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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Immigrants Do Not Have A Right To Work In The U.S. If They Do Not Have A Right To Be In The United States


The question that needs to be answered is, "Are Jobs Contained Within United States Borders" a Civil Right of U.S. Citizens to have first?

Written By James Allan | 2-13-2017

The Civil Rights legislation of the 1960's was produced to boost black U.S. Citizens out of poverty since they are unable to create economic freedom though themselves. Integration of the races is suppose to happen through education and assimilation into a capitalistic society but never happened due to democrat party racism before the 1960's. After the 1960's U.S. communism had taken hold and their plan was to use the blacks they were suppressing as votes to destroy capitalism. Civil Right for blacks didn't come around because of anything but a communist push to destroy capitalism. The Republican party introduced Civil Rights legislation before the civil war that freed the black slaves and up until the 1960's but the democrat party always blocked Civil Rights for blacks and the end of the Jim Crow laws.

Sure, Civil Rights laws were enacted for blacks but targeting one group of people is unconstitutional so if the Civil Rights laws passed in the 1960's and beyond must extend to all U.S. Citizens black and white or the Civil Rights laws passed can be deemed unconstitutional. The ACLU is defending bogus Civil Rights laws if they do not apply to "White U.S. Citizens" also?

What are in fact the Civil Rights of "ALL" U.S. Citizens? To move into any neighborhood they can afford a home in. To be considered for any job they apply for? To be able to shop in any business open to the public? To be able to relieve themselves in all public and business restrooms that is set aside for gender? Are these Civil Rights only for blacks or can they be enjoyed by white people also? Who gets to decide what other Civil Rights can be enjoyed by all U.S. Citizen? The ACLU and other anti conservative left wing Civil Rights groups hinged on democrat party communism because the democrat party funds these private sector Civil Rights groups?

OK, if Civil Rights are extended to "White People" also then what about jobs? So many questions to be answered and who's going to answer them? Does the communist democrat party get to answer them only or are the questions of what U.S. Citizens Civil Rights are going to be answered in the public domain that includes Conservative Republicans?

The question that needs to be answered is, "Are Jobs Contained Within United States Borders" a Civil Right of U.S. Citizens to have first? The Supreme Court has stated jobs are not a Civil Right of U.S. Citizens when they ruled that illegal aliens can look for and acquire employment in jobs over U.S. Citizens. This is a distasteful ruling by the now soviet U.S. Supreme Liberal Communist Court that makes law from the bench.

The fact of the matter is the U.S. Supreme Court does not get to enact what U.S. Citizens Civil Rights are. Nor does the ACLU or communist democrat party. Congress, business and the president does not get to tell U.S. Citizens what their Civil Rights are either. They all have been doing it. They have always dictated what U.S. Citizen Civil Rights are as the U.S. Supreme Court twists the meaning of the U.S. Constitution to satisfy their political agenda of playing party politics for democrat communist diversity or on the libertarian republican side business growth through business profits coming from imported cheap labor. None of these political groups or judicial appointees ever think of growth through personal U.S. Citizen wealth because they can't have that.

Diversity, "Is Not" equated with Civil Rights. Civil Rights is equated only with U.S. Citizens and foreigners that gained citizenship thought the pathway U.S. law provides them through a non corrupt government as we had from 2009 to 2017. The U.S. Constitution states their must be a function of government that can grant U.S. Citizenship but "DOES NOT REQUIRE" the U.S. government to grant citizenship to "Anyone". No foreign born person has any right to citizenship or even to come into the U.S..

The fact of the matter is, "If Immigrants Don't Have The Right To Be In The United States Then They Don't Have The Right To Look For And Acquire Employment". It's just like the U.S. Supreme Court enacted Affirmative Action to advance black U.S. Citizens Into their Civil Rights and then 25 years later they ruled, "Affirmative Action Was Discrimination Against Other U.S. Citizens And Unconstitutional". Affirmative Action was unconstitutional and everyone knew it but there's nothing created in law to punish judges when they decide to be kings and communists. The same unconstitutional ruling has been made giving illegal aliens the right to look for and acquire work. Illegal aliens are not suppose to be in the U.S. so they "Do Not Have Any Constitutional Right to look for and maintain employment". 

Legal immigrants not under a work visa or entered the U.S. under a work visa and never left the U.S. when the work visa expired do not have any constitutional rights to look for or maintain employment also. Both legal and illegal immigrants have no rights to look for work or maintain employment under the U.S. Constitution unless they have an active work visa. Permanent resident and temporary green card holders are the defacto work visa but that mess needs to be cleaned up. 

One U.S. Citizen Civil Right is to have first choice of jobs within the borders of the United States without competition from immigrants.

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