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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Captured Thoughts And The Gem Light


The "Gem Light"

WOW!  Really! Is the image that appears from time to time that captured my thoughts becoming the reality I never ever had any thoughts of becoming an actual reality? I'm verbally speechless to the point of just being a frozen stare at the gem light. Taking me time to write this. Is my imagination really that far out of reality and my brain playing tricks on me? If anyone needs a reality check I guess I'm at the head of the line for that.

I only started tapping out my opinions online because Barack Obama and his communist progressive democrats were affecting my income that I didn't want to let go. The income that's gone now and I'm trying to get back through promoting and getting Donald Trump elected. I dive head first into speculation that's usually on point but from time to time have to step back and relish the amazement of what's happening and make sure I haven't faded into "Dreamland".

Never ever thought the "Gem Light" was on until the light was shown to me by the image that has my thoughts captured. The image that appears from time to time and has my thoughts captured does draw me into the gem light without a doubt. The combination of the image and the vibrant output of the image has always had my thoughts captured since the first time the image appeared before my eyes.

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