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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Coarses Of Action Against Voter Fraud In Future Elections

Get Involved Or At Least Keep Tract Of Each Political Parties Involvement At The Polling Places And Local Government Election Offices And The Volunteer And Paid Workers Processing Each Election.Here's a link to look up your voting district information and laws.

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* Study And Research All the people involved with running the elections

Voter Fraud in U.S. elections local, state and federal is rampant all over the United States that is turning the U.S. into a toilet bowl of poverty as people that have made it into a nice middle class lifestyle fall into
desperate financial situations due to the communist democrats catering to an ideology that makes the educated and uneducated "Equal" by dumbing down educated persons and indoctrinating uneducated persons against the educated persons.

A lot of politicians in the republican party refereed to as "Rinos" (republican in name only) who are the "Libertarians And Social Conservatives" without a doubt want "Business" to run the United States and this is a huge rejection point by the republican Tea Party Wing and the constitutional democratic voters (constitutional democratic voters are no longer represented in large numbers in the democratic congress). The so called "Rinos" do indeed commit voter fraud and a lot of rino voter fraud is against the "Tea Party" wing that wants to clean up the U.S.. The rinos commit voter fraud against their own party members to keep "Rino Minded Business Representatives" in the republican party majority so any laws they pass are always in favor of corporations and large business that funnel cash to rino republican campaigns. The "Tea Party" wing of the republican party rejects businesses running the U.S.. This practice of the republican party letting business run the U.S. is bad for U.S. citizens and a lot of constitutional democrats and independent voters steer away from voting for republicans due to the corporate influence. These opposition party voters would prefer communism over letting businesses run the U.S.. Letting the communists run the U.S. is warped thought but it's real.

Every wonder why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton always go to a Las Vegas school to announce their plans to make all illegal aliens citizens of the U.S.??? Why not go to Chicago or Los Angeles where there's illegal aliens back to back????

"VOTER FRAUD" is the reason! Nevada is a swing state and the democrats want the electorial votes from Nevada and to push Nevada to the far left through voter fraud using illegal aliens with the promise of "Citizenship" if they help. Nevada is an easier target then other swing states.

Obama’s Flood Gates Of Voter Fraud In California, Oregon, Other States Opening For Illegal Alien Vote
Catherine Engelbrecht's True The Vote website
Catherine Engelbrecht, the President of the organization “True the Vote,” joins J.D. Hayworth to discuss the vulnerabilities of America’s election system to voter fraud, a situation that has been engineered and is now being exploited by the con artists which are the Democrat Party.

Hayworth asks, “How big of a problem have you found nationwide?” Engelbrecht describes an ongoing state by state effort by her organization to determine exactly that, and points to some serious deficiencies in the process that they have already uncovered.

She describes two key issues, the physical appearance of the driver’s license issued to illegals, which affects the ability of the poll worker to determine an illegal voter and the data which underlies the issuance of the ID.

In California, for example, there is no distinction made by the Democrat operatives in control of public records between a citizen or a non-citizen as far as state databases are concerned. There is nothing to prevent the illegals from voting. There is not even a mechanism for determining who is a citizen and who isn’t. It is a system perfectly engineered to be vulnerable to fraudulent manipulation, in keeping with the anti-American administration’s unconstitutional intent.

She points out that once it is no longer necessary to prove citizenship in order to vote, elections become little more than body counts at the polls, with no need to compete on the battlefield of ideas necessary to win, you’re “just dragging people across the finish line.”

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