"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Tea Party Victory" Tea Partier "Hat In Ring" Found The Tea Party's True Beginning/Roots 6-16-2015

First National Tea Party Rally In Washington D.C. September 12th, 2009

6-16-2015 is the day Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency in 2016. On that day I went and did some research on Donald Trumps political past because a lot of Tea Partiers were really worried if Donald Trump was going to be the real deal. My research turned up
the fact that Donald Trump was really going to be the real deal but also turned up the fact that Donald Trump was a member of Ross Perot's "Reform Party" that was created in 1995. Ross Perot's "Reform Party" supporters are in fact the same people and the same type of people that makeup the now "Tea Party".

The lying libertarians always claimed that their Ron Paul created the Tea Party and I always knew this was a trumped up lie! The libertarians never ever had the same exact views as the Tea Party protestors. Except for the libertarians and Tea Party protestors both supporting a small government all other stances on the issues are completely opposite.

The true grandfather of the "Tea Party" is Ross Perot. Ross Perot's "Reform Party" was running third party candidates and one of the third party candidates was indeed Donald Trump. During the 2000 election many "Reform Party" supporters flocked away from the third party candidates because they didn't want to split the republican party vote again and give the democrats another presidential election. George Bush the 2nd barely won. After the 2000 election the "Reform Party" just kind of died out because of the third party candidate thing. In 2008 when Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs started picking on the socialist democrat Barack Obama the old Ross Perot "Reform Party" supporters emerged and came to life again starting small protests around the U.S. in opposition to the democratic socialism that was going to be pushed on U.S. citizens. Small Tea Party protests started popping up all over the U.S..

The Tea Party doesn't support third party candidates anymore and stands against them. The now "Tea Party" fights its battles within the republican party only so the votes won't get split giving the democrats a win. The "Tea Party" may still be fractured into little groups all over the U.S. but as all groups get on the same page their strength and influence becomes stronger and stronger. As true media personalities emerge that support Tea Party issues some real undeclared leadership of the Tea Party is forming and all the toilet mouths that do the Tea Party talk to only steer "Tea Party" supporters into places "Tea Party" supporters don't want to go get flushed down the toilet they crawled out of and back into the sewer they came from.

Hat In Ring 7-21-15