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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Donald Trumps first authorized illegal alien criminal raids an historical event

Written By James Allan | 2-16-2017

Donald Trump's first authorized illegal alien criminal raid an historical event that corrects obama's treason

Rents on housing are going to fall as landlords hustle endlessly to try and keep the vacancy's filled on rental property's. Welfare costs will fall dramatically also as the criminal illegal alien families are forced to exit the U.S. due to the loss of criminal activity incomes.
The last smaller raids were already planned during the obama administration. It's expected the Donald Trump raids will get larger and will not leave illegal alien criminals walking the streets of the U.S. because of anchor babies and snowflake tears. All the anchor baby children can be put in "Boarding Schools" paid for by the taxpayer since welfare costs will fall also. The Welfare the whole illegal alien families were getting can be transferred over the the boarding schools for U.S. born anchor babies.

Homeland Security captures 680 illegals in first major raids of Trump era

 - The Washington Times - Monday, February 13, 2017
Homeland Security netted more than 680 immigrants last week in the first major series of raids since President Trump took office, sparking a feverish response from advocates who said agents went after rank-and-file migrants whom the Obama administration had considered off limits.
Secretary John F. Kelly insisted that the raids were standard procedure and said they focused on those with criminal records, just like agents did under President Obama. Most of the rest were fugitives who were ignoring deportation orders or had already been deported and managed to sneak back into the U.S. — also priorities under Mr. Obama.

Washington Times News Story

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