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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Will You Support The Creation Of A REAL Star Trek And Star Wars Universe In Your Lifetime?


What You Thought Was Fantasy Is Here. Will You Support It?

Written By James Allan | 6-19-2018

Well, it's here if your going to support it. Little boys used to dream of this day as they read their comic books and sent away for memberships in their favorite fantasy dream. Donald Trump just announced his push to kickoff the creation of a Star Trek/Star Wars universe so the dream may be coming to the United States soon. You in your lifetime have the opportunity to see what was portrayed on movie and television screens jump into reality with a physical presence.

I joined the effort and hopefully one day there will be an address I can send a buck to so I will get my membership kit to "Donald Trumps Space Force". I will be awaiting for the release of the soon to be written "Space Force" comic and television show. "WoW!", my heart is thumping and my vision is focused as I await for that childhood thought that was only a dream to make its appearance as a reality in the sky over my head.

If "Buck Rodgers" was real he would be absolutely giddy over Donald Trump's expansion of the fantasy that is him from movie and television screens into a real life presence.   

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