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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donald Trump's True Reality With Him And The Draft in 1968

Donald Trump's True Reality With Him And The Draft in 1968

Lots of stories floating around the media now trying to dispute Donald Trumps claims about having bone spurs in the heels of his feet being twisted by the rinos and democrats but the one fact that's not floating around is the medical deferment for Trumps medical condition came from, "Army Doctors".

The story with Donald Trump and John McCains years during the Vietnam war is: "McCain came from a military family so he volunteered to go in the Navy in 1958. John McCain was 22 when he volunteered and not in school. In 1964 when the Vietnam war was beginning and the military draft was ongoing, Donald Trump was 18 and still in school. Anybody in school could get the deferments from the draft until they finished school. Donald Trump still received a draft number but it was a high number of 356 and the draft cutoff number was 300. In 1968 when trump was finished with school and eligible for the draft again his physical at an "Armed Forces Medical Center" showed he had bone spurs in his heels. The military will not take people, "With Medical Conditions" at all. Trump played a lot of baseball and tennis when he was in school and the bone spurs most likely developed playing sports. I myself had medical conditions when I was young and I have plenty of conditions now.

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