed as hostile actors against the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Citizens freedoms that refuse to assimilate as the complete democrat party has become. Fixing capitalism to meet the needs of citizens in one thing. Changing the U.S. to a communist form of government as the now democrat party is doing that controls all aspects of peoples lives can be deemed as an enemy act to overthrow the U.S. constitution that is forbidden by the U.S. constitution.

#4 All that has to be done is a large group of U.S. citizens that is big enough to be heard to start a push and declare that the present democrat party are communists with some form of proof or circumstantial evidence. The circumstantial evidence is already present and known. I have a copy of the U.S. communist constitution that the democrats have been slowly pushing. 

The only reason why not to many people are speaking up is the installation of politically correct speech and no one wants to be tagged as racists and bigots because of the past slavery of Africans by the democrats before the U.S. became the U.S.. In the 1950's people did speak out and rally against communism in the U.S. but since then and the push to end supression against women and blacks nobody wants to get labeled as anti black or anti women which only the communist democrats will do in the media and work places. The republican party wanted to end the supression of blacks and women since after the Civil War but the democrats always found a way to block it. After the anti communist uprising in the 1950's the communist decided to use blacks and women as their focal point for installing communism and taking down the U.S. constitution. It worked for decades and the U.S. Citizen voice was muted sucessfully.   

Copy Of The U.S. Communist Constitution

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