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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Euthanasia Drug Found In Evangers Dog Food Packed In Sharia Law Great Lakes Area


Evangers Hand Packed Dog Food Was Packed With Drugs To Kill Dogs On An Extremely Large Scale

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Fox News Saint Louis - Euthanasia Drug Found In Dog Food

Written By James Allan | 2-7-2017

"SHARIA LAW!". The chinese eat dogs, criminal cartels train children to kill using dogs as a training tool but sharia law islamists hate dogs to the point they kill them off out of hate for no good reason. As more sharia law enters the U.S. after this event I can speculate sharia law islamists may be behind this. I would surely look at this possibility of sharia law islamists being behind this under speculation due to the well known fact sharia law islamists hate dogs.

This article was written as a warning of what's to come if sharia law isn't extinguished in the United States. Muslims that are willing to cast off their burka's, headwear, beards and cultural ways most likely are dog friendly and do not follow sharia law but those that refuse to cast away the ways of sharia law must be dealt with harshly.

Evanger's manufacturing and stores are primarily located in the "Chicago Great Lakes" area where most of the sharia law populations are. Minnesota, Detroit and Chicago are huge populations of communist democrats and "islamists". As the sharia law islamist population grows in the U.S. we can expect to see more "Dog Killings". Who in their right mind would employee a sharia law practicing islamist in a dog food factory?

Fox News Saint Louis Story

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